December’s silent shroud

A beautiful piece of work.

who could know then

a song, video and words to explain my silence in December.


the too familiar turns and bends…
and statue still are the trees standing sentry tall
astride this white and weary Winter road,
my incessant journey of so many dreary and crippling seasons
recalling the somber memories etched decades deep
in gnarled bark and devoted wood.

how the infinite canopy arches in graceful bows,
laden branches kneel in gratitude to the peaceful sleep of snow.
i follow the trailing in frail voices of family i’ve lost,
of those i long to remember
swirling in the sliver of pause between
this world and another.

there is no hesitation in
passing through the Gate of Melancholia,
i wrap my solitude close in December’s silent shroud.
disowning my voice in…

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I have a few AWARDS TO ACCEPT let’s start with last one first THANKS SO MUCH!

The WordPress Family Award is reserved for folks in Cyberspace who are  unceasingly kind, sympathetic, encouraging, and open to laughter – and who keep each other going by sharing, commenting, and making personal connections even though they may actually be virtual strangers.

  • Rules:
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  • Nominate 10 others you see as having an impact on your WordPress experience and family.
  • Let your 10 Family members know you have awarded them.





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and all the rest as I so went over the allotted amount 😦

Never have I been great at doing these and I even forgot how to grab the url for award photo all I kept getting was the one for this lovely lady at number 1 slot’s info 🙂  yes I have been away and for that I am so thankful I am filled with so much love and joy I can hardly stand it but I will it beats hatred for one’ self hands down!

I love each of you ladies listed here

You have helped me get through this amazing year of letting go as did the rest of you not listed here and the men too I know you stopped by and left your mark.

One month from now I will have been here a YEAR man you all really are family I have a brother I have not seen in over 10 years 😦  that will change too!

So back to you listed above you took a busted up female trucker in  and gave me hope for a better life and yes it was hard at times but feeling safe I began to let go and let God and with my son’s help found a new set of tools to live once again oh and chats with him again are icing on the cake!

Love you all and if you do not know each other yet please take the time to say hi to each other

To all over on 20 Lines too many to list you had my back from the start! XOXOXOXO


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The Cabin


Wagon wheel is a nice touch not sure where it comes into play though.

Maine is where this cabin sits, out along the road for everyone to see.

The man who owns this property also has some trains out on the lawn too.

There is a huge house here as well and he will charge you to come inside to have a look around.


I found this cabin not where you would think, it sits out on the lawn now.

As I got closer I  could see the dirty curtains hanging in disarray.

See the trim?  I am old enough to remember Pom Pom trim, as Mom sewed her own and used this too.

I must say it was NEVER my look.  Mom on the other hand seemed to like using it.


No rhyme nor reason  when you see the things he gathers and places on display.

Some see it as an eyesore

My other half could hardly wait to get inside with all the antiques, I use the term lightly.

I stayed out side drawn to this cabin  sitting all alone on a busy street.



I wish I could buy her and place her back in the woods, maybe alongside my stream.

Some one added a pretty piece of art to one end, see someone else did see her beauty.

I know I would make  a window box and fill her to the brim with beautiful flowers  for all to see.

I would take down those curtains and let everyone peek inside. Knowing this guy it is probably packed full.


Love the little wooden deer, those are big around here.

The owner has been collecting so much STUFF

He even made it on TV.

Do you know the show The Picker’s,  well they paid to get in to see.

I still say I need to bring this little cabin  to my place and give her some LOVE.



So if you travel up into Maine and see the OPEN sign,  stop in and check out the cabin I wish was mine.