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So Hard To Stay Focused

It really is hard to focus after watching our teams send off rally it really is when you are a true fan as many are here in New England. Like our quarterback reminds us the world hates him except us ❤ and it brings him strength.

Now for a subject you all love to hear about SNOW yes more is promised but for us close to the coast our amounts will be so much less than northern areas of our region. Then cold air but not as cold as some of you will deal with I heard -50 F in the Dakotas now I remember those bone chilling temps from when I was trucking it was crazy and we had to keep our trucks running so the fuel would not gel. Brrrrrrr

Ok here are some shots from my yard which is mostly ice and small patches of snow after all the rain we have had.

I took JT for a stroll and will again today while we wait for snow she loves snowballs crazy girl she is 🙂

Our Border Collie
Waiting for me to put the camera down 🙂
Along a frozen river that borders my land in NH
Favorite location for troublesome Beavers 🙂
my property in NH
Snow and ice but the river beneath it is flowing.

Yes I am still painting 🙂

Bluebird in backyard here in NH
So many Gorgeous birds call this land home.

Thanks for stopping by it felt good to head out with the dog and my camera to see some of the things happening in the end of January this year.



16 thoughts on “So Hard To Stay Focused”

  1. I hardly dare comment! I’m avoiding snow, except on the blogs. 🙂 🙂 I do know how it feels when your team don’t do so well though. I’ve followed Rafa Nadal for years and was gutted when he lost so badly to Djokovic at the weekend. And my husband is a lifelong supporter of our English football team, Hartlepool. Lots of disappointments there! Perhaps we’re in the best place. 🙂 Take care!

  2. JT looks great. The picture does look like you are in a very cold weather. I see people put some sort of dog shirt on when they take the dog out for walk. You have great snow scene there!

    1. Thanks! JT has a real thick coat plus we take quick walks so no frostbite issues she is now 12 1/2 where did the years go.

      More photos in the next post I have to make them small so they load fast. Have a great night

    1. Amen 6″ inches of fluff I added to all my new plantings and by Sunday night temps will climb with 50’s Monday and Tues. Thank you on the photos I took the dog for another walk I will do a fe more in the next post.

      Friday a member and I will volunteer at the Farm Show in Manchester hope it has started to warm by then.

      I have to watch the game at home too much screaming as they almost cause heart attacks 🙂

    1. That was the last cold snap I am so sad about this brutal weather blowing in now I swear I do not know how they survive 😦 yes he was all fluffed trying his best to hold in what heat he could 😦

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