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I have been plugging away at purging all that is no longer needed and no good to anyone else.

I have been making headway with packing up most of my art supplies that will not freeze out in the uninsulated barn that will soon enough be a artspace.

Today it is snowing and because I now own the tractor I am left with so much time to call my own. So today I will toss more things out, reorganize and pack containers for another trip to the barn once the temps clear the freezing mark.

Have you all done your end of the year cleaning and tried to begin with a clean slate?

Loose Sunflowers in Watercolor.
Not happy with my attempt on these Sunflowers but I had fun painting.

Bluejay here in my NH Yard

Time to get back at it hope you have a wonderful day.

My Posts

Drop phone in pool or lake? Here’s how to save it

Remember this advice

This Labor Day, you might be making that final summer trip to the lake or pool.

Sometimes that can spell trouble for your cell phone.

We all know water and phones don’t mix but accidents happen.

So how do you save a wet phone?

Here’s some expert advice on how to make sure it survives:

  • – If your phone does not turn off when it gets wet, power it down immediately and remove the battery.
  • – Remove any skins, covers or faceplates.
  • – Grab a towel and remove as much excess water from the phone as you can.
  • – The best thing to do is to leave the phone powered off for a day or two to give the internal circuits a chance to dry out.
  • – Placing the phone by a fan is a good way to help dry, other methods like hair dryers can be too hot and…

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