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Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

Boston Flower Show Blooms


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    1. Hi

      She came home to her own 3 weeks ago yesterday and already the in home care services we have here in the states are signing off which is terrific news 🙂 The nurse stopped coming last week and the Physical T will stop this week as she will be on her own to rest and do exercises as her leg will take a full year to heal and fuse.

      Not sure when the girl who shows her how to do things with a different mindset will end her time but it is all good.

      I go down once a week for the moment so they can get her strong and I will not hinder her moving forward by doing it all for her 🙂

      She will see the surgeon for a follow-up next week. Just pain in her ankle (from doing too much and a screw in the bone) and knee swells bad still as she will be 80 and fights putting it up or refrain from crossing her legs when they are 😦 She is who she is and that I can not change 🙂 Thanks for asking I have been so busy at home here on my neglected place, building a race car and of course my pets, man and painting 🙂 xo

  1. WOW, That’s terrific news Eunice. The trouble with us old uns we try and be as independent as we can, but with this operation your mom will have to take things easy and allow her body to recover. Then watch out ! she will most likely revert back to her independence which will be good for you I would imagine. Take care of yourself now Eunice O.K. xx

      1. OMG ! I hate spiders. You could do with out that Eunice . Now you will have to sit and knit. So sorry you are having your own problems again ,it must come to an end some time. Take care, stay with feet up and let your man wait on you. O.K. x

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