Icicles may cause costly damage to your home

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — If you have icicles like those in our photo gallery below, they could be causing costly damage to your home.

“It then runs back up underneath the shingles and underneath the waterproof barrier of the roof and that’s where you see it manifesting itself,” said Charlie Schloegel, with Schloegel Property Solutions.

His crew has been busy shoveling snow off roofs, breaking up ice in gutters and downspouts. He had 20 appointments this weekend alone.

Schloegel warns you to be careful if you decide to get rid of the ice and snow yourself rather than hire a company like his. Your roof likely has a sheet of ice under the snow, so proceed up the ladder with great caution.

He offers another suggestion for stubborn ‘ice dams’ that prevent water from running down your gutter. Schloegel says to put ice melt into pantyhose and…

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2 thoughts on “Icicles may cause costly damage to your home”

    1. Yes I took gutters off of mine and when we clear the roof of snow we get no icec cycles at all but years ago I used to get horrid ice damns up under shingles till water pored in on top of windows 😦

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