Dutch butterfly count

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This video is called Scandinavian Butterflies Part 1.

And here is Part 2.

On 2, 3, and 4 August, butterflies were counted everywhere in gardens in the Netherlands.

177,670 butterflies (and moths) of 36 species were counted.

The top 10 were:

1. Peacock (38319 x)
2. Silver Y moth (30961 x)
3. Small white (15956 x)
4. Small tortoiseshell (11625 x)
5. Large white (11529 x)
6. Brimstone (8544 x)
7. Red admiral(8139 x)
8. Large skipper (6398 x)
9. Painted lady (6207 x)
10. Mint moth (5212 x)

See also here.

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Butterfly decline in the US may be getting out of hand

Butterfly report

Family Survival Protocol - Microcosm News


Butterfly decline a worrying portent

ButterfliesButterfly decline in the US may be getting out of hand. Photo: Getty Images

Butterflies are the essence of cool in the insect world, a favorite muse for poets and songwriters who hold them up as symbols of love, beauty, transformation and good fortune.

But providing good fortune apparently goes only one way. As humans rip apart woods and meadows for housing developments and insecticide-soaked lawns, butterflies across the US are disappearing.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service recently announced that two brown, moth-like butterfly subspecies are likely extinct in south Florida, which some entomologists say is ground zero for the number of butterfly species on the verge of annihilation.

The rockland grass skipper went missing in 1999, and the Zestos skipper hasn’t been seen since 2004. Several other species, such as the ebony-and-ivory-colored Schaus swallowtail, are listed as endangered, and many others…

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Monarch butterflies in trouble

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This video is called Complete Life Cycle of the Monarch Butterfly.

From Wildlife Extra:

Monarch butterfly numbers decline again

Drought conditions and historic wildfires lead to more decline

March 2013. Bad news again for the Monarch butterfly: Drought conditions and historic wildfires the past few years continue to decrease their numbers as they wing across Texas this spring. Worse news: milkweed plants – the only kind they need to survive – are also not in plentiful supply, says a Texas A&M University Monarch watcher.

Craig Wilson, a senior research associate in the Center for Mathematics and Science Education and a longtime butterfly enthusiast, says reports coming from Mexico where the Monarchs have their breeding grounds show their numbers are significantly down, a disturbing trend during much of the past decade.

Wilson explains “The severe drought in Texas and much of the Southwest continues to wreak havoc with the…

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Cool Art



Now we were on that ride up into Maine.

My boyfriend says “Did you see that HUGE FLOWER?”

It is February how could there be a huge flower in Maine of all places.

I spin around as he tells me I will want to see it and take a photo to show YOU

Boy does he know me or what.


So as you can see from the photo about it is a BIG FLOWER and a BIG Butterfly.

Now he is a welder by trade

I am the secretary of a Garden Club maybe just maybe we could make up a few for

around town, just a thought.

I want him to make a fountain for in front of the Safety Complex to go with the beautiful plants

maybe this type of Art would be pretty too.



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Lucy’s Love Bus Butterfly Bush

Lucy's Love Bus

Lucy's Love Bus
Butterfly Bushes named in her memory were available for sale
Lucy's Love Bus
Butterflies made by many in her memory
Lucy's Love Bus
Fundraiser in Lucy’s memory

This little girl Lucy was special.

She was loved by many.

Missed by them too.

I will let you read her story at this link  I have included.

I will end with a photo from today of  a Beautiful Butterfly  which spent the day entertaining me all day.




Folsom Mill  Studio

Not perfect we had some stiff breezes but wanted to finish the story.