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Sea Inspired Bath



Glass in every form draws me to it.  A long time ago I would walk the shore in tears and along the way I would stoop to pick up “treasure” from the sea.

Shells, Sea Glass and even empty crab shells. I also picked up old items from lobster trap lines.  Sand Dollars fill a jar and may locations throughout the

rest of this house.  It has been suggested I have TOO MANY items when it comes to COLLECTIONS.    I live here though and I see more room to add a jar of glass or a bowl of



I was in a bad wreck in 2000 where I was rear ended by a tour bus(casino) and got so depressed I decided one day to sit on the toilet seat cover with glue in one had and a jar

of sea glass.  I proceeded to glue the glass all over a window, beside the toilet,  for that stained glass look minus the lead solder. Here are a few photos of it as I was asked if I

had any for them to see and some other items that call my bathroom HOME.  I painted the walls a pale Pink and have barn board  accents in there as well.  RUSTIC you could




Privacy is taken care of.


Every ocean needs a Mermaid


My Sea Captain,  a friends mother made that he thought would love living with me.



Sea Gull and Shells

Earrings, Neckclasses  and Bracelets made to order by ME



Fish too,  as I am a March child as well



Tooth Brush holder from a  Natural  Sea Treasure


While yard saling in Portsmouth one day I saw this sitting on a table and it was for sale.

I turned it over and saw that their child had made it with their own  hands and there was no longer

a place in the family home, so it sits front and center in MINE, it fits perfectly with me.


Another found and saved piece of Ocean ART  maybe I am a HOARDER    NOT!!

I am a protector of the precious thrown to the wayside pieces.



Of course I have a Lighthouse and Plant as well


Now I did allow him to add a piece he picked, and where from and it was AZ Art


I love men and Cowboy Art so I did not fight this piece at all


Well I did not show all the art or shells but you get the idea that I love the sea.

I may add shelves , then some protected pieces of my photography,  maybe some waves

and a sunrise  on a different color wall, all I know is I love GLASS

and the sea, as you can also clearly see .