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Skyler Was A Nasty Winter Storm


Just relentless it was and our almost 30″ was not the worst hit area the coast of Massachusetts has been destroyed storm after storm with protection gone the flood gates remain open.  It was just before 2 storms ago I was shooting photos of buds and bulbs with a t shirt on no wonder I am sick tonight 🙂

10 thoughts on “Skyler Was A Nasty Winter Storm”

    1. We had 3 storms all one after another very stressful when your equipment is old and needs to be repaired thankfully I have been able to keep him out of the hospital 🙂 Soon spring will have sprung 🙂

      1. OMG ! That’s the problem with tools you need for bad weather. Lets hope spring is on its way for you Eunice. I am so pleased Ron is O.K. too. Take care of each other.

  1. It was snowing here, too, although not as much. What a winter, as grey as dust bunnies.
    Eunice, it will be spring, soon!
    Don’t forget to pop by when you have time, and see the rest of the comments on the article about you! xo!

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