Chicks 101: 12 Benefits To Raising Your Own Backyard Chickens

Got to get some soon ūüôā

The Grange

Beneficial, rewarding and exciting are just a few words that describe the experience of having your own flock of backyard chickens. These birds offer many more benefits than the obvious one, a regular supply of your own eggs.

Listed below are some of the many benefits to why you should start raising your own chickens:

blogsign11. Fresh, Healthy Eggs Daily

A hen lays one egg a day. These eggs have a richer taste compared to store bought ones. Since backyard chickens have the ability to touch and roam on soil unlike factory- farm chickens, their eggs have a higher nutritious value to them. Compared to store bought eggs, the egg has 25 percent more vitamin E, a third more vitamin A and 75 percent more beta carotene. They also have significantly more omega-3 fatty acids than factory farmed eggs. Plus, the eggs are free of charge and always fresh!

2. Enriches…

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I Stepped Into Spring Yesterday

I stepped into Spring yesterday in Boston and it felt so good!
For the first time in just about 50 years I attended the Boston Flower Show without my Mom.

I climbed aboard a van here in NH with 15 strangers and took the 52 mile ride southbound, yes no wheel in my hand, another first!

It was a day full of sunshine and after surgery on Monday I thought about not going with the wound on my face and bruises too but I said the hell with it GO you won’t know a soul and if they want to stare or look away that is about THEM.  I was surprised by how many actually asked me if I was OK.  Many kind souls I met on my day away from home.

So do you want to see some shots?  They have lousy lighting and I do not have the right equipment to offer you the best and I really am an amateur remember but I am willing to take you inside with me.

It was a Friday and the place was packed!  Many like me just needing to SEE SPRING!

The theme this year was about romance in our gardens and we were greeted by a symbol of Love Hippie Style!


They were standing in between 2 stone birds and gorgeous flowers of Purple and White.


Remember Romance is the word of today and yes there were beds of flowers and actual beds placed within the gorgeous gardens.



Flowers in many spots

On Cakes





Pups wanted to go on rides too



Flowers of every color


Ideas for your home and yard were also plentiful at this flower show.
Actually not enough plants and flowers for this girl after having attended so many years when it used to be about the BLOOMS.
Every thing is just getting so commercial I want to have a show where it is Plants, Trees and so many flowers your senses are on overload and they could fill booths with ways to grow your own favorites, raise your own bees and be kind to our earth that is what is really needed isn’t it?


A Beekeeper and the delicious nectar from her local bees.


Now a booth like this will always grab my attention as it was bright and cheerful and had a good message for all of us who grow flowers or our own food because we need bees to pollinate so much of what we depend on for food and beauty don’t we.
Support your local garden shops as well as farmer’s markets every chance you get and tell them their hard work is appreciated.

Have a great weekend


Today I am back home to reality, which is 3 to 7 foot snow banks but the sun is showing now and then and melting is happening ever so slowly for which I am thankful for or we would be faced with horrible floods.

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More From The Day At The Fair


Wary of me and the Nikon



Hard to capture  when they are behind bars.





Stunning ,  yes even these beauties can be STUNNING.



I miss my chickens  I had some like this one and some Rhode Island Reds



Fancy Plumage


Really FANCY check out the feathered feet



Even the Ducks came


Look at that pretty face


Love her ruff do you call it that on a Chicken or are they hackles?



Such a pretty head

To say I had fun at the fair is an understatement


I even have more to share with you

Stand By!

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Fall And Fairs Have Arrived


Isn’t this such a¬†peaceful photo a pig sound asleep while the place was loaded with squealing children.




Getting close to some real beauties.



Even the Famous Flying Wallenda Family was there to entertain us with their amazing High Wire work.



Back to some real pretty faces




Pretty little cows.



Fuzzy and so soft



Wonder what she is thinking?



Some you can tell exactly what they are THINKING!


More to come.   Stay tuned.







Farm Sanctuary Launches New “What Did You do?” Campaign

Michelle Neff

‚ÄúWe are the ones of whom it will be fairly asked, ‚ÄėWhat did you do when you learned the truth about eating animals?‚Äė‚ÄĚ ‚ÄĒ Jonathan Saffron Foer, Eating Animals

Running from September 23rd-October 2¬†(World Day for Farmed Animals), Farm Sanctuary is¬†campaigning¬†to educate and empower people around the country so that, collectively, we can answer, ‚ÄúWe changed the world.‚ÄĚ

And you‚Äôll be in good company. Many celebrities ‚Äď including¬†Mayim Bialik,¬†Russell Simmons,¬†Leona Lewis,¬†Emily Deschanel,¬†Kevin Nealon,¬†Shannon Elizabeth,¬†Fred Willard,¬†Joan Jet¬†and more ‚Äď are showing their support for the new animal rights campaign.


Gene Baur, president and co-founder of Farm Sanctuary, said “[i]t’s now up to us to decide what our response will be to an industry that inflicts unthinkable pain and suffering on 9 billion animals a year. When future generations…

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A Short Primer on Coyotes —Proceed Only if You Want to be Educated, not to Attack Me

Life on a Colorado Farm

Since we had a really bad problem with coyotes a year or so ago, we talked to a Government Trapper (yes, there really is such a person).  Remember the information below is FROM THE GOVERNMENT TRAPPER, I am NOT an Expert!!!

Please do NOT send me horrible emails telling me I don’t know what I’m talking about…I only have my experience and what the expert has told us.

A couple of times Terry was actually stalked by a coyote‚ÄĒprobably defending¬†the den, while he was changing water late in the evening‚Ķ‚Ķand once the dogs and I were stalked.

We have had coyotes come into the yard….sending in Missey Coyote to lure the dogs out so they can …well…have killing sport with the dogs.

We have had to train the grandchildren not to run around on back of the farm in the late evening…ever!

I never leave dog food or cat…

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Welcome to 2013 and a new Mehaffey Farmer!

Friends of mine and their farm in MA where they sell Shares of their crops!

Mehaffey Farm Blog

Hello 2013 and goodbye 2012. Wow! What a year! It was a year filled with growth and change for this farm and its people. Almost more than we could keep up with ourselves! But that is not a bad thing when you are chasing a very big and ambitious dream, and the dream is only beginning to unfold. Yes, we work hard here, but it is still rewarding and it is the best work I know! Of all the hundreds of photos taken around the farm, I have managed to winnow this year down to a few highlights:

On Dec. 31, New Year's Eve, we welcomed our newest family member, Silas William Mehaffey!First and foremost, we welcomed our¬†newest family member,¬†who belongs to¬†our son Ross and his wife Acacia. Silas William Mehaffey was born¬†on December 31. He is as¬†they say,¬† a real ‚Äúkeeper!‚ÄĚ

In the cold early winter months of 2012, the boys started work on the foundation and drainage for the new cooler. They also began welding parts for the new greenhouse. Bill and I took…

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Fall Decorations I See

Some people pull out all the stops when it comes to celebrating Halloween

You already know it is my favorite holiday

This small town in Maine seemed to have so many places  decked out in their finest to go along with the beautiful foliage

Being in my towns garden club I hope we can do this kind of thing around town to get people to slow down and enjoy life

Saturday night we will have a Pumpkin Stroll in town and our club will look for new members and pick the winners

of our raffle prizes.  Hope I win the TV!  We need members and town support to get all we want done around town   DONE!

There were so many decorations and so rainy the small camera was not great at capturing it all perfectly but this post is

about  celebrating Autumn and Halloween

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This is what we start our seeds in late winter for.

Ripe and juicy  Tomatoes,  fresh from our backyard gardens or containers.

I plant Basil beside my Tomato plants, do you?

I think Tomato worms look beautiful but they are so destructive to the fruits I work so hard to see to harvest.

We are enjoying them in BLT’s¬† also with scrambled eggs. I know I should put some up for winter but I can not seem to get enough

right now!