roof raking in nh
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Funnel Some Warmth This Way!

via Daily Prompt: Funnel

With wind chills well below -20F we need the south to funnel some warmth to the north!

15 thoughts on “Funnel Some Warmth This Way!”

  1. Although we have no snow its very cold here so can’t oblige at the moment Eunice. I have been watching your weather on the T.V. and it looks absolutely devastating. I wish I was nearer so as to help you shovel that dam stuff away. I do hope it soon gets warmer for you. Thinking of you and yours. Stay warm and take care if and when you have to go out,

      1. Thanks to the winds and now two days of melting our roofs are holding. We live on a hilltop–sometimes that can be good. What a winter this has been so far… Snowbanks are higher than usual, but we’d rather have snow than rain and ice. Take care, my friend. ❤ Blessings and love… xo

      2. Amen.

        I have shorter snowbanks with the high temps and now pouring rain but solid ice stice covers my road and yard tomorrow AM back to the deep freeze 😦 never boring for sure xo

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