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Wishing You All Safe and Very Merry Christmas

Our snow has just about disappeared here in southeastern New Hampshire but there is word out tonight some flakes will be in the air this week ahead.

Our garden club sold over $1,000 worth of Poinsettias and Wreaths and a few Kissing Balls as well. The last order will go to a church here in town on Thursday so they can get their alter ready for the Twelve Days of Christmas.  We will make between $300/$400 for our effort and make the town that much prettier this spring.

My girl(JT) has been put on meds to help with her pain I also and taking her for gentle walks to help with our ongoing weight loss plan. 🙂

Trying to get into the holiday spirit by getting out and doing things with others in town and making an effort to get dressed and show up no matter what so many gone from the family table this year as many of you it is not easy.



I have been adding cards to a local shop here in town where I teach too and making some art to tuck into Christmas Cards for family and friends.

Three on a Hill
Wild color fills this 11 x 14 🙂

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.


24 thoughts on “Wishing You All Safe and Very Merry Christmas”

  1. It’s nice to finally see what you look like, Eunice!Im proud of you for dressing up and trying to be festive. Change through loss is terribly hard! I ha e a hard time with changing family times because my son is married now and goes to her family Christmas as well. This year is out turn for them to come but next year we are on our own with our youngest son. I try to be grateful for them and I guess it doesn’t matter when you celebrate. Blessings to you. Ps, snow tonight and maybe rain for you. I knew we would get more!😍💕

    1. Shoot forgot the photos I added to my post lol yes it was hard to allow a photo and my effort to go out resulted in a wonderful 3 hours in a local church dining on a 6 course meal made by my retired doctors wife WOW what a meal and the church choir performed Christmas Music Cabaret Style.

      Today I was back in our local Quaker Meeting House building built by the man for which my street was named and who I use as my studio name, what he accomplished back in the 1700’s is so impressive.

      Enjoy every moment you can with your family and cherish the moments each visit leave you with, today is so different from when I was a young girl sending you a hug from a rainy/sleet mixed Sunday night after yet another Patriot loss 😦 they say we may see 2 or 3 inches sounds like you will have a White Christmas who knows what we will get but next Sat. they say 51 🙂 makes me a happy girl. Stay safe out on the roads in this last push before the holidays.

      1. Good morning! Your 6 course meal sounds fabulous! I have only had a six course meal twice, once on a cruise ship and once at a fancy restaurant in Maine. We got a few inches of snow, nothing major. It was slick to drive in but beautiful on the trees! Blessings to you❤️

      2. That one woman in her 70’s planned this for a church affair was amazing Started with Bacon Wrapped Roasted Chestnuts then a squash soup to a yummy salad to the pork tenderloin with amazing potatoes and yummy carrots then a sorbet to cleanse our palate for the amazing creme brulee and dark choc. double dipped homemade thin mints OMG for 80 of us I think. A wonderful evening I thoroughly enjoyed.

      1. Terrific winds here today too, Eunice… Sure to have a White Christmas here as our October snow never melted and have about 10 inches packed on ground so far. Stay safe and warm and enjoy the wonder of it all. MERRY CHRISTMAS! ❤ xoxo

      2. You too Bette ❤ we will have heavy rain and temps in the 60's Friday who knows what we will have by Christmas Eve but we will be off the roads safe and warm as I prepare a lovely feast.
        Merry Christmas

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