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July What A Month You Have Been

July started with a new way of eating, actually a 28 day plan that ended today.  For a scale that had stopped moving long ago I was tired of the madness and told the right person, a new friend who had an idea and ordered me a book titled “The Fast Metabolism Diet” by Haylie Pomroy

I have never been a reader of self help books though with the world wide web I could seek out anything I wanted to know more about.

Well I read this book, as I shopped for the essentials I would need for the first week and began.  First two days I went to bed early so I did not have to eat anymore food, yes this is the truth it may have been 3 days.  On this third day a funny thing happened I actually heard my stomach growl for the first time in 20 years.

You see I would wake at 5 am have 2 cups of coffee no sugar and not eat anything until maybe noon then dinner at 6 or 7 pm then bed by 10 or 11.  On occasion I would snack before bed or have a dessert. I was so out of whack not drinking water, burning the candle at both ends never giving my body the nutrients it needed to function properly.

When I was trucking I ate better, I guess it was when I got hurt and could not afford lots of different foods and depression took hold from it and being poor for really the first time that I began this journey.  It was time to live again!

So the deal is you must give up white flower that many have already as well as pasta, rice and rolls as well as baked goods.  I also gave up all sugar and quit drinking coffee after 45+years it was not even hard to do so.

I began to drink my water all day long, eat within 30 minutes of waking and having a snack then lunch then later a snack then finally supper.  Most meals consisted of 3 or 4 cups of salad which is easy as this time of the year I grow my own.

Well I must say I was shocked to see the scale move when I felt I like was eating like a pig 🙂 Imagine that!  Inches more noticeable, skin better and sleep was wonderful which I am grateful for because in this period of time I was under so much stress as you see a person I trusted with my art, a neighbor with a consignment store, had closed up shop and took all the vendors goods and never told us.

I searched and searched for her and finally she popped up 2 towns away.  I showed up after having my boyfriend go in as a shopper first and when he got back to the car he said “None of your art is in there.”  I was sick and mad and headed inside by myself.

She told me for 14 min. she had nothing of mine so I reminded her when I sell items I get 60% as I put out my hand.  Then she remembered something she had and went out back and came in with 5 pieces of my work really?  I asked her if this was really how she wanted to start a new business then asked where this painting was


She said “I do not have it and I reminded her it was $180 and told her to give me cash for it and the check she bounced back in May.  Long story short I did what I could to help others get what they could, as she stole theirs and wrote more bad checks to boot.  It will be hard for me to trust another but all I can say is I stayed on my plan even with all this stress and continued to lose.

The moral of this long story is eat to be healthy and drop weight give up the crap food that is no good for you and always I mean always really know who you are dealing with when you let things you love out of sight.

I will now just sell cards and prints locally as I do online and the originals will be here beside me safe and sound.

She should have named her new shop BAD KARMA after what she took from the 20 of us.

I am blessed to have lived the life I have lived, always full of lessons to be sure.

Come on August I need to do something fun!

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Time for change.

The Hurt Healer

change 2“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” Lao Tzu

Kindness, generosity, compassion, patience, trust, loyalty and honesty all make for a good relationship. But what if the person you extend these forms of love to doesn’t reciprocate? Not just on the odd occasion but consistently using or abusing your friendship? Then it’s time for change.

In the past I have been caught up in relationships that were simply no good for me. On reflection I can see that I was willing to put up with being let-down and mistreated because I didn’t believe I deserved any better.

Anyone who has been involved in an abusive relationship knows how difficult it is to think clearly in that situation. It starts with comments and actions that undermine you. If you have self-confidence then you are able to deal with these incidences appropriately. But if you’re…

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The Full Moon Is Coming

The article below is not written by me but I wanted you all to read it and let it soak deep within you who are moved by our Sun and Moon and the Earth we share.  With what I have been going through and what I am soon to take on as a challenge to myself in order to heal and be the best I can be I do feel hope.  So many in pain now, so much loss around this world of ours we all need to live in Peace and Harmony we really do.  We need to be good to our Earth for it is all we have.  Some will think it is silly but really give it a chance read slowly take it in it can not hurt you.

Then go out and look to the sky and watch as this event happens feel the power and let it move you to be your best.  You all know I love sunrises and sunsets for their beauty and the proof I made it another day as did you.

Enjoy the Moon in all her beauty my wish is for all of us to have a clear enough sky to watch the show

Love to all of you now here is what I copy and pasted down below:



The full moon with a lunar eclipse is Wednesday, November 28 at 7:46 AM MST (Mountain Standard Time). This is a very potent moon and the eclipse is a marker for deep change. Celebrate. Do something higher centered and involving art or music or nature or love. Engage in physical life fully and appreciate every moment. This is a good moon to pray for what you want. There is a window of manifesting something of the heart, something new you never thought you could have.

This moon launches the final stretch of preparation for a new cycle to begin. Between now and the winter solstice on December 21 is a crucial time of letting go, revisiting priorities, separating yourself from what is not in your best interest, and reaching for a higher vibration in all things. Think of this time as the final exams before graduating from whatever group of lessons we agreed to as represented in the current cycle.

The new cycle will be like starting a new school; a lot of unknowns and some degree of excitement, anxiety and uncertainty as well as a commitment to do your best. Meet it with enthusiasm and openness instead of fear. And be as prepared as possible.



Written by Patricia Liles
Contact her at

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse    
Sun in Sagittarius ~ Moon in Gemini 6º
Wed. Nov 28 2012 7:46 AM MST (2:46 PM GMT)

We’re all being challenged.  We’re all being supported.  We’re all letting go of the old way.  We’re all reaching toward the new.  All systems reset during the weeks of eclipse energy between the New and the Full Moon alignments of the Sun, Moon, and Earth – our Creator, our Receiver, and our Home making us more malleable and open to the gifts made available to us now.  How willing are you to relax your grip on the baggage you’re carrying and lift your open hands to the sky?  Surrender and Receiving could be the big themes of duality-loving Gemini’s Full Moon energy.  Gemini/Sagittarius carry strong mental focus.  Gemini loves communicating, connecting, informing, and Sagittarius wants expansion of our horizons and beliefs through exposure to foreign influences, religious ideas, and seeking of wisdom.  Teaching and learning are emphasized here.  Mercury rules this Moon chart and has been retrograde for weeks drawing us inward and insisting we follow the mental roots deep into our core and draw up those experiences that expose the basis of the way we think.  Mercury turning direct on Nov. 26 and moving forward will continue to facilitate those mental level transformations that support our global shift.  Look down, is your ticket marked ‘deep intense personal transformation’?  I thought so.  Well, you’re in the right place at the right time.

Many of the planets are joining up into big patterns to strengthen their message and pressure for growth.  Mars has met up with Pluto at 8º Capricorn; Mars says, ‘lets see what adding a little heat, anger, and action will add to moving this planet along into the next level of consciousness.’  Last week held some pretty spicy moments as Mars stripped the lids off more than one smoldering pot.  Neptune is forming a T-Square with the Sun/Moon so it can be a little slippery which reality we want to be in.  We can still operate like our ‘old’ selves, but there’s an ever stronger, powerful pull toward what we are becoming.  The web of interconnected life is becoming ever more obvious and tangible.

Venus is briefly together with Saturn in Scorpio, so issues of relationship negotiation, finances, and ingrained self-esteem patterns are big areas for lessons to manifest.  However, Saturn is involved with something bigger – a Thor’s Hammer configuration that I’m becoming more sensitive to because they are appearing more and more frequently in the recent Moon charts.  Considered a stressful, dynamic formation, it wields a tremendous amount of power and clout.  It can either throw you completely off-balance or put a powerful tool in your hands that you will have to direct with your Full attention.  Pallas Athena, our creative intelligence and connection to our sense of social justice and energetic healing arts, is joining Vesta, our keeper of inner spiritual knowledge.  The two of them are creating this ‘hammer’ with Saturn to focus and direct their sublimated sexual energies for transformation and rebirth.

Venus, at the same time, at 8º Scorpio, is forming a Finger of God involving the over-heated, Mars/Pluto combo and the eclipsing Full Moon.  A Finger of God or Yod acts like a catalyst and with the Moon in Gemini as focal point we may feel emotionally inspired, quickened and connected or nervous and a little too jittery to enjoy the moment and all the trans-formative energy available here.  But again, it will emphasize those Venusian areas of ‘relationship negotiation, finances, and ingrained self-esteem patterns’.  And with a Finger of God, what comes up may or may not be your issue, but you can act as a vehicle for triggering others around you catching their anger ball.

In the background, we still have strong harmonious support from all the water signs joined in a Grand Trine providing us with the emotional receptivity and soothing support we desperately need in these highly transformative times.

When you see so many formations in a chart, with both stressful and supportive overtones, it conveys the feeling that something bigger than the personal is unfolding directed by the order of the universe.

As we rise up to meet this new level of consciousness and evolve our ancestral patterning, we are offered tremendous support for our courage to burst through the secure and familiar and step into the jelly-like energy where so much creativity exists.   (Comfortable, no-exhilarating, yes!) With the simultaneous closing of so many megacycles and calendars – Hindu, Hopi, Mayan, etc., this magnificent energy comes through each of us personally while the larger, collective dynamic evolution unmistakably takes place.

Ceres, largest of the asteroids and recently promoted to a dwarf planet, embodies the energy of the Great Mother.  Her nourishing, life and death cycle influence has an interesting role in this Full Moon chart as she is the missing link that creates both the Grand Trine of emotional support with the water signs and simultaneously forms a powerful on-going, T-Square (that we will see again in April) with the volatile Mars/Pluto and Uranus square.  As these two heavies are the real sources of planetary evolution operating now, and Ceres is activating them in T-Square, let’s ask ourselves, ‘how would Mother Nature direct our planetary evolution?’

Here’s how the Dali Lama replied when asked in a public appearance why he didn’t fight back against the Chinese.

“Well, war is obsolete, you know.” Then he paused and said, “Of course the mind can rationalize fighting back… but the heart, the heart would never understand.  Then you would be divided in yourself, the heart and the mind, and the war would be inside you.”

The penumbral eclipse of the Moon is visible in Europe, eastern Africa, Asia, Australia, the Pacific Ocean and most of North America.

12/13 New Moon in Sagittarius 1:41 AM MST and big meteor shower,      the Geminids

12/21 Winter Solstice, Sun enters Capricorn 4:11 AM MDT

12/28 Full Moon in Cancer 3:21 AM MST

Written by Patricia Liles.  Contact her at

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Weeping Willow

She really is weeping as her days are now numbered.  The Beavers started to attack her bark and left plenty of gashes to tell me they were going to finish her off.  This tress was a small beauty when I mover her in 1988 here it is 2012 and will be gone if our bodies hold up, by 2013.  I really need to be the one to take her down if left to the beavers it may take out the bedroom and us if we are in the bed.  We do not have thousands to pay a tree company so we will do it a little at a time.  I felt like we won in a way because one section they were gnawing on is now down, they will know I have had enough.  I know they have to survive as well but our loss of a home or possible life or that of pets we love will have us working hard to take it down safely.  I will use the willow pieces as stepping-stones in the yard, well till they become one with the landscape once again.  She did her best to suck up flood waters over and over and though she looks gnarly and battered for all the storms she withstood  her insides were beautifully healthy.  The squirrels have lived up in the nook for years as winter approaches I do not know where they will go but sadly it is out of our hands she has to go on our terms to keep our home safe from ruin.  There will be more grass to mow  but I will plant a new Willow in her place and wrap her tender bark with metal fencing then a pretty fence for the outside world to see and I will fill it with plants and flowers the wildlife will love for cover and food, it is the best I can do.


Damage a Beaver does

Looks like he was leaving me a NOTE




beaver damage
Port of Entry




weeping willow
No longer Healthy


cleaning up the smaller pieces


First huge limb down and being cut up


Now for thinner slices to reuse as stepping-stones in the garden area

That will have to wait as we are so sore from all we did yesterday.

I will miss her when she is gone I hate killing trees Beaver well now




Joy of having your own HOMESTEAD and I thought Sunday’s were a day to REST!


I am happy to report no Beavers were killed yesterday while we were ready for them but we did have visitors 6 of them and they could not be happier with the river lower than it was and all the bugs they were finding.


Mallards are not DESTRUCTIVE just Pretty













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His addiction and how it started, Part One

Sunrise at Hampton Beach, Hampton, NH while we search for treasure.

His addiction and how it started,  Part One

My boyfriend started over 20 years ago, on a hit and miss basis, searching for treasure.  His idea, of what treasure was, pretty much is the same but boy has his equipment changed.When he started out it was like me, you find things like change or other free things, in parking lots  and places where people gathered.  He bought a radio shack machine and when he had the time, would use it to see what else he could find.We found each other again after 30 years and he told me about this man George, George Streeter who had a cool shop in Keene.  He said he wanted to go for a ride with me someday, for me to meet him and for him to get a few things.  A few things!  Well We stayed for hours talking to George, I bet he was glad when we left!

Well he put his order in for a White’s DFX.  His dream machine!  He had wanted this one from the first time he saw it, at George’s.  It was on sale at the time George told him.  It came with a nice White’s bag, to keep this machine in and a digging tool and OH Yeah a pin pointer!  Don’t these expensive machines tell you where it is?  Why a pin pointer?  Hang on I know now……….

So we are off, headed back to the coast where he can hardly wait to see how much more he can find with this top of the line, White’s machine.  We had to stop and charge the batteries at home, boy another delay for him!  He was excited with this purchase and wanted to use it now!

You know about treasure hunting if you are reading this short story, you know there will be times, many in fact that you get no more than change, dirty change to boot!

As we approached the sandy area of Hampton Beach, me with the digger, him with his new toy “The Ultimate Machine”  we decided on a direction to walk and as I walked beside him,  I could see how happy he was.  To me that is all that has ever meant anything to me.  I knew he went years in life providing for others, ones who could care less about his feelings, only what this man could do for them.  Well we are now together and all I care about  is him and his health and I mean overall health.  We all need an outlet when in pain, as it is very depressing.   So as we walked the beach together, where we had in fact gone on dates, like I said so long ago, and began the search for goodies.

Well I can tell you it was accurate.  When it said a penny and we found lots of them, there it was 4 inches down just like the machine read.  I would just dig  the right amount of sand into our scoop  and I could hear the coin banging on the sides of the basket, telling me I had it!   We wore aprons we bought from George and I would slide it into a pocket so as to not loose it and continue walking just out of the reach of his swing.  When we would get to the end of our row we had decided on,  he would then walk in my footprints as I would lay tracks beside him, for the next row.  We had a system for sure, others had just gone through with their machines but had missed the coin, we didn’t.

I remember when he got a reading that said .50 cents, I looked up at him and said Ya Right!  Well sure enough there were 2 quarters in my basket, having dug down to the proper depth.  This machine was good.  I loved the day we found our first silver ring.  Oh it was my size, imagine that!  We continued to use this machine almost daily and I mean daily.  Winter, spring, summer and fall, we were out there.  We got a lot of comments on how the two of us worked as a team, him swinging and me digging the treasure, his machine said was just laying there, waiting to be found.  Many men said they wished their wives would go with them, I laughed and said  “Oh well, that’s why, I am just his girlfriend! ”  No I understood how they must have felt, having a hobby that the wives and kids could actually go with them and have fun doing and they chose to send them out alone.   I saw them watch us and  how excited we got when it was a ring and not a nickle.

We went everywhere with this machine.  From the northern coast in Maine to Cape Cod, we even took it to Virginia Beach when my Grandmother was not doing to good, so I could say goodbye.  We were on the beach, in a motel anyway, so in the early morning hours as well as late at night this is where we were.  We found a cool coin there on VA Beach, so it will be a memento of our trip, as well as treasure.

I remember calling George as we went to the Cape and found that they had made the beach a National Seashore, where we were not allowed to metal detect.  I asked him if he knew where we could go and he told us and then said “always do the edges of land off limits .”  I believe his words were “you can’t fence it all in”.  We found a ring that weekend as well.   Wow, we were starting to get good at this detecting stuff.  Slow and deliberate swings, with headphones on, puts him right on his target,  and of course I am always ready with the scoop, to see what he found!

So now instead of HIS addiction,   it is OURS.  He searches through the want ads for a machine for me, you know just a cheap one, easy to use, well he found an old Minelab a man had for sale 3 hours away(gas was not high like now) and we called and set up a time to go look at it. This man’s Dad had died and he was selling lots of his beloved treasures.  We picked up this Sovereign  with no books or paperwork, with a few other items and both of them were so happy.  When we got home he charged it up and off we went to the beach, we never turns down a chance to go.   Now remember I thought I would use this one but no Ron had to test it out first!  Well he never uses his Ultimate machine anymore, well that’s not true when we look in parking lots and the like he does because it is so easy to see if it is a penny or  quarter or jewelry.  It has so many programs he doesn’t even use and now with my trucking injuries I can not swing even this light one long enough to make it worth the trouble and the pain.  I say SELL IT!(We didn’t)

Well so now remember we have gone from his $49  Radio Shack one to DFX and now a used Minelab to guess what?  A NEW water machine.  Yes you know the one!  Another Minelab.  He uses in the lakes, ponds and streams in search of rings and he finds them!  This gets a lot of rest all winter but come warmer temps we hit the water for the newest FINDS, left by visitors!  All the while we keep track of the lost and found columns  and see if anyone is searching for what we have found.  That finishes the story when you can put owner back with their lost items.

OK so now we have what 4 machines and his addiction strikes again,  after that trip I wrote about, out to Stanton AZ, last year for the 3 day dig and our stay out there.  Well we really do need a machine to find the Gold Nuggets, but I thought a used Gold Bug out there in Wickenburg AZ at Miners Creek  would have fit the bill, but no, he had his heart once again set on a Minelab 3500.  We called George Streeter once again and tried to place an order but he had bad news for him it was not available, so he just had to get the next best thing!  Yes a 4000.  I sure hope he finds a lot of gold this winter in NC, GA and of course AZ.  Maybe just maybe his addiction is at it’s worst!  I have included a photo of him reading his new instruction booklet while setting his new machine up, now I will tell you this when it comes to digging up the gold pieces I will once again be right beside him looking for the pieces the old timers, out in the gold mine areas never found.  I will dream of quartz, laced with Gold, just like Ron will with this new machine, oh no I think I have caught his disease!

Well we can grow old together, happily chasing the nuggets and  me watching the smile on his face.

Part two on Gold Prospecting coming soon……………………………….