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Daily Promt/I Believe/ or not so much

Having got to the age I am,  there are many things others can not make me believe for I have found the truth in living.

That the words our country rises and stands for,  All Men Are Created Equal  is a lie. All you have to do is step out onto the streets of where you live and it is there for you to see,  if you open your eyes.

I believe in my heart there are without a doubt just plain evil people who walk among us, as I found myself married to such a person of ill intent, mostly towards himself as a man but sadly it spilled over onto all he said he loved.

The final one of these things I believe in my heart  to be false is believing it is what it is.  It is not!.  We can change for the better and  for the better of all mankind,  yes it is not easy but life isn’t but one thing for sure is that you can change yourself, the place you call home and little by little the world we share.


21 thoughts on “Daily Promt/I Believe/ or not so much”

  1. The maths is there: if you change yourself as you feel you need, you change your home and if many do the same then the whole world is changed. You cannot change the world if you’re in need of changing your home, first. Agree 😀

  2. We may all be created equal, but sadly life does not always turn out equal for all of us, not just in material ways but in terms of day to day experiences.

    1. I am sure it makes for some wonderful interactions as well as people open their minds and eyes oh heart as well thanks for stopping by 🙂 Yes created equal as we enter this life but the cards dealt or the choices we make take it to a place of such differences 🙂

  3. I think we can change, Eunice, but we have to really want to. Some people are better at it than others and I have the feeling you could change the world single handed. 🙂

  4. I am something of an optimist, Eunice. Life is short, so we need to enjoy it… and contribute back. Even if we don’t change the world, the effort counts, lots. What I am not is a martyr. I’ve never understood the value of remaining in an intolerable situation or how doing so could be good for anyone. –Curt

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