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How Are you All?

I just spent 2 hours or better hitting I don’t know how many of my beloved followers and probably barely scratched the surface if I have not been by I promise I will try πŸ™‚

I have been painting everyday but 3 this month I just wish they were all masterpieces πŸ™‚ can not wait till I can sit and take my time on a piece but for now they just keep coming out of me so I am going with the flow and trying to learn when to stop.

I go out daily 5 or more times with my girl and we play Frisbee and I take a camera out to walk with us.Β  This place is a jungle as well as a ZOO!!!Β  We are never at a loss of things happening here.

I actually left her home the other night 😦 we have been inseparable maybe since I went on that silent retreat but I need to do some walking too much sitting has my knees screaming so I told him I wantedΒ to hunt for treasure with him I think he was shocked being night and all.Β  Felt god to go and when I came home JT was beside herself with joy crying and whimpering like a wolf pup does with it’s Mom.Β  I made a big deal about what a good girl she was and then she ran to get her toy she did not care that I was tired and it was late so I threw and threw and then it was his time to play with her.Β  We need to do this more oftenΒ so that is the norm for her it is too hot to take her in the afternoon unless we run the AC and one of us stays in the running truck with her while the other shops and beaches here from on dogs and with fireworks legal as well as illegal she is better off safe at home.Β  I know this but I miss her.

So today we watched this one work

Freezing the action with hand held  D80 with no macro lens is not how you go about getting a perfect capture :(
Freezing the action with hand held D80 with no macro lens is not how you go about getting a perfect capture 😦
Still trying to be patient and learn as I go.
Still trying to be patient and learn as I go.

Have a great week everyone!



16 thoughts on “How Are you All?”

  1. I’m sinking beneath the weight of visits, too, Eunice. It’s fun to do, and there are so many lovely people out there, but we just need to have time for living too. (and lovin). πŸ™‚ Take care of yourself.

    1. πŸ™‚ Aha you GET IT!

      So busy here enjoying my favorite months another basal cell coming off on the 1st of Aug so I go out early and late and paint and clean in the AC during the daytime πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Eunice, Love ” The Incoming ” but all your photo’s are good captures to me. Now ! those colors you are blending them really well ,you seem to be getting them to look much softer if that’s the right word for art. I know how you feel about wishing you had a masterpiece but your getting there. Have a great week too.

    1. Thanks! It will be hot and humid so I will paint in Air Conditioned living room πŸ™‚ Yes blending edges is what I am trying to do but keep details on edges practice practice practice πŸ™‚

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