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Daily Prompt: Far from Home


Arizona is far from home for us.  We live in the Northeast and this is the Southwest.

For me,  a Trucker I always traveled far from home but for the most part I traveled within the United States with a dash into Canada now and then.

This trip was special as the man  I loved was not given much hope of a long life so we packed up the old Chevy van with camping  supplies and Gold Prospecting equipment we already had and the pup of course and headed west.  He had never been past the military base in Texas and that was so long ago for boot camp.  He flew in and out of there.  So this would be a journey for him but for me it would be like old times, well without the shifting.

We stayed out on BLM  land for 6 or 7 weeks till we had to come back for another visit with his doctor.  He did not want to go back home least of all for more tests.  I missed home and my kitty too much to hide my head in the sand of the desert.  We loaded up the old van and said our goodbyes to all we had met and I snapped a few more photos.

We came home to good news much to their amazement.  We could once again take out the map from my old trucking days and plan a trip far from home.

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We Headed Home


This story is more about our journey home.

First a  little about our trip first.

We had travelled by conversion van, a 1993 with a big Patriots mural on the side.

Me and him and JT.

We were loaded up with winter and summer clothes.

Prospecting equipment to hunt for Gold.

Dog food and human food.

Tent, Sleeping bags and even a dog bed.


We stayed in the tent till the Christmas day 80 mph winds broke a tent stake.

So we made do inside the van, for a few more days.

New Years Eve came and went with a big party with everyone else who was prospecting.

We set about getting our site we had used,  out on BLM land,  back to the way we found it and

said our goodbye’s.



JT  had been away from the beach for so long that I planned our long ride home, to NH,  hitting as

many beaches from the east side of Texas all along the Gulf Coast.  She was so excited when she saw her first body of water.

This dog is so smart.  Here it is winter and her head is outside the window,  smelling the sea.  You should have seen her face when I pulled

off into a State Park she was allowed in and I grabbed her Frisbee!  She bounded out of that side door and headed for the shore.

Just like when you would tell your children you were taking them to the beach.  Now this scene got better with each stop along the way.

She was beside herself with joy of seeing water again and not just in her bowl.



We watched the miles add up on the odometer,  with each one added we were getting closer to home.

We were tired. Coyotes kept us up most of the nights in the desert .  I suppose it could have been worse with a bear or mountain lion.

We made it up to New Jersey on the turnpike and knew we were six hours or less away from the door depending on what we hit as we

arrived in New York City area.  Rush hour was what we would be looking at so I prepared  for bumper to bumper,

nasty NYC traffic.


Now the real reason for this post.

Have you heard of Captain Sully?

The pilot who landed his plane full of crew and passengers in the Hudson River.

I had no idea it was happening as I got to the end of the turnpike to pay my toll and wondered where all the traffic was.

It was actually not sitting well inside of me.  I lived on these roads.   I knew something horrible had happened,  the highway was EMPTY

just the three of us in a Chevy van with our football  team logo on the side and no one to honk at us.


I asked my boyfriend to pop out the tape and get me a local channel.

We were now up on top of the George Washington Bridge,  with the water down below us,  as we heard on the radio about a plane landing on the


Are you kidding me,  the reports were saying everyone was OK and they were calling this crew heroes.  Boats from close by  were picking people up

out of the river and rushing them to safety .



We drove through the rest of New York,  never touching the brakes and headed into Connecticut then Massachusetts and into New Hampshire,  the

ride really flew by, funny how when you hear awesome news  it takes you out of everything you may have been worrying about  and puts you on cloud




That day I knew the world had witnessed a miracle.

It was a new year and he had landed his plane on the HUDSON  RIVER,  who does that?

Well it all came flooding back to me today as I watched him honored again,   this time on The  Katie C. Show.

He may never see himself as a hero but to me that is what he will always be.

Thanks  Captain  Sully

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Salisbury Beach Reservation State Park



Pretty Pines surround this Massachusetts State Park along the Merrimack River and the Atlantic Ocean




Sign post tells the story about this beautiful park.



Pine Cones beneath them all in January.  Wish I had taken some home to try and  grow here at our place




JT discovering smells of critters that has surly passed this way.




This  is a campground as well.  Stop by for a night or too and take in a few walks along the shore and don’t forget to look for JT’s ARTWORK made by her pretty fancy paws.




The sunsets are amazing from here.



Should you need directions give me a shout!




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Wise Old Pine

You know I love this one

Imagine the stories it could tell

Who has found their way to sit on a table under its outstretched branches

How many others thought it was worthy of a few photos

I have been here at the lake many times both in a boat and walking in the woods

This day I was there to see how much water was to be let out so I could prepare for the

flooding that would take place at home when they did and as I walked the different areas of

the shoreline I caught  sight of this tree through the others

Holding on tight to anything it can grab

Trees amaze me

The power they hold it is what I am after

The ability to hold on

Stay strong

Stand Tall

Reaching out with  my roots


No matter the storms I brace myself for

I may adore the colors of Maples in the fall

The Willow in my yard

Pines such as this with so many stories

It continues to cling to the rocks, soil, earth

It is busted and broken but still here

Trees inspire me to keep on keeping on

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Yes there was a lot of Rain

Some beautiful color as well

Good conversation

Tasty meals

Wonderful adult drinks


and yes with the weather we had



Well you can’t always get sunshine

and warm temps but friends now

that is real warmth



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Trippin on the Color

We loaded early for our get-a-way .

We were up against the weather.

The forecast called for heavy rain

all weekend long but the color will

not wait on a sunny day.  We headed

north the quickest route.  We got

there before the pouring rain.  The tent

went up and now it was really wet.

Then we set up the shelter over our table.

The dog was disgusted we had no time to play.

We raced like crazy to try to keep every thing

dry as we could.  It was a horrible weekend to

camp but our friends also were gluten for this

as well so with laughter and Rum we set about

having some fun.  The fire pit was loaded with wood

and when it was roaring and throwing off heat

meals were made, drinks mixed and chatter began.

We talked till we were so tired we had to say goodnight

though it was already morning.  We never saw the

Full Harvest Moon actually we did not see much being

fogged in as we were.

They found gold.

I took the dog out for a ride to find some color of our own.

Here are a few to show you what we saw and I will share more

after I warm up and sleep in my own bed.

Can’t wait to see what you have all done while I was away.


RTE 112

More shots to come after much  needed REST!

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Headed North Soon

Headed Up


I hear there will be rain all around

I sure hope the clouds part by Sat. night

There will be a beautiful sight to behold

A Full Harvest Moon

So special drinks will be mixed and we will sit around

with friends and unwind.   I hope you

all have a wonderful night and enjoy  the Moon




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All The Comforts

Camping last summer will be like the Ritz,  compared to our upcoming trip.


No RV this time, even the 76 will look good when compared to our tent.

We will be as comfortable as we can be at our age, even with aches and pains.

Air mattress will be great if we can get up come morning .

The dog,  well she will love her time away,  she will have lots of people to see.

This time the river will not be across the road from us but steps from the tents zipper.

There is a fire pit which will be welcome as the rains come and temps drop.

Looking forward to some hours away after all I have tried to do of late.

A few meals cooked over the fire and some tasty drinks with friends now that is how

I shall welcome Fall.    So if you are someplace warm, enjoy your weekend.  I will walk

along the river, capturing who knows what in my lens.  You know you will see a few

right here.


Peace and Love to you all


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Stanton Arizona


JT and I would start each day with a walk out here,  in Stanton  Arizona.

After sleeping in a tent all night and everyone off on 4 wheelers metal detecting, we were

able to go exploring with a camera,  for our own treasure.


It is so peaceful out here in the desert.  My favorite time to arrive is between Thanksgiving and

Christmas and stay until the days are so warm you know the rattlers will be out on a steady basis.


The way  I saw it, there must have been more than a few in these parts

or there would be no need for a sign like this.



The scenery was stunning and I could so easily become a snow bird in this area of our country.



This was our home away from  home

Away from high NH heating bills and where temps in December go into the 60’s and 70’s

though the winds at times out here were  blowing 60+ mph.  We were glad to have our van

to retreat into when they  blew through.


Each night as we sat in front of the fire,  that we had just cooked our supper on , this would appear before

us.  Life is good.




So if you ever get a chance to head down to the southwest area of our country grab a tent

and the rest of you gear and pick a spot out on BLM land and make it your home for a few weeks.

Try your hand at prospecting for Gold, take photos of the new things you will see then

share your trip with me.  I know you will love it if you have a sense of adventure and do not require a

Wal-Mart close by,  as in our case it was 45 min or more once we turned on to the roadway outside

of  area we were camping.  I went out once a week to shop and do laundry.  Life can be so simple.

Take some time to get away from the rat race and enjoy your life it is the only one you have.


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2011 is behind us

2011 Winds Down

This past year had  some very special moments but some really trying ones as well.  This really is what life is all about isn’t it?

It reminds me to be thankful, as well as grateful we made it through 2011.

After the winter we had last year we decided to camp along a river for the better part of three months.  Though we got our site(s) late  and had to move to 3 different sites, in doing so we met some wonderful people. One such couple from so far away, will always be missed though we will stay in touch,  it is still not the same as in person.

I got really sick as did our pup.  I am so much better now and down 50 +/- lbs from the end of last year, Thank you WW.  JT was covered with fleas and became so allergic she lost a lot of her fur, and chewed herself so very raw, this with Frontline Plus on monthly, needless to say that is not what she now uses.  All animals should be as loved as our little ones are.

I did not put a garden in this year at home, unless you can count my flowers, but I always had something growing just outside of our RVs door.  I did miss all my goodies and my little hummingbirds but on my 2 days home each week they got fresh sugar-water.  I missed watching my broods of wild turkeys, that call this place home, hatch and did not see them daily till Sept so they did not really get to know us like the years before.

We had some horrible weather come through our area this year as our summer was coming to an end, Irene blew through and took roads, bridges and businesses and homes away.  Today VT is opening one of their roads that they lost back in August, crazy weather in US as well as other parts of this earth.

I lost one of my dearest buddies this October on what would have been my Dad’s birthday.  Now two of the most important men in my life, are gone.   I try to remember the great times I had with both to ease my pain but it just never seems to stop the tears for too long.  I will miss you Dad and Cris forever.  You both taught me many, wonderful things.

I took so many beautiful photos, now to figure out what to do with them. I also had a little story published in a local weatherman’s latest book on New England weather.  I have written three other stories that have gone into a local Treasure Hunting newsletter too.  Did I say I LOVE SPELL CHECK lol.  Sometimes the brain works faster than these old hands of mine.

A very special little boy made an appearance on Thanksgiving day, really much too soon, just 925 oz,  little William Avi, latest update: he was  3 lbs for Christmas.  Can hardly wait till he can go home with his Mom and Dad.

I added some of my pieces of jewelry into a local place here Diddles and Doodads and it is run by a very wonderful lady, please stop in to meet her and see all the beautiful items she has on display, in her beautiful home.

I know we can not really  know what tomorrow will bring, never mind next year, but all I want is PEACE.  Seems simple enough to me, lol

Please drive safely this weekend, you are IMPORTANT.

See you all next year