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Winter Has Gone And Reared Her Ugly Head OK Maybe Pretty For some

Yes pretty for those of you not having to SHOVELI IT!  So pretty just to sit and chill looking at folks like me stuck in New England when their hearts are missing the south!

Remember this view?


This one too


Welcome to my world today! Just 24 hours later.  The saying here goes “Don’t like the weather, wait a minute!”

Now once again a winter wonderland


Shoveling for the dog and the birds once again. 

Heavy wet stuff had the boughs weighed down badly

It came down to beat the band!

This was were the ducks swam yesterday in the pretty sunshine.

Look what he got to move for it’s maiden voyage  🙂


Messing around while I had my feet up waiting to go out for round 3

Yes they came to the feeders to fill up


The Apple Tree had all kinds of birds on it as the truck or snow thrower or me with my camera spooked them

I am not lying when I say I want YESTERDAY BACK!

Then again I want tomorrow to come too as our very handsome New England Patriots Quarterback will be in Denver to play against Manning.  Sure hope they don’t stop to get high well any higher than the Mile High, at the stadium.  GO PATS!!!!!




12 thoughts on “Winter Has Gone And Reared Her Ugly Head OK Maybe Pretty For some”

    1. Yes as long as I have the strength to climb upon the roof to clear of the nasty wet heavy snow you are right it is all relative. I show what is is like in New England on any given day and we see your trips throughout the world. Our news reports tell of the horrors of the droughts out there.and the ones that were so much of the south then crazy storms blow in and so much water falls lives are taken. I think personally there is more going on than cloud seeding or with computers we just hear more stories and instantly.

  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures, speaking as a person who has only handled our snow shovel once this winter to remove a dusting of snow to get firewood in so I didn’t have to put real shoes on. Thanks for sharing and stay warm!

    p.s. My kids were in Denver with their Mother over the New Years holiday, and they said you could almost get high walking down the streets! It’s not looking good for your Patriots! Lol

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