Oklahoma Turnpike Authority has new road-clearing weapon ready for predicted winter storms

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OKLAHOMA CITY – ‘Tis the season when snow and ice bring fender-benders and pile-ups.

Oklahoma Highway Patrolmen say the number of accidents skyrocket when winter weather hits the road.

Authorities say the biggest thing you can do to stay safe is plan ahead, keep plenty of distance between you and the other car in front of you, and slow down so you don’t get into a wreck.

“If you’re going slow enough, hopefully that won’t ever happen,” Lt. Brian Orr said. “But if you do, you know, pump your brakes, steer the vehicle in the direction that you’re going, that will help you out.”

This season, the Turnpike Authority has some new weapons to fight off Jack Frost and Old Man Winter.

“We have a wing plow here, it’ll plow 18 feet at a time,” Turner Turnpike Maintenance Superintendent Steve Allen said. “The tow plow, which is next to it…

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