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Watching for her returning fisherman

Looking out to sea I feel her pain on a day like this

A point where the waves splashed over and took some of this back out with it.

North Beach

A popular section of NH along the ocean “what ocean”you say lol we said the same thing we go to the beach all winter you know that as followers but this day in order to take a ride along the sea and actually see the horizon or waves you would have to climb these snow banks and I was wanting to see it bad enough to try but there was no place to park.¬† This is where hundreds of surfers begin to park on days when the storm surge is crazy see they love crazy lol

looking towards Hampton Beach

I found a spot I could see the sea ūüôā

Hungry Gull

Boy he or she must be hungry with storm after storm ūüė¶


Just driving and shooting so photos could be so much better

Shot from above

Now for a few from Massachusetts


Toothpick Salisbury MA

Just months from summer visitors

Storm battered summer homes

FOUND and Marked lol

Much work for us hearty souls who call New England home ūüôā

Anyone can watch what we are dealing with on this link for the beach camera as #NEPTUNE is blowing hard and dropping lots of snow to add insult to injury


You can also type in http://www.hamptonbeach.org then click on live webcam and watch the scene unfold along with us.

Here is a link for Maine that is also taking a really bad hit

http://rocklandharborlights.org then click on webcam

And one from Salisbury Beach in Massachusetts though right snow the south camera is the only one free from snow

Just copy and paste into your search bar to watch the storm #NEPTUNE live but stay warm!

See you in spring ūüôā

Man We Had Been So Spoiled

The 60F Christmas is long past.  The frigid air of January blew in and on some days took my actual breath away.  Use the inhaler and breath into a scarf or a gloved hand BRRRRRR damn it is cold.

I had a wonderful Christmas with family after 9 years I saw a true miracle.  Feeling so blessed.

As I sit on this Sat. morning looking through your blog posts I am so cold and yes I have to coal stove going but it is doing little in this room where my desk sets time for a new window and take out that 30 year old plant window and place her into the barn on the east side.¬† I have it covered with plastic still to cold.¬† I paint in the room with heat source or my watercolors would freeze lol before they dry.¬† I could turn on the furnace run by propane but we paid almost $5 per gal. for it so I am trying to make it last. ūüôā Wonder how they feel screwing us all for so many years now that our market has dropped lol you know what they say about pay back!

So how is everyone?¬† You cold or warm or just right ūüôā

I actually took a ride to the coast I must have been out of my mind.  It was -16F here and maybe 7F when I stepped out that afternoon at the beach.  I actually got to see Smoke On The Water as the warmth of the Atlantic Ocean met those nasty cold temps.  I was too cold to jump out for a photo at that moment though.  So here is a few from our day we got out of the house as all I seem to do these days is cook, clean and paint.

Cold Day Everywhere

Cold Day Everywhere

Tall Grasses blowing on a still breeze

Tall Grasses blowing on a still breeze

Sitting still for the photo she clearly is not wanting to be taken lol

Sitting still for the photo she clearly is not wanting to be taken lol

When The Sea Freezes You Know It Is Cold

When The Sea Freezes You Know It Is Cold

Here is a piece I am working on in my studio(where it is warm)

So many have seen this and thought it was other than what I did I LOVE THAT! :)

So many have seen this and thought it was other than what I did I LOVE THAT! ūüôā

Hope you are all OK

It Snowed!

No I did not take photos yet after shoveling for seven hours in 24 hour period I was too tired to snap a photo really that tired and I fell again.  I told him to return my boot cleats he had bought me as I usually am very steady sadly yesterday I was not!  I am OK bad bruise that will heal in time I have enough going on never mind see another doctor.

So today I will share some more shots from our day before the storm at the coast.  We went for a long walk to see the seals and snowy owls maybe an eagle or two.  Mostly seals and gulls as it was cold and windy and I knew I would need my strength for the storm clearing so we were only outside for two hours in it but JT had a great time with me as I did her then we watched her daddy look for treasure.  Oh I did change my photo on all my sites to the same photo except for my Friends of Living and Loving Facebook page so no longer will you see a shot of him bent over digging treasure but he is.
So here are a few shots of JT and maybe a landscape or two sorry if photos are too large and take forever to load I will work on that next time I upload. I need the largest format to sell and do not want 3, 4, or 5 of the same photos in my computer all in different sizes I am computer illiterate
so I do things the easiest way I can to find the photo I want to share with you and just click on insert photo.

Seeing him digging down on the beach thinking she would take me there silly girl she is fearless.

She had never paid attention to the seawall but on this cold day feeling no pain she jumped up on her own and wanted to walk it.  Seems as she gets older I may have to watch her more.


A pretty place to sit  and watch  a sunset and a group of very loud seals

back to the truck to wait for the sunset and go home and await the storm good thing they brought dinner for the gulls

Can not wait till I get back to the sea

Winters we have the place to ourselves brrrrrrrr

Rolling Surf

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Rolling Surf

Hampton Beach
Hampton New Hampshire

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I am counting the days……….

I am counting the days till I see the sea, once again.

I am tired of this frozen and icy landscape,  though beauty can also be found here.

You see we have had but  just over thirty inches of the fluffy, white powder type snow.

Nothing to complain about as some received four feet in just over a day. The problem is

we had rain, lots and lots of rain, on top of that pretty powder covered landscape.  Now it is frozen

with temperatures still not as bad as some but when you are poor like many are -20 or -60 is COLD.

We are safe as he bought us some cleats to walk around this place on but you know there is one

really dry, perfect place, THE ROOF!

Not a drop of snow to be had up there!


We have had our rest and it is a good thing as from what I hear come Saturday it will feel like

SPRING!  We will see the sun and she will do her thing.  She will melt the ice that covers this place

and before nightfall freeze up all over again.¬† We won’t really care as we will be over by the sea.

I will have that pretty little JT with me and her favorite toy.  We will look for treasure on the beach

and in the lens.  I fear we shall not have the place to ourselves,  as we do on a nasty day but to hear

joy coming from everyone there,  it will be all I need to get me through another month, wait will this

be our January Thaw?¬† OK I won’t get greedy, ¬†I will just enjoy the day and you know when I come

home I will have many photos to look back on and pick ones to share with you.  So I hope you are up

for a beach day like us.  Usually our weather comes from the west so if we are going to be warm my

wish is that you all will be as well.  If you do see the sun go out and bask in it even if you think you

will look crazy as maybe we are by now,  have you heard of Cabin Fever?

Looking forward to pretty photos from you all as you get out side once again without fear of frostbite

if only for a day or two.  I know it is winter but seriously I heard something about global warming,

my body says they are NUTS!¬† I won’t even talk about that VORTEX!¬† Really?¬† This is winter as I

knew it, as a child.

OK here is some random photos from the yard maybe the next ones will show the snow GONE!

JT in front yard before the freezing rains arrived



My neighbors are truly buried and to make things worse the deer who are so hungry are looking for anything to nibble on. Tracks all over the beautiful old stones as they leave this area and head down to us and the river.


Have a great night and a beautiful weekend.  Hope you get a little warmer.



You know how I adore ANYTHING BEACH!!!!!

Beach Treasures and Treasure Beaches

‚ÄėTis the season to be baking. Fa la la la la!

I definitely have my own favorites for our family Christmas cookie line up, and some kind of yummy cut-out sugar cookie is always on that list!

This year I decided to try something a little different. Inspired by my collection of sand dollars, I thought it would be fun to try out an idea for coastal themed Christmas cookies. Of course, these sweet beach treasures are great for any time of year and would be a big hit at any luau or beach picnic!

I used a sugar cookie recipe that I found at Art of Dessert (recipe below).

After rolling out the dough to 1/4 inch, I used a small mouth Mason jar lid band to cut out my cookies. It was just the right size (almost 3″ across) for the sand dollar I was trying to match…

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The day started rainy and socked in with think fog here in New England yesterday,  while so many suffered in horrible cold and snowy conditions.  We will take what we can left of this year, before we too must huddle together and keep ourselves warm.

A few years ago I took a class with Mom on fusing glass with a wonderful teacher who has since passed away.  She had told us about a woman in Maine who taught wire wrapping,  so we could make our pieces we did,  look even nicer and go from glass into jewelry pieces. Well that winter we went out to Arizona  to hunt for Gold and I met a woman there who took the time to show me a simple wrap that as I got more proficient I could add my own flair to.  Well yesterday the woman in Maine, who I follow through Facebook, had an Open House for her jewelry pieces.  So that was my plan for the day,  a nice quiet ride up into Maine to meet her in person and see if I could find something pretty for a gift as well as to support another starving artist.

The ride was quiet but boyfriend and pup decided to join me as I always find the neatest things when I take the time to venture out from the house.¬† With winter on our heels I knew days upon days of me being inside would soon arrive. So I packed the dog’s fresh water, my camera bag and off we went.

I made it to her place with no trouble and told them I would be awhile and  for them to go find some fun without me.

So nice to meet Mig.¬† Her pieces are beautiful.¬† Such pretty stones and Sea Glass all wrapped in Silver.¬† We talked and talked and then it was time for me to find the sea.¬† It was just two miles east maybe less.¬† The two had gone in search of a place to play but saw the no parking signs everywhere and decided to wait for me.¬† Well right away I found a beach access road and plenty on empty parking spots, lol it is winter so all rules and regulations go by the way side here.¬† Dogs could run free!¬† JT was so excited I have to tell you.¬† We go walking at the beach but of late we stroll beside the sea on pathways and not on the sandy beaches, see if I take her to the waters edge she wants to do one thing and one thing only CATCH A FRISBEE.¬† I have a bad shoulder so with loosing weight we take the harder surfaces and walk and walk, ¬†all the while me kicking her stick.¬† She is OK with anything I am able to do, ¬†she is such a good girl.¬† She will be eight on Mother’s Day and I want her as healthy as can be so I can have her beside me for as long as I can.¬† Just check this happy photo out


See what I mean. Happy dog!

Now look what happens when she has to wait for me to stop taking pretty photos of the beach and sea.


You would think I had put her in the down command but actually she really has the need for just one COME.  She is too smart to do anything DUMB.  Yes I am blessed and very proud of my pup.  She is such a good girl.  A elderly couple was out for a walk on the beach and asked if they could give here a dog bone.  I never allow it but they were nice and JT sat pretty and stole their hearts in an instant,  she even took the cookie and ATE IT, she never does.  She must have worked up an appetite from all that running on the beach.  She was one happy dog, I swear I caught a smile or two yesterday.  She does love the beach but hurts too bad in her joints if we play for hours so the half hour worked out perfect.

We took the long way home, back roads all the way back to NH.  I have really seen that section of highway enough in a rig.

As we made our way along the coastline the towns had decked the streets with holiday lights and wreaths, it was beginning to look a lot like Christmas, well all except for the snow that was gladly missing. 

I had timed the day near perfect.¬† Soon it would be dark enough to see some lights and I headed for the most famous Maine Lighthouse to see them.¬† It was just a tad too light so I let JT out where she made new friends while I waited with not one but two cameras to catch some action beside the Atlantic.¬† I took too many photos, wait could that happen ?¬† Let me show you a couple to end this post.¬† I even added some to my online gallery for Holiday Cards!¬† Who doesn’t love the sea and these gorgeous lighthouses that keep the sailors safe.



Day By Day

Wanted to pop in and say Hello, to all those who still follow me.  I am trying to keep up as I slow down.

We are bracing for the winter onslaught to hit and till it does we are trying to prepare the best we can.¬† Order more propane so the truck won’t get stuck, while he is delivering it. Pulling beaver dams so we do not lose¬†all I worked so hard for, THE HOUSE.¬† JT and Rhythm are good.¬† My sweetheart is still getting the old 54/55 Dodge buttoned up to help with snow removal, yesterday we ran 35 miles away to pick up a new heater fan, now to locate defroster¬†hose, in the size needed, so we can keep windows in this old beast clear so he doesn’t destroy the yard.¬† I hate what the plow does to the land but I hate shoveling in pain even more, so we will do what we have to with light shovels on the roof, maybe find a used electric snow thrower for the roof,¬† as my Mom suggests.¬†¬†We have a very old snow blower but I may scrap my Dodge truck with bad tranny to purchase a¬†¬†new one, just in case we do not get enough snow for the plow now isn’t that a pleasant thought!¬† I am always thinking.

I do not see the surgeon till the 11th but some good news, I have started to unfreeze the frozen part of the shoulder, not a lot but I see a difference.  The horrible pain of tendon is there but if I use arm slowly it never rears its ugly head.  I hate that pain.  So depending on my options I will see if I can take one more shot to get through the worst of winter and maybe in March if it has not healed I will let him in to repair it,  as our weather will start to look up by then.  See always thinking.

I want to hit the gym every other day.  With only one car, his truck it is hard.  I only have to travel 3 miles each way so it is not bad maybe by spring I could ride a pedal bike that would be awesome.

I have also had a brilliant idea for a business and will apply to the Small Business Association for a loan.  I could get out of this way of life if all goes well so please cross your fingers for me maybe your toes too. Thanks!

Holidays are not the same in this life I live now so just a few pretty things placed around the home to remind me it even on its way.

No children, no close family fun times, I will just be celebrating the birth of Christ this year and buying a small gift for a local child who will need a gift to open on Christmas Day.  I look at what I used to be able to do for so many and now the new reality is charity begins at home.  Save all year for heat and food and an occasional trip to the sea or woods to keep my sanity and not miss my old life so badly which it why I need you to keep the fingers and toes crossed because if all the good thoughts go out maybe just maybe I will have a new path doing good for others in need and getting paid and it is something I can do with my injuries.

Let me leave you with a pretty photo or two to lighten the heaviness of this post I am happy just a realist and life is what it is and there are really millions so much worse off.¬† Which is why I always show you PRETTY THINGS there is enough ugly out there isn’t there.




Have a great week everyone!

Weekly Photo Challenge/Horizon


on the OTHER COAST ūüôā

The Ocean Is Just Past Those Trees

The Beach Is A Mess

Well last night we lost an hour of sleep due to our moving our clocks ahead in spring as we do here in New Hampshire for Daylight Savings Time.¬† I went to bed early after being at the beach.¬† Yes a perfect day in the mid 40’s.¬† It was a very Messy Beach and some lost their homes.¬† I am not sure if you caught it on your news as I never know if AP news will broadcast things that happen here, all over the world.

You know I will keep you up on the stories in the news throughout New England well at least when it comes to storms and flooding.


JT and I walked along the shoreline for exercise and play while her daddy searched for treasure.  I left her Frisbee in the truck and grabbed a stick we keep for windy days.  I knew she would want to jump waves if we played with her favorite toy but today was not a day to be playing in the sea.


The waves were strong and very powerful.  One after another slammed into the coastline.  Remember we go when the tide is heading out.  He only hunts low tides and I hunt the beaches when people have just left from a day of beach going and I never go down to the water with my machine.  This is winter though in New England and we had an enormous coastal storm.  It was very far out to sea but we still got nailed by it.  The beach had 3 days easy of seas with 20 foot plus seas.  It slammed into sea walls and busted them again.  Roads were closed due to rock and four feet of water in some sections where the beach breached an area where the state has determined  a pretty coastal route would be.  Mother Nature has a funny way of taking back what always should have been a place of give and take.  I never really think to add video to these lengthy posts but if you want to go to the web to look here are a few local news stations where you can see it in action.


So as we walked the dog and I we met others who were shocked by what they saw had taken place with yet another storm.  The dunes which help to keep the water from homes and businesses were just about gone.  They were huge.  They were tall with pretty grasses holding them together.  They had been a part of our lives forever if you grew up in New England.  We were not allowed to ride dune buggies on them they were not for fun.  They were to protect us and a place for wild birds to make their nests.  Where would they go now?  Tax money spent over and over to fix the beach.  We have people who flock here from Canada and other parts of the world will they still come?  I am sad people once again lost their homes.  Yes they were silly to want to build by the sea but she is so beautiful on most days. Look at other beaches.  Huge hotel chains line the beach in Virginia, Florida too.  Everyone wants to get close to the sea.  These past thirty eight years I can remember,  spending so much time visiting them  have seen so much change.



When sand was washed out to sea dunes collapsed  and drainage pipes show up I guess filthy storm drain water screened through all the sand was supposed to be OK for the oceans now with rain coming and it will fall for days where will it go besides straight into our ocean that feeds us. So very sad.




Foundations showing up from buildings long ago gone.  I used to go to the one that stood here beside the sea.  The Frolics was famous for music, and  drinks.  Many years ago there had even been a huge swimming pool alongside this beach.  Salisbury Beach have you ever been.  It used to be a fun place to go not so much anymore well unless you are a dog with a great Mom and Dad.



She really wants to run time to let her off leash for a few minutes while I show you some of what we saw at the beach that was a mess.





That is JT’s Dad hunting the beach





Last one for this post

See the metal stakes?

The dunes came out this far and a wooden fence was attached to these all along the shoreline to KEEP PEOPLE OFF THEM but no one told the Sea to  STAY AWAY.






We Have Been Walking The Beach

Hi Everyone the three of us have been trying to get out and walk in between snow storms.¬† We have gone when he goes detecting and he even found more rings.¬† I lost a few more pounds¬† but going to Mom’s and she is baking me a cake for my birthday and also has a New England Boiled Dinner is ¬†on the menu for us.¬† I am blessed to still have her to celebrate with.

I am starting my day off early by getting my haircut, ¬†it is long and always in my face and lately it spends more time up in a clip so now is the time for a change to go with all the¬†¬†weight loss.¬† Another year older and still on track to be a better healthier me.¬† I love reading your blogs when I can get the reader to work.¬† ¬†I am trying to follow you by email so bear with me.¬† I have placed ¬†almost 400 photos for sale on-line and now as I get ready to go on my 10 day silent retreat I hope I come back¬† to lots of sales.¬† I will miss you all when I am gone as much as my dog and family, you bring me much joy in your posts.¬† I miss doing two a day but as my followers rose in numbers it was hard to keep up but when I come back to it in April , I will be lighter in my heart and body, ¬†they won’t feed us much.¬† Water and maybe breakfast and a lunch but no supper just tea and fruit at 4 PM them meditate till 9:30 PM we will start each day in meditation at 4 AM.¬† My son suggested I jump right in the deep end!¬† So with him having done it to heal his hurt and pain I am looking forward to my gift to myself.¬† You know I will tell you all about it!

So let me show you what we have been doing while we wait for the next shoe to fall, MORE SNOW!


Surf was wild and dirty


Yes that is a pile of thick foam



What a knucklehead I yell for her to watch out but the FRISBEE¬† in my hand she is not moving till I threw it¬†.¬† ¬†I don’t think she saw this heading at her.



Look at her she is covered with the filthy foam, she was not happy when I said she would need a bath.  I am a bad Mommy to but her in tub with Luke Warm Water with pretty smelling soap but she will jump in the filthy sea of FOAM.



Her last catch time to get Daddy’s truck dirty.

Hope to touch base with you  soon

Miss you


New England In Winter Wraps

Hi everyone.¬† No I am not lost but usually I shovel then¬†suffer in pain but it is the workouts that have me seeing consistent success now at the scale on Tuesdays and is getting me closer to goal which will be a HEALTY¬†weight never scrawny .¬† I need my strength to make it through my meditation as well as that new English Garden I will be working on if winter ever let’s go¬†of her death grip up here.¬† No don’t worry just hard on old broken bodies but my sense of humor such as it is will get me to spring¬† oh and the rains!¬† Today NH is under the spell of another huge storm and why I am getting rains when others are getting twelve more, heavy wet inches of snow¬† I have no idea but you know I am so grateful for each and every drop for it is melting our snowpack and snow on the roofs is shrinking too he said it was too slippery to climb up yesterday which worried me with the weight of heavy wet snow ruining so many homes and businesses elsewhere.¬† Well I sold my conversion van and made another friend.¬† She too is an author with all of you here I follow and follow me I can surely get my three written!¬† I sold the van to get cash to fix my pick-up the one with the PLOW kind of late now as the birds are already singing their hearts out looking for the prettiest girls in town.¬† I will scrub hummingbird feeders again to make sure no dust has gotten into the bags I store them in and get the seeds started for my garden even if I have to grow in 5 gal. buckets or a pallet have you seen that on Pinterest?¬† I think this year I will even start Sunflowers in egg cartons or yogurt cups as I have plenty of empties and this way after the diet of black oil sunflower seeds I have been going through with my wildlife so far almost 400 lbs. of seed, they will not be able to dig up the ones I hide to line my yard with.¬† Hard to outsmart wildlife though I am sure something hungry will come for the green growth like us and our salad greens!


So how have you all been?¬† Life good or hard right now?¬† I love hearing from you all and that some of you are regular visitors to my Portfolio Blog¬† please me.¬† You can comment on any blog.¬† Tell me if you like certain photo or what you don’t like remember the only thing I have ever been a professional at is a driver, a big rig driver so you can help by chiming in .¬† Some of you know I have been selling my photos on FAA under¬† Eunice Miller¬† and that I even set up a Facebook page that will link my photographs I have placed for sale right to their site in most cases.¬† If you are artists that have begun to follow my blog thank you.¬† Blogging has made me a better photographer still not anything to write home about but me and my little Kodak Easy Share once in a while¬†capture something pretty and moving to some besides me for which I am thankful for isn’t that why we decide to step out of our nice comfy spot at home and reach out to the world at large with art and words.¬† I would not have gotten to know you all had I not taken that very first step last Memorial Day weekend.¬† I am blessed by each and every one of you and I think you already know that by what we have shared.


Now it wouldn’t be a Living and Lovin ¬†blog without a photo or two so this is what I have been thinking of



My Lilacs in full bloom calling out to all the insects and pretty butterflies that adore them as much as I do even Ron loves them  JT loves to smell them she is a girl you know and all girls love pretty flowers.



For the bees to arrive so my fruit trees will bless us and the wildlife who also love fruit.




Now the Forsythia that are all over this place we call home are sure signs of SPRING arriving.


Now for this year along with the new English Garden area Ron will make me a sculpture as he was a welder for 35 years before retiring early with injuries.  I am thinking something in pretty copper but maybe a mix if they can be put together with the arc from his welding rod.  He is the pro so I will let him do his thing and praise the heck out of him because he is a good man to put up with me and so much sadness though it has gotten so much better since I have stopped hiding.  So look for a blog on his artist work in the future here.

I will also divide my Hostas  for an upcoming Garden Club Plant Sale in early May and take some new Lilacs and move them to my berm on the eastern side of my property  I will add some  shoots of Forsythia on berm as well because they will look beautiful as they grow and drape along this area with the Lilacs up above with a few little pretty shaped Pines.  It will provide me with Privacy yes but mostly block the Orange Fence(plastic snow fence) from my view while I sit and tend to my garden since I do not see her as ever taking it down,  even though it sits on the towns right a way.

So for now I will look and deal with the CRUD of Winter with visions of a beautiful spring!




We will hang out by the sea a lot till them even on a lousy weather¬†day we can always find a ray of hope here along the water’s edge.


Take care everyone and again stop in at anyone of my places here on the world-wide web, you are more than welcome.


Another Storm Brewing



I took this photo yesterday along the river but facing out to sea.  It was beautiful over here, less wind then when JT and I tried to join her daddy on the ocean side, man was it cold and a very brisk wind.  Cold we can take but that constant wind is not good and I am bundled up, well  all but my weather-beaten face and to protect her from the harsh elements I have gone through my whole life,  we walked over here to take shelter from the storm that was brewing.

What a deceiving day.  It was so pretty to look at.  Made me what to shower and get dressed and head out with him.  I was down another two pounds on Tuesday weigh-in so I wanted to keep up the hard work.  Funny you see something working even if it causes pain I am the type that has always been tough and just pushed through it.  I am not saying it is smart , just saying more about who I am.

I have one month left before I leave and want to take in all my world has to offer.¬† I want to walk and spend time with them.¬† I will miss the three of them, ¬†who share this home with me.¬† My son said he missed his pup but knowing she was with friends allowed him to take on the challenge himself so I will let go and trust.¬† JT loves me as much as Mike’s dog adores him but Mike does spend time during the day without his girl and JT is always beside me lol I am her person.¬† She watches over me and protects me even when I am not in danger so maybe after she gets over missing me for first few days she will become a dog again.¬†¬† Something tells me we will be like that commercial that runs here, ¬†of the lady coming back from war with her huge dog greeting her on the ground covering her with kisses, will also be played out here, ¬†hell being on the floor meditating for 10 days 14 hours a day will have the ground being normal for me.¬† Wish me luck!¬† lol


OK back to the REAL STORM BREWING this morning I woke to a weather report saying maybe we would miss a big snowstorm Thank You for listening to my prayers this time now they say just three to four inches but wet snow this time.  JT loves catching snowballs she will be so happy.  Now I will show you a few photos from the river as the sea.  They are not my best and I am sorry I was freezing and will blame them on the wind!

Now look at the next pictures don’t them make it seem like it is just a beautiful day to SUNTAN


Not a care in the world.


A Loner lol no room for anyone else on this ones beach.


OK want to see some more again sorry shaking too much for really pretty ones but I am sure you will love them.



Now the mighty Atlantic Ocean was really churning and so frothy.  The storm was still a twelve-hour ride away down in Virginia.   So I really thought we would be getting another NEMO like storm.  Looks can be deceiving right beautiful blue sky pretty colorful sea. BRRRRRRR



Wind blown JT waits for me to throw a hefty stick to her.  No FRISBEE in these winds.



Well you can see she is tiring of me and my photos time to go for a walk






Have a nice weekend




Well I am on my second cup of coffee  in preparation for a walk with JT along the coast in a few hours at low tide.

Did you hear what we have arriving tomorrow,¬† SNOW and lots of it!¬† They are saying a true Nor East’r¬† with maybe 2 feet of SNOW and winds up to 45 mph YIKES.¬† Praying we keep our power.

My back is killing me already never mind after we shovel this huge place and the ROOF. ¬† I can’t forget the roof, not after hearing it crack on New Years Eve.

Man I wish I was rich and famous¬† no not really but just so I could get the tranny repaired in the truck.¬† Pretty new plow on it and the $700 I put out to a local man to put new seal in it lasted less than one mile to my door and when I called to tell him it let go all over my beautiful yard he said “Looks like you will have to call a transmission shop”.¬† Just my luck.

I love when mechanics do this to woman, NOT!

So I maybe gone from my blog for a bit once it starts to snow  as I will shovel while Ron snow blows but I will go out every 4 inches and just push snow or that is the plan till I have to climb on top of the house. Now they said we will be getting 2 inches an hour that is a lot of light fluffy blowing snow.

So yes off to the beach to walk and find peace and a few pretty photos maybe.¬† We will go back to see all the damage this storm will bring to the coastline but that won’t be till maybe Monday if they allow us on the roads by then.¬†¬† They say the sea will be high with the moons influence.

You all ever here about the Blizzard of 78 we had in this part of the country well it is an anniversary oh joy

To all who follow me,  stay safe be it the rains some will get and snows for the rest of us .

Talk to you soon


ps the photo is of a piece of sea glass I wrapped to wear around my neck I wonder if I will find any good treasure to use in jewelry making.  He will detect the shore so I know he will.

Cold Along The Coast

I wanted to go for a walk and it read 8 F here in the yard and it didn’t feel too bad, ¬†after what it had been like for 3 days here ¬†well below¬† 0 F, ¬†with nasty winds.¬† The kind that feel like they are cutting right into your skin.

So we bundled in layers all except for the poor dog.¬† I wish she didn’t hate coats.

It was a beautiful clear day a perfect one for a drive.  Once I turned towards the coast the roads were all ours maybe they knew better.


Put a coat on to check these out or you will catch a CHILL






Not a soul out in this weather




The Beach was all ours from 2 PM till 4 PM





After I loaded the dog and my camera in the truck and warmed it up I went back to see if he was still OK and a pilot had placed a HUGE HEART up over the sea

it was beautiful but you will have to take my word for it unless I can find it on the web cam and show you. I was not going to run to the warm truck and go back out though now I am kicking myself  as it was so pretty.







Wednesday it will be  50 F  time to go to the beach!


On February 2 ND and 3 RD  hundreds will jump in the Atlantic Ocean,  along  Hampton Beach,   in Hampton NH (there is a WEB CAM) they call it the Penguin Plunge for Special Olympics

I will get some photos of it if it is not as cold as today WHICH WAS NUTS!  We did have a nice walk and he did find treasure though brrrrr still trying to THAW!





“Beach Art” By JT

January 9 2013 Shots From The Coast









So yes in January we still look for treasure he with a machine and me with a camera.

It was windy and cold but we bundled up and left at 10 AM and finished there by 3 PM

Tired and cold from all the exercise we got, which they say is Good For You, we headed home for dinner which I

still had to whip up.  While it cooked I made some Chi Tea and heated up the bag we have for sore muscles and

sat with JT and did her shoulder area. She was again hobbling hard makes me so sad to see her in the pain we are in.

I know she has a toenail that was injured and is growing out that I trim weekly(all of them actually)but it appears this

jump and leaping in the sand is sadly taking a toll on her since her injury this past summer.  Her and I will walk daily even if I do not

want to leave my warm home.  With weight off of us both we have got to feel a little less pain when out having a day of fun.

The whole time we played she never showed a sign of pain.  I did stop Frisbee play after 20 min. took her for her water then headed out

with a leash on her for a cool down and I mean cool down on this January day.  She walked and played with her stick with me still no sign. She is

very stoic when she is playing with her Mommy.  When we got home and I went into the kitchen and Ron said she was in some really bad pain. She

Came and sat with me in the kitchen as I cooked supper and made her supper.  She came to bed with me and the heating bean bag which I held on

her till she felt good enough to jump down to the floor on her dog bed.

This morning as I downloaded photos from our trip to the coast,  there were no signs of injury as she played and played with me. Walking later when

the sun has warmed the air some.  Have a great day!

More From The Shore


Watching Them Work

Sand Castles on Hampton Beach, Hampton, NH


From the FLAGS you can see they are not all from HERE





Sand Castles
Building His Masterpiece

They work so hard moving the sand, packing it tight and then start to make it into something ,besides a pile of sand.




Sand Castles

Working Too

Many hours will go into each ones piece



Shoveling the Sand

Building a Sand Castle


Hot and  Dirty or Cold and Wet they do not quit!









They Will Be Judged

They have very few hours to complete them

White barrels were full of water used to tighten up the sand




Beside The Sea


Two local companies  represented


Each year special sand is trucked in for our Hampton Beach Sand Castle Competition.


They work with very few breaks.


Rain and Wind are a given for this competition.


Sunburns too!


They pack the sand.

They use cool tools, most of which we can find at home.

Straws even.

Thousands come by during the week to watch them build,  then to cast their vote.

This is just the “crowds favorite” ¬†sandcastle.

There will be judges who will pick the top ones,  who will get the CASH PRIZES.

Do you have sandcastle contests where you live?

I love seeing what they come up with year after year.

They work under bright lights, into the night this is when we go to just enjoy , sunrise is when I go for the photos.


Hope you enjoy playing  in the sand when you hit the beach.



















Wells Maine



Wells Maine

Wave Action Calm Today



Love the Curl


JT Our Border Collie



















It poured again this morning but they promised sun by this afternoon

So we headed north into Maine to look for treasure and so exercise.

The dog and I got too much time on the beach both of us hurting bad.

He found earrings and change.

We saw a hint of the sun as we headed out across the marsh on our way home

Too many rain drops getting on the lens so I did the best I could with these

I will try harder the next time.






Can I Play

The Jetty

from 20 Lines or Less

Early Morning Play





With my little girl.


We have to sneak her on for a dip and a little toss and catch

but I will because it is so worth the exercise we get and the fun we have together.






Grasses free of filth


Today the  shoreline may get a rest, from the hoards of visitors  she has had during the stretch of beautiful summer weather.

It is cool and brisk this morning.

I myself can’t wait till Labor Day , to have the beach all to myself once again.¬† Naughty I know but truthful.¬† The traffic and

mess left behind , from filthy people,  may cost the state more to pick up after than they say they make on TOURISTS,lol.

I love the tourists it’s the locals who leave the mess, awe but soon vacations will be over and for some back to school they shall go.

Enjoy your last month of summer and please remember to pick up after yourselves.

Saving Salisbury Beach?

I do not think this area can be saved either.

Here are some photos to show the tax money spent trying to do just that though.

I say buy all the homes,  knock them down and give us back a wild and  serene

beach  and stop fighting Mother Nature!

A costly machine sent in to pump sand from the  Merrimack River

back up onto Salisbury Beach to help with erosion.

Sand travels up hundreds of feet of these pipes

All the while the sea comes and takes it back out  at low tide

Hard to see what is going on but that mess is sand and water being thrown back up onto the beach

Where large heavy equipment pushes it around and try  to reclaim a beach

not really to sunbathe on but to protect the homes here as well from the tides

that come ever 12 hours  and either throw things up on the shoreline  or haul off the

sand at low tide.


This went on for weeks, hour after hour.

I will take a photo this week,   to show you what it looks like today, just 2 years later.



Plum Island

My take on Mother Nature and her fury, in one of my favorite places  to walk and fish.

Just the other side of Newburyport MA is a place called Plum Island.


This is a place  you will see just before you go over the marsh and hit the island.



We have a nuclear plant in Seabrook ,NH and when all the protests

were  going on,   residents  knew that there would be  No Way Out!

Sign stands after all these years as a reminder.


Well it seems like the Nuclear Plant is safer for these residents,

than the sea they love  to live next too.


The ocean is taking more and more of the beach that used to be their buffer.

Homes have been undermined by the surf and ultimately pushed by machines onto the beach at low tide and then

picked up and placed in rigs and taken to the local landfill.


The politicians keep throwing money at this situation.

Permits to re-build these homes maybe issued.

This problem that will only become worse as the worlds oceans rise, as predicted they will.

They installed these a few years ago,  to save these homes but surly  you can see no mater how much sand and barriers are brought in

the Atlantic Ocean will take what it needs for space.


They warn people who love this place to Stay Away!


These were once completely covered with sand and the beach built back up,  by sand hauled to this area,  all at the taxpayers expense.



This is just for this one stretch of  ocean front property.

Who came up with the plan years ago to allow homes here?

So many places we can not go near now because of the dangers these

homes present and we can’t forget the¬† Nesting Plovers!


I will continue to come here month after month to document the loss of a beautiful stretch of beach.

I have so many fond memories I can not help but watch  and see what time has in store for this wild place.


I will miss  this place when she is gone.






Determination (2nd shot)

Determination (2d shot)

So Loved.

At a local beach he is taken by his loving owner to do what a dog likes to do , PLAY with others.


My heart broke as I watched this young dog make its way among the others, like my  JT.

It soon was replaced with shear JOY, for he was so loved by his owners .


So Loved.

Surf’s Up

A random man along our shore, during winter Catching a Wave!


I was walking with dog and also looking for sea glass but I decided to follow him

with my camera.  I have no idea who he is just a winter surfer.












see the snow in the foreground?


So I came home with his Surfing  photos and some exercise for all of us and to top it off this is what I did with another treasure





















Storms batter our coastline

The beaches along New England are constantly being battered.

Storm after storm starts to change the landscape.of our shore.

Wave after wave rolls in with a fury.

We have sea walls to keep it from our homes, though we continue to¬†build in harm’s way.

Homes are lost, lives are changed, personal items lost to the sea.

As a home is lost, plans to rebuild get underway.

This story will have updates along the way,  as it is forever changing in these parts ,we call home.








Millions are spent to save the homes of those, who just had to get as close to the sea, as they could.

Permits are given out to build another  in its place.

Taxes are spent on baffles, to try to keep erosion at bay.

It as you can clearly see  it is not working.

Just a waste of money in my point of view, to fight a force so much stronger than man.

The more beach we have left the happier she will be lol



Sunrise at Hampton Beach, Hampton, NH while we search for treasure.

His addiction and how it started,  Part One

My boyfriend started over 20 years ago, on a hit and miss basis, searching for treasure.  His idea, of what treasure was, pretty much is the same but boy has his equipment changed.When he started out it was like me, you find things like change or other free things, in parking lots  and places where people gathered.  He bought a radio shack machine and when he had the time, would use it to see what else he could find.We found each other again after 30 years and he told me about this man George, George Streeter who had a cool shop in Keene.  He said he wanted to go for a ride with me someday, for me to meet him and for him to get a few things.  A few things!  Well We stayed for hours talking to George, I bet he was glad when we left!

Well he put his order in for a White’s DFX.¬† His dream machine!¬† He had wanted this one from the first time he saw it, at George’s.¬† It was on sale at the time George told him.¬† It came with a nice White’s bag, to keep this machine in and a digging tool and OH Yeah a pin pointer!¬† Don’t these expensive machines tell you where it is?¬† Why a pin pointer?¬† Hang on I know now……….

So we are off, headed back to the coast where he can hardly wait to see how much more he can find with this top of the line, White’s machine.¬† We had to stop and charge the batteries at home, boy another delay for him!¬† He was excited with this purchase and wanted to use it now!

You know about treasure hunting if you are reading this short story, you know there will be times, many in fact that you get no more than change, dirty change to boot!

As we approached the sandy area of Hampton Beach, me with the digger, him with his new toy “The Ultimate Machine”¬† we decided on a direction to walk and as I walked beside him,¬† I could see how happy he was.¬† To me that is all that has ever meant anything to me.¬† I knew he went years in life providing for others, ones who could care less about his feelings, only what this man could do for them.¬† Well we are now together and all I care about¬† is him and his health and I mean overall health.¬† We all need an outlet when in pain, as it is very depressing.¬†¬† So as we walked the beach together, where we had in fact gone on dates, like I said so long ago, and began the search for goodies.

Well I can tell you it was accurate.¬† When it said a penny and we found lots of them, there it was 4 inches down just like the machine read.¬† I would just dig¬† the right amount of sand into our scoop¬† and I could hear the coin banging on the sides of the basket,¬†telling me I had it! ¬† We wore aprons we bought from George and I would slide it into a pocket so as to not loose it and continue walking just out of the reach of his swing.¬† When we would get to the end of our row we had decided on,¬† he would then walk in my footprints as I would lay tracks beside him, for the next row.¬† We had a system for sure, others had just gone through with their machines but had missed the coin, we didn’t.

I remember when he got a reading that said .50 cents, I looked up at him and said Ya Right!¬† Well sure enough there were 2 quarters in my basket, having dug down to the proper depth.¬† This machine was good.¬† I loved the day we found our first silver ring.¬† Oh it was my size, imagine that!¬† We continued to use this machine almost daily and I mean daily.¬† Winter, spring, summer and fall, we were out there.¬† We got a lot of comments on how the two of us worked as a team, him swinging and me digging the treasure, his machine said was just laying there, waiting to be found.¬† Many men said they wished their wives would go with them, I laughed and said¬† “Oh well, that’s why, I am just his girlfriend! ”¬† No I understood how they must have felt, having a hobby that the wives and kids could actually go with them and have fun doing and they chose to send them out alone.¬†¬† I saw them watch us and¬† how excited we got when it was a ring and not a nickle.

We went everywhere with this machine.  From the northern coast in Maine to Cape Cod, we even took it to Virginia Beach when my Grandmother was not doing to good, so I could say goodbye.  We were on the beach, in a motel anyway, so in the early morning hours as well as late at night this is where we were.  We found a cool coin there on VA Beach, so it will be a memento of our trip, as well as treasure.

I remember calling George as we went to the Cape and found that they had made the beach a National Seashore, where we were not allowed to metal detect.¬† I asked him if he knew where we could go and he told us and then said “always do the edges of land off limits¬†.” ¬†I believe his words were “you can’t fence it all in”.¬† We found a ring that weekend as well.¬† ¬†Wow, we were starting to get good at this detecting stuff.¬† Slow and deliberate swings, with headphones on, puts him right on his target,¬† and of course I am always ready with the scoop, to see what he found!

So now instead of HIS addiction, ¬† it is OURS.¬† He searches through the want ads for a machine for me, you know just a cheap one, easy to use, well he found an old Minelab a man had for sale 3 hours away(gas was not high like now) and we called and set up a time to go look at it.¬†This man’s Dad had died and he was selling lots of his beloved treasures.¬† We picked up this Sovereign¬† with no books or paperwork, with a few other items and both of them were so happy.¬† When we got home he charged it up and off we went to the beach, we never turns down a chance to go.¬†¬† Now remember I thought I would use this one but no Ron had to test it out first!¬† Well he never uses his Ultimate machine anymore, well that’s not true when we look in parking lots and the like he does because it is so easy to see if it is a penny or¬† quarter or jewelry.¬† It has so many programs he doesn’t even use and now with my trucking injuries I can not swing even this light one long enough to make it worth the trouble and the pain.¬† I say SELL IT!(We didn’t)

Well so now remember we have gone from his $49  Radio Shack one to DFX and now a used Minelab to guess what?  A NEW water machine.  Yes you know the one!  Another Minelab.  He uses in the lakes, ponds and streams in search of rings and he finds them!  This gets a lot of rest all winter but come warmer temps we hit the water for the newest FINDS, left by visitors!  All the while we keep track of the lost and found columns  and see if anyone is searching for what we have found.  That finishes the story when you can put owner back with their lost items.

OK so now we have what 4 machines and his addiction strikes again, ¬†after that trip I wrote about,¬†out to Stanton AZ, last year for the 3 day dig and our stay out there.¬† Well we really do need a machine to find the Gold Nuggets, but I thought a used Gold Bug out there in Wickenburg AZ at Miners Creek¬† would have fit the bill, but no, he had his heart once again set on a Minelab 3500.¬† We called George Streeter once again and tried to place an order but he had bad news for him it was not available, so he just had to get the next best thing!¬† Yes a 4000.¬† I sure hope he finds a lot of gold this winter in NC, GA and of course AZ.¬† Maybe just maybe his addiction is at it’s worst!¬† I have included a photo of him reading his new instruction booklet while setting his new machine up, now I will tell you this when it comes to digging up the gold pieces I will once again be right beside him looking for the pieces the old timers, out in the gold mine areas never found.¬† I will dream of quartz, laced with Gold, just like Ron will with this new machine, oh no I think I have caught his disease!

Well we can grow old together, happily chasing the nuggets and  me watching the smile on his face.

Part two on Gold Prospecting coming soon……………………………….

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