My Crafty Friend: Big Spring Contest with The Offset Warehouse


Very Berry Handmade

Offset Warehouse has just launched the Big Spring Contest, and guess what…? I’m one of the blogger judges!


As one of the judges, I’ve been asked to come up with a theme and judge all the entrants for that theme. I get to pick one lucky winner who will have three weeks to make their design and get the chance to win a whole goodie-bag of prizes!

The theme I have chosen for the competition is My Crafty Friend. Here’s the cute little logo that the folks at the Offset Warehouse have designed for me!

BLOGGER AliVeryberryhandmade-WEB

Regular readers will know that I have a thing about making stuff that is beautiful AND useful, so this seemed like the ideal theme for me. I want you lovely people to come up with a design idea for something that would make a fabulous AND practical gift for a crafty friend. Your friend’s…

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