A photographer who never leaves home without her Easy Share.

Glass Artist just learning this art of working in a flame,  from a torch on my bench, as well as mixing colors to fuse into a one of a kind piece of jewelry to wear and sell.

Beading (just learning) lol Now beading I LOVE. I find peace with my tiny, seed beads which take 6 feet of Fireline thread and many beads as well as 5 to 8 hours to complete, each one of a kind piece of jewelry.

Just learning the in’s and outs of Blogging.  I think I have over 500  posts now  May will be one year I have been here and I love all of you kind enough to stop by and share your life with me XO

Ex-trucker (not by choice) injuries no longer allow for 15 hour-long days.  Do not get me wrong I love the life I am left with but I miss my truck and the road so much at times it causes a lot of pain in my heart.  I do my best to fill the days with ANYTHING  I find beautiful,  as this is what I missed about not seeing the world through my WINDSHIELD of my Big Rig.

I now know I was running away daily.  I would climb into the cab close the door and block what hurt me deep inside.  It is all good and someday I will be able to share that as well but for now I will just continue to heal and be the person I always was, not the one that most saw.

Gardener of things to eat as well as things of beauty, a tree or a blossom or just the grass beneath my bare feet.

Animal lover  well mostly the ones who have shared my life be it here or a friend’s house or just  the ones who share this world  of ours, outdoors.

I am selling cards and prints online here as well, if you know someone looking for something in particular have them give me a shout at Folsom Mill Studio on Facebook or at  Thanks everyone 🙂

I have an online store at where you can purchase my photos and place on anything they make Hats,cards,stamps and bags etc.

<a href=”*”>Eunice356</a>  if you have time I would love for you to check this Web Store out and see where so many of us artists sell our images.  Thanks!
I am on Society6



I have another BLOG yes it is TRUE this one is just to share photography so I can tell more stories with photos on Living and Lovin      her is my new blog link come follow me as I try to get it JUST RIGHT

and another blog as if what I have are not enough.  This one can be used to sell your handcrafted items too!


Back row on right side Laughter now BACK!

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