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Partake In The Sunshine

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Partake in some sunshine if you are here in New England as tomorrow rain will once again fall.

With so many brush fires and even more warmth headed our way rain will be needed even after all the snow that fell this season.

I am about to partake in a bunch of planting as the compost arrives, yes totally organic
and I will add lettuce and peas to my NH garden. Soon the Baltimore Orioles and Hummingbirds will replace my Juncos and Snowy Owls.

Hope you all get the weather you so desire so you can also partake in what you enjoy doing.


15 thoughts on “Partake In The Sunshine”

  1. Hi Eunice I am so glad you have nice weather after all that snow. It will be nice to get into the garden and do all your planting. Today I finally plucked up courage to go for a walk along the beach with Koko That’s because I recently had an accident, tripped and fell on my face result was a lovely black eye and a badly bruised face, so its taken me a while to regain my confidence. and I really enjoyed it. The weather is gorgeous here now. Take care Eunice and enjoy your garden and painting.

  2. Yum! Fresh peas from an organic garden are an inspirational thought. We have a very tiny yard, but I love all the produce we harvest from it. πŸ˜€ PS,. Thank you for thinking about me, after the tragedy in Toronto!

      1. it will be in the 80’s this week NUTS so I am going to be fearless in the rain today and tomorrow and pot up my Sunflowers and other seeds the birds will seek out and devour using the super soil mix and see if it lives up to it’s cost πŸ™‚ Have a great week ahead!

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