A photographer who never leaves home without her Easy Share.

Glass Artist just learning this art of working in a flame,  from a torch on my bench, as well as mixing colors to fuse into a one of a kind piece of jewelry to wear and sell.

Beading (just learning) lol Now beading I LOVE. I find peace with my tiny, seed beads which take 6 feet of Fireline thread and many beads as well as 5 to 8 hours to complete, each one of a kind piece of jewelry.

Just learning the in’s and outs of Blogging.  I think I have over 500  posts now  May will be one year I have been here and I love all of you kind enough to stop by and share your life with me XO

Ex-trucker (not by choice) injuries no longer allow for 15 hour-long days.  Do not get me wrong I love the life I am left with but I miss my truck and the road so much at times it causes a lot of pain in my heart.  I do my best to fill the days with ANYTHING  I find beautiful,  as this is what I missed about not seeing the world through my WINDSHIELD of my Big Rig.

I now know I was running away daily.  I would climb into the cab close the door and block what hurt me deep inside.  It is all good and someday I will be able to share that as well but for now I will just continue to heal and be the person I always was, not the one that most saw.

Gardener of things to eat as well as things of beauty, a tree or a blossom or just the grass beneath my bare feet.

Animal lover  well mostly the ones who have shared my life be it here or a friend’s house or just  the ones who share this world  of ours, outdoors.

I am selling cards and prints online here as well,  http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/folsommillstudio.html if you know someone looking for something in particular have them give me a shout at Folsom Mill Studio on Facebook or at Eunic356@gmail.com.  Thanks everyone 🙂

I have an online store at Zazzle.com where you can purchase my photos and place on anything they make Hats,cards,stamps and bags etc.

<a href=”http://www.zazzle.com/eunice356*”>Eunice356</a>  if you have time I would love for you to check this Web Store out and see where so many of us artists sell our images.  Thanks!
I am on Society6



I have another BLOG yes it is TRUE this one is just to share photography so I can tell more stories with photos on Living and Lovin      her is my new blog link come follow me as I try to get it JUST RIGHT


and another blog as if what I have are not enough.  This one can be used to sell your handcrafted items too!



Back row on right side Laughter now BACK!

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213 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Eunice, thanks for stopping by and following my blog. I look forward to seeing your comments. Looks like you’re having fun with your blog, and it looks great.

  2. My son was a trucker and he misses it too. His career ended in his first two years when he was involved in a serious accident south of Phoenix on I-10. He just couldn’t stop soon enough for the stopped traffic backed up from another wreck ahead, but thank God no one died or was seriously injured because of his truck.

    1. I was rear ended while in my new conversion van by a local(NY Casino Tour Bus) bastard was on his cell phone and hit us at a red light doing 45 mph He was from another land did not even speak English so he could not help us but he had HIS CDL I always owned my own rigs and made good money it took 4 years for doctors to be paid and my town tax and there was only $4500 left for me 😦 now on disaability at 56 with just $800 a month to live on but I am rich in so many other ways and trully blessed I finally know this though health isses cause so much continued pain since that 2000 wreck. Tell your son I feel for him and hope he has good days soon as well

      1. I have had hard days and many sad ones but if I get up, get dressed,and show up for ME oh and smile it seems to help I am in pain 24/7 but hate drugs lol Thank you for your kind words it helps when people can see you are trying xo

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and choosing to follow! Your blog is pretty awesome! I’m following yours!

    1. Thanks hop[e I did it right and I posted it on each of the 15 nominees About pages lol

      I still do not know how to add it to my page widgits I am lost with lol
      Thanks again
      for sharing with me


      1. biggest thing is to click on your award go up and copy url address in top bar then open widgit page drage image one over to add to page then look for spot in drop down to add url click in there and hit paste lol

    1. No thank you I am on a mission to be the best I can be before I turn 60 lol I have 3 1/2 yrs to loose another 80 lbs so I can once again KICK BUTT lol at 60 that will be FUN 🙂

  4. Hi, there! I just nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger award! Rules are on my page, if you’re into that thing (ok too if you’re not!). Have a beautiful day!

  5. Hey, I hope you enjoy the Red Velvet Cheesecake. It’s a really great recipe for holiday entertaining. Let me know what you think. (You just can’t go wrong with this recipe!)

    1. I am now the secretary to our garden club and I will make this during the fall for a surprise for our meeting after my weigh in that is lol

      I am a foodie and cook not back for a trucker 🙂

      DARK RICH CHOCOLATE is my Favorite but Red Velvet is the next! then coconut 🙂 I am SIMPLE

      Thanks so much yours looked lovely hope I can do it justice


      1. I’ve got so many cake recipes to post. It’s just a matter of finding opportunities to make them since I rarely eat sweets any more. I have to make them for other gatherings!

  6. Hey!
    I know you follow me on here but I am moving my page to my own self hosted site. I’d love to keep in contact and stuff. I will still be doing the same things over here but with a little bit more freedom. I’m gonna still post crafts, articles on health, disabilities and recipes. Now, I am starting on that blog to write book reviews and product reviews. I’d really like to see ya over there sometime. My new blog is at http://www.disabilitywho.org.
    Happy blogging!
    Author and owner of DisabilityWho.org

      1. There isn’t much to do really just yet. I’m just getting it up and going. If you want, you can subscribe to it and each time I update something or even post something new, you will be notified and can then glance at your leisure. Happy Blogging!

  7. Hello, nutsfortreasure. Welcome to the reader family of Diabetic Redemption. I’m glad to have you join us. On my blog, I have a Friends page, where my readers add their URL, and tell everyone about themselves. I invite you to take part in this activity — my blogger readers find many new blogs that way. Please feel free to write as much or as little as you wish. Once again, Welcome!

    1. Thanks so much for the warm welcome and my other half is diabetic and I am the one who cooks and shops for the 2 of us so When I get enough time to do it properly I will take you up on your friendly offer 🙂

  8. wow, 150+ posts since May. Sounds like you are already a seasoned veteran of blogging 🙂
    I initially thought that jewelry was something you found with your metal detector…lol. I love your hobbies and I can’t wait to hear some truckin’ stories…lol

    1. Thanks I signed on with 20 lines or Less and one a day photo plus my blog lol I am pathetic lol but focused 🙂 I do find lots of wonderful TREASURE with BF and dog but make some too Love playing with glass and beads

      For trucking sstories I may need a NEW BLOG lol

    1. Thanks! I never took time in my trucking life to smell the roses till I was rear-ended in my new van by a casino tour but now all I can do is enjoy what I have. I do love my life just so different I thought I would drive till I was at least 70 and I got hurt and stopped at 50 😦

      Learning new things will bring me joy as all of you who follow me do with me reading what you all do 🙂

    1. Honey I just turned down 2 before this 🙂 I love that you LIKE my posts but I have won them all and answered so many questions They are all under the heading for Awards aand you will find lots of New Blogs listed there too

      Thanks for choosing me I sadly am just not doing them anymore 😦


  9. I know you’ve won this before, but wanted to let you know I have enjoyed peeking into your world and think you’ve done an amazing job of sharing life lessons and the world around us. I am honored to nominate you [again] for the One Lovely Blog Award! In the words my mom always shared with me – I wish you enough.

    1. OH Honey thanks so much. I do appreciate being nominated but I am so busy reading everyone of my followers I no longer have time but I will now and then do a post sharing you all with the others on my FOLLOW LIST 🙂 Thanks again. I have been doing this just over 3 months and I need to learn to streamline my pages better I think but I like that you enjoy your visits with me 🙂 I am getting feed back on my photos and I will be writing 2 books soon so all of this will help me 🙂 Thanks again and your Mom was smart raising you 🙂

    1. awe Thanks Melissa you are to me as well. xo

      I saw doctor finally after my bad fall while camping to get those photos 🙂 he said I should have been and still need crutches I laughed and said Nope no hold me down! 🙂 He will work with local Hospital in our area putting up a new building in my town for his new office,to get some of my photos on the walls of medical center 🙂 it is why I stated a blog to get feed back family is too kind lol but then I met you and YOUR PAGE now poetry was never where I planned to go here lol
      Love you

    1. Thanks 🙂

      I am only about living life and Loving it lots of photos as I am trying to decide what I will be when I grow up lol

  10. Hi nutsfortreasure, thanks for following me on my wordpress site. I have moved now to a wordpress.org site. Feel free to drop in and check out my new stuff @ http:ardunward.com Thanks

      1. Do you know which one is me lol back row 2nd in from right I didn’t think there were others smiling but the girl and I were being teenage girls and camera caught us lol
        I am now 56 not a BABE but son calls me a Bad Ass lol but he just met me if he only knew lol

      2. Of course I know who you are…you are the totally hot babe who is cracking up!
        Those trucker dudes must have heart attacks when you put on your mini-skirt and cowboy boots and sash-shayed out of your rig! They probably were thinking, “Dang, this job just got a whole bunch of perks! 🙂
        I was just showing your blog to my hubby and bragging about your multiple talents (and high school hottness) when I saw your reply.
        PS- Just figured out to click notify me of comments, so I never saw it. Duh on me.

      3. 🙂 Thanks yes I had a CHARMED LIFE then some awful but that KEEPS IT REAL lol it is why I love the path I am on dieting my way to a happy healthy life one pound at a time it is amazing what a wreck and beatings can do to such a happy girl never mind the rest of life. I am glad you found a way to stay connected I follow your RSS feed now just learned that 2 weeks ago 🙂

        Yes many a double take has gone my way while trucking because I was ME fun and happy and loved trucking well all except the EX who was in rig for 8 mos. with me I was still me I just had to deal with too much abuse but all is good now I am happy and loved hurting emotionally yes but healing and he is hooked up to a machine to take a breath so yes lefe truly goes on.

        I want that happy girl back TOTALLY you see in this photo 🙂

      4. I am in back row next to the end and the girl on end was a dear friend always goofing off with each other we lost her to cancer 3 years ago sadly I never saw any of them till my 35th reunion and those still alive and showed were wonderful to see and laugh with 🙂 Most men and woman I went to school with are on my Facebook page we had a SMALL CLASS lol

  11. Thanks for stopping by, Nutty’! I’m in the midst of a blog re-design (moving to a self-hosted site!) and have had my nose in my Dashboard for weeks. Haven’t posted a new thing!

    So it was nice of you to drop by The Muddy Kitchen during the remodel. Please come back when the new site is up!!


  12. Eunice that happy girl is coming back! I can feel it! You go girl. There is nothing stopping you now. Have you checked out Prego & the Loons blog? You two have some common experiences and she is a great blogger also.

  13. Thanks for the reblog-I try to run this every few months-no one should go through this hell. This time of year is especially hard. I Iost a cousin last week and they buried her a few plots down from my son. I put flowers on his grave and moms, and went to the family meal, but i couldnt bear to go to the grave or service. Maybe someone will see this and asve the life of a young person-oe old-Thanks again! Brenda

    1. You are very welcome honey I hope it helps to save someone as well. It is a nightmare to loose someone you lover never mind a child 😦
      I know all too well what loss during holidays feels like and it sucks 😦
      Hugs from me to you

  14. Yay! I did some searching through your blog and finally found the “Follow by e-mail.” I enjoyed your photos of the polymer beads plus i have commented on your previous posts.

  15. Thank you so much for following my blog. Your writing and photography is beautiful. I have enjoyed going through some of your past posts. I look forward to reading more.

  16. Thanks for stopping by and liking my Maine photo post and for the follow! I love your stuff and love art glass! Saw Chiluly’s work once in Oklahoma City and it blew my mind!

    1. You are very welcome I am from New England so I am all about the LOVE for here and our country. 🙂

      Thanks for liking my stuff I just goof around some day I shall get serious with a REAL CAMERA 🙂

      I adore Dale Chihuly work Wish I could see it in every town it sets up in maybe he needs a TRUCKER lol I have hauled carnival rides with lots of lights 🙂

      Some day I will go see his pace in Washington till then I will light my torch and melt glass in my flame 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Hi doesn’t his work ROCK love it maybe he needs a trucker 🙂

      I am a new Englander so I devour shots others take just in case I miss something 🙂

      Thanks for checking out my place on WP Welcome


    1. Thanks so much I have 3 to still answer so I will try to do them all on one post thanks so much I am glad you enjoy my little spot here 🙂 I also have a Portfolio for just photos and if you write poetry or do photography you are also welcome over at 20 Lines A Day

  17. I am a wanderer… a happy wanderer I might add. Often fantasized being a trucker and hitting the open road. (grin) But I’ve managed fine without a big rig. Thanks for liking my blog.

    1. sorry didn’t put reading glasses on

      Yes wandering is good for the soul and had I not been married to who I was, I never would have left the road and I would be even more famous now 🙂

  18. I’ve recently switched my food blog over to be self-hosted which I hope will make it more user-friendly in the future. As a result, if you were following Can’t Stay Out of the Kitchen via email, WordPress, or using RSS feeds through Google Reader or some other way, you are no longer subscribed. If you wish to continue receiving future posts from my blog you will need to re-subscribe. Sorry for the inconvenience, Teresa.

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