Guest Post: Christmas Feasting in France

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

I love to travel and find it interesting how the same holiday is celebrated around the world. Leah Larkin from Tales and Travel  shows us how Christmas is celebrated in France. Check it out and take a look at Tales and Travel  while you are at it…

The French are obsessed with food – or so it seems.  Restaurants, recipes, dinner menus – all are frequent topics of conversation.  At this of year, the focus is on the most important feast of the year, the Réveillon or Christmas Eve dinner.

I moved to France eight years ago and have been invited to share this occasion at the home of French friends, and I’ve invited them for the meal at our home.  The name of this dinner comes from the word réveil (meaning “waking”) because participation involves staying awake until midnight and beyond. At friend Veronique’s one year, dinner was interrupted at…

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