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Another Year Older and Time To Vote With Conviction

A Shy Male Northern Cardinal

Well I made it through another birthday not quite something to sing about but 63 and doing more now than ever before it seems. I believe I have finally accepted what life has thrown at me and once again found a purpose, for me that is huge.

I have been working with other concerned citizens here in town to stop a huge energy company from coming into our town and placing a very large LNG tank and pipes that will in time leak, into our rural as well as residential area.

In a time where we should be working to move away from fracked gas and oil and turn to wind and solar they pick our town, well for me they will not without a fight. Which means writing letters, attending meetings up in our State House and spreading the word to all who are ready to hear. Today I will go door to door passing out info on a warrant article on Tuesdays ballot, that we fought hard with a petition to get on in time.

I live in a town that is very apathetic and not many even go out to vote. I hope many will care enough to show up this year and vote yes to tell the PUC and SEC our little town says NO. It is hard when you are fighting a company with billions to pay to get their project through. We have one thing on our side there will be no weather system they can use for an excuse. 🙂

Male Eastern Bluebird

I have been teaching Watercolor privately and even taught 16 children the other day at our local library, this class was free and I bought the supplies for them to paint their masterpieces.

This Monday I have a student who is now a friend having me to her home to give a lesson to her and a friend, I am excited to show another person some magic. On the 22nd I can teach at the local gallery if anyone signs up for the class.

JT is still holding on

JT is still hanging in there with sheer will but I will lay her to rest by May I think, which is when she will be 13. I will be in bad shape when she goes but she has had a wonderful life and given us one as well and I need to do what I think is right. I am not sure how I will heal after this as she has been my world since I first laid eyes on her. We all know the pain of loss.

Watching Me

I will sign off for now in order to get ready to greet my neighbors I hope you have a wonderful weekend, for those up here Spring is coming!

My latest Watercolor
fall foliage
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Making Giclee

I have decided since the theft the best way to sell my watercolors for now is as a signed and numbered Giclee print.  I will make some of my original pieces available in runs of just 250.

So my shop on Etsy is open with the first 5 being offered.  FolsomMillStudio

Now that the printing process has been completed by a local couple and I can offer exact images for my art I feel so much better. I am offering them for $35 each.

I am working each day on my space here mowing, weeding, planting and dreaming of what is to come.  My knee pain is just about gone with this new diet so slow and steady I will work to get strong again.

You poor people with fires pushing you out we seem to be getting your rain and trust me we do not need it.  Some of our local fire fighters have been sent to help so yes we all know about you being in harms way.  We are so sorry please stay safe.

Stolen Artwork
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July What A Month You Have Been

July started with a new way of eating, actually a 28 day plan that ended today.  For a scale that had stopped moving long ago I was tired of the madness and told the right person, a new friend who had an idea and ordered me a book titled “The Fast Metabolism Diet” by Haylie Pomroy

I have never been a reader of self help books though with the world wide web I could seek out anything I wanted to know more about.

Well I read this book, as I shopped for the essentials I would need for the first week and began.  First two days I went to bed early so I did not have to eat anymore food, yes this is the truth it may have been 3 days.  On this third day a funny thing happened I actually heard my stomach growl for the first time in 20 years.

You see I would wake at 5 am have 2 cups of coffee no sugar and not eat anything until maybe noon then dinner at 6 or 7 pm then bed by 10 or 11.  On occasion I would snack before bed or have a dessert. I was so out of whack not drinking water, burning the candle at both ends never giving my body the nutrients it needed to function properly.

When I was trucking I ate better, I guess it was when I got hurt and could not afford lots of different foods and depression took hold from it and being poor for really the first time that I began this journey.  It was time to live again!

So the deal is you must give up white flower that many have already as well as pasta, rice and rolls as well as baked goods.  I also gave up all sugar and quit drinking coffee after 45+years it was not even hard to do so.

I began to drink my water all day long, eat within 30 minutes of waking and having a snack then lunch then later a snack then finally supper.  Most meals consisted of 3 or 4 cups of salad which is easy as this time of the year I grow my own.

Well I must say I was shocked to see the scale move when I felt I like was eating like a pig 🙂 Imagine that!  Inches more noticeable, skin better and sleep was wonderful which I am grateful for because in this period of time I was under so much stress as you see a person I trusted with my art, a neighbor with a consignment store, had closed up shop and took all the vendors goods and never told us.

I searched and searched for her and finally she popped up 2 towns away.  I showed up after having my boyfriend go in as a shopper first and when he got back to the car he said “None of your art is in there.”  I was sick and mad and headed inside by myself.

She told me for 14 min. she had nothing of mine so I reminded her when I sell items I get 60% as I put out my hand.  Then she remembered something she had and went out back and came in with 5 pieces of my work really?  I asked her if this was really how she wanted to start a new business then asked where this painting was


She said “I do not have it and I reminded her it was $180 and told her to give me cash for it and the check she bounced back in May.  Long story short I did what I could to help others get what they could, as she stole theirs and wrote more bad checks to boot.  It will be hard for me to trust another but all I can say is I stayed on my plan even with all this stress and continued to lose.

The moral of this long story is eat to be healthy and drop weight give up the crap food that is no good for you and always I mean always really know who you are dealing with when you let things you love out of sight.

I will now just sell cards and prints locally as I do online and the originals will be here beside me safe and sound.

She should have named her new shop BAD KARMA after what she took from the 20 of us.

I am blessed to have lived the life I have lived, always full of lessons to be sure.

Come on August I need to do something fun!


Adding To The Current Show

Watercolor by E. Miller  "Family"   We love taking walks with our dog you?

Now appearing on the wall at Seacoast Artist Association in Exeter NH #myexeter 

I was invited to Join Doris Rice

and her students in their Colorful
Watercolor Show now hanging beside the Black and White show.

The party to meet Artists is this coming Friday night Jan. 5th  from 4-7pm Stop in for something to sip on and nibble  as you check out the opening.

Sign the guest book and maybe sign up for a class so much is always going on in this beautiful gallery
in Exeter’s downtown.

See you there unless the snow is too deep for my little car to get out lol come on SPRING!