Happy August to you al!

Not much going on in my world of late been kind of a slow easy pace which is always nice isn’t it.
We are all fine and Mom is back driving herself!

This is really what I would call the last month of summer in my part of the world and I intend to enjoy every moment.Β  I will hit the steams for gold and the beaches for coins and rings.Β  I will take a few photos lol and yes I will continue to try and be the best Watercolor painter everΒ  πŸ™‚ well from where I sit!Β  I am not sure how others feel after painting but I am exhausted after 3 or 4 hours.Β  I hope as I learn more that will lessen.

The few items I planted are producing nicely but miss my garden full of goodies.Β  My favorite place to shop has been shut down pretty much for a month as the owners and CEO bicker back and forth, Β you may have read about it or seen it on your local news asΒ it is that big of a story.Β  Sad the place will never be the same I fear.Β  I had been traveling 10 miles each way to shop there till they opened one in my town.Β Β Β  We will see what happens now as they are loosing so much money and customers.Β 

Well that is pretty much all that is happening in my world these days so I will settle in to enjoy August to the fullest as there will be Sept and Oct to prepare this place for that other season.

Take care of yourselves