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Surgery Went Well

extra white added to watercolor on canvas
Knee surgery went well I walked around the house all day when I came home from surgery.  Stitches out next week then to see PT

We are getting snow here this weekend and next week too glad I got it done when I did seems I will be doing a lot of walking behind a snow thrower 🙂

Thanks again for the well wishes

23 thoughts on “Surgery Went Well”

      1. Thanks for asking Eunice. Still having trouble with the left foot…. back in a boot for 6 to 8 weeks or longer. Damaged bone in ankle they are trying to heal….. but have been trying for over 2 years now. Sigh.

  1. Great news Eunice glad all went well with your knee surgery. And please take all your blogger friends advice in not overdoing things. Take good care of yourself so that you will recover quickly O.K. Rita.

    1. It went better than well that horrid pain is gone time to get tough again winter is arriving Sat. 🙂 Thank you Rita can you send me and email with your snail mail address my old computer crashed 😦

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