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Evening By The Sea

Messing around with a photo here and there hope you like them too 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Evening By The Sea”

    1. Thanks I was messing with this and was going for a look of the Color of the year I am off but makes a pretty card for those who adore the water and purple 🙂 You are so kind. I got my new Polymer oven last night from UPS and I can not wait to bake my goodies and start adding them to my Kumihimo ropes 🙂

      1. I feel like I am in limbo, waiting to move back into our house we let our kids rent, I want do do a lot more with the polymer clay as well !! I will have a dedicated studio there !! Enjoy your oven and I cannot wait to see what you come up with next !!!

    1. Yes if the real one can’t sell make it different I say 🙂

      Thanks for the visit I am just now sitting down to pour through my list of blogger buddies posts 🙂 Hope all is well where ever you are 🙂

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