My Crafty Friend: Big Spring Contest with The Offset Warehouse


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Can you all do me a favor?

This place online I sell my prints well am trying to sell them Fine Art America is having a contest for images to share on their TV Commercial and they need people to vote.
It is open for our family and friends to vote and I think you can vote on 100 single photos
If you happen to LIKE any of the 3 I chose to enter could you click on vote in the contest for me. I have thousands of photos and so hard for me to get to these 3 put they are ones I use for cards and I personally remember each day as I shot them.
You are free to vote on anyone on FAA but each one that gets 250 votes gets a chance at the powers to be seeing their work so they can get images for commercial.
I will ask FB friends to vote but you all know me better 🙂

Thanks so much if you can you know I already appreciate each and every one of you and do not vote if you dislike photo 🙂


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“Wild Weekly Photo Challenge – Wanderlust!”










From the Ocean and all her power,  to the gorgeous mountains here in New England in fall  to the silly little things that catch my eye I am full of Wanderlust!


I’m participating in the online<a href=”” target=”_blank”>adventure travel and photography magazine</a>’s <a href=”” target=”_blank”> Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggers</a>This week’s Challenge is: <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Wanderlust, so get out there and join me by photographing something that makes you yearn to travel and explore the world!



Thanks for checking out my entry


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Watching Them Work
Sand Castles on Hampton Beach, Hampton, NH


From the FLAGS you can see they are not all from HERE





Sand Castles
Building His Masterpiece

They work so hard moving the sand, packing it tight and then start to make it into something ,besides a pile of sand.




Sand Castles
Working Too

Many hours will go into each ones piece



Shoveling the Sand
Building a Sand Castle


Hot and  Dirty or Cold and Wet they do not quit!








They Will Be Judged
They have very few hours to complete them

White barrels were full of water used to tighten up the sand




Beside The Sea

Two local companies  represented


Each year special sand is trucked in for our Hampton Beach Sand Castle Competition.


They work with very few breaks.


Rain and Wind are a given for this competition.


Sunburns too!


They pack the sand.

They use cool tools, most of which we can find at home.

Straws even.

Thousands come by during the week to watch them build,  then to cast their vote.

This is just the “crowds favorite”  sandcastle.

There will be judges who will pick the top ones,  who will get the CASH PRIZES.

Do you have sandcastle contests where you live?

I love seeing what they come up with year after year.

They work under bright lights, into the night this is when we go to just enjoy , sunrise is when I go for the photos.


Hope you enjoy playing  in the sand when you hit the beach.