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Learning Something New With A Friend

We signed up to take a class with Ceci at Good JuJu by Ceci in Newmarket NH Here she is explaining Alcohol Inks to us.
Time for us to play
My first is an abstract like all the others but ours were all so very different please excuse the glare from the shiny wet tile.
I then did a simple landscape and put it aside to dry.
Now this one above was on Yupo paper not sure what I had planned for it to be but I can still work on it or wash it off and begin again ūüôā
Now it was time to use what we learned and pull of a landscape with trees.
I will leave it be as an example of what I learned and try to pull it off again down the road this winter after all my art shows and fairs are over.
Now back to the one I let dry now we learned how to stamp on top of our scene.
Not many stamps would go with my scene so I chose 3 and went for it.

Now playing with Watercolor is my addiction and now this comes along being so bold and bright and so easy to do.¬† I can see me doing several and adding them to do my own back splash as I love color but you all knew that ūüôā

Thanks for stopping by.


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Lesson Learned

I actually signed up to take another lesson this time Plein Air.

I packed my bag with water for me and my paper on what was to be a beautiful but hot day at my first attempt.  I had the hat but no umbrella.  I had my Easel and actually, even in the wind, it stayed up!  I added sunscreen to my face all day but tanned my arms.  I took out my sketchbook and tried to draw the scene I wanted to try and capture but even though it looked easy it was not.  I also had to set the easel up with my back to the scene I wanted as the white paper in that bright sun would have done my eyes in fast.  Seems there is a lot to this painting a scene outdoors.  I have the equipment, water and the most glorious scene of a Hampton Beach Marsh with a nest of Osprey what more did I need lol LOTS.

I sketched and then added water to my paper lots of it and mixed my pretty blues for an amazing sky then I laid in all my light washes for the scene I do not paint this way but I was going to try.  I saved all month for the $85 fee which included lunch and a critique worth every penny with Doris Rice and her experienced group who will follow her across the world I just personally like her as we are members of SAA in Exeter.

I loved my initial¬†washes lite and pretty it was after all early am along the water’s edge surrounded by a high tide in this tidal area were grassy sections going from yellows to greens to darks I really thought¬†it would be so easy SURPRISE it was NOT! ¬†¬†The next class will be drawing! ¬† I am determined to learn all I can.

I will do it again soon very soon hey maybe down beside my river it is a pretty spot too and how bad can I mess up greens lol if you know painting you know what I face.

Thanks for listening.
Have a great week!

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Watercolor Lesson


Learning all I can in my Watercolor Lesson. This one is all about trying to get all 10 tones in a piece. ¬†0 -10 ¬†White all the way to the darkest dark. ¬†This is not a finished piece I wanted the background to be dark as night and the moon like tonight’s shining bright on the fresh snow. It is a 9″x 6″ study using just one color, Payne’s Gray.

Once done I will tackle one with a little color though I do love a very limited palette

Well when the latest snow storm was done we were left with 15″ of light fluffy stuff to move but walking behind a snow thrower for 9 hours is no fun and we each did that with just one break for supper, two machines and two with health issues I see a tractor by next winter.

Yard looks like the painting above but we have another 15″ to ¬†bury all of our hard work. ¬†Tomorrow 4″ Sunday through Monday 12 give or take COME ON SPRING!!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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My First Class Was A Blast!

I signed up for a free, 6 or 8 week class, presented by a local newspaper here in New Hampshire. It is about writing  Memoirs.

My story.

It is about TRUTH ( though the publisher of Million Little Pieces could fill you in on more of that)

Our first homework is to write a piece on a harrowing experience lol how do I choose?  We could also do it on a person we had a relationship of some kind with and how that changed us.  Both tough for me as most of my long time followers know.

She went around and asked us to say why we were there and who we are.¬† There was a 83 year old man who said he came as he would like to tell the story of his family in a fun and lively way I can only hope I make it to that age and have his spunk ūüôā

There was another who had written lots of poetry and was interested in this writing form.¬† The lady on my right new our teacher and she was not sure if she wanted some day to write a novel, autobiography or memoir but she was all in. I said I was there to learn the art of telling a sad story and capturing the reader and in the end finding joy in the read ūüôā I am always looking for the Happy Ending.¬† The woman to my left has many amazing stories to tell as she has also lived a life such as mine full of very colorful people. The next lady wrote on her laptop the whole time in class maybe she will write of her day in class as I am ūüôā¬† The last student that arrived a half hour late was close to the other man’s age and seemed to have the same intent leaving a story for those in his family who followed so the story of who they all were would not be lost.¬† I want that too but that will be in a different form I think but this class will teach me a way to keep the reader engaged¬† as they flip the pages of a book I hope to write you know the type old photos, family stories and recipes passed down through the ages.¬† No war stories for me as sadly I fought a long war and it left me broken but here.¬† So yes I had fun and I came home to quickly write three pieces that we will read aloud and discuss so we can learn what to do to make them better.¬† Here on my blog it is easy I am talking to friends.

Now comes the good part she says to me “Eunice you have some extra homework I want you to read Liars Club” lol maybe she didn’t believe me ūüôā¬† Have you read it?¬† Is it good?¬† I must head to the library and see if they have it and hope I can get through it to the end by next Wed. night.

Have a great weekend

I am off to see my son tomorrow and sadly mom has bowed out from the drive down she is just not feeling well with all her medical issues I am sad but OK and he doesn’t know I am going so he will not be disappointed in no meeting her.

I will shoot video of his show and bore you all with too many photos I am sure ūüôā

I will also be down the street from the 9-11 Memorial in NYC and maybe as I leave the city for home I can see the lights in the night sky.  I continue to pray for Peace around the world and for countries to get along but after the speech last night I am even more scared of the future for our people and the babies coming into the world today.

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Fit to Write/ Going away to be whole again

Been sad and hurt for too long.

Was told by a child I had placed for adoption,  to go away,  as he had done to find peace and love within again.

I had never meditated before and yes I was worried but I also knew deep inside something had to change.

It was time for me to finally be whole.  So I booked by 10 day stay and in the following months while I waited for my day to

come to take the first step,  there were so many days I thought I would cancel but I did not.

I went away from home for the first time all alone.

I took an oath of silence.

I learned how to meditate.

I learned that I was really strong not broken as I had thought.

Over those ten days away I meditated in silence,  for 100 hours.  Yes it was hard.  Was it worth it,  hell yes. A million times YES.


This trip into the unknown world of Meditation was scary but amazing as well.

I will never be lost again.

I will go within and see all is well.

Life can be so very hard and so many could use this outlet to find peace and happiness.

My son and I agree after having both learned to go within,  that so many could benefit from learning how to meditate

starting with small children.  When I went to school in 1963 there was a time each day we laid our heads on our desk to take

a rest from the stress of learning,  had we been taught the simple act of Meditation in the first grade maybe just maybe

we would could have had a world full of PEACE or a lot less pain.


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It is mid January here in New Hampshire and Churchill’s advertised a “FREE” talk on growing Orchids, I had to attend.¬† Nancy told us all about different types of orchids and their needs.¬† Water, food and light and airflow. ¬† They are delicate but there are so many we can grow here, if we can give them the right mix of all¬†of these.


We were taught to pick between bark and charcoal mix or long moss for growing orchids in.  We need to feed them so they grow strong with bright green leaves but not real dark leaves though.  We learned that after the blossoms are gone and after a short rest,  we can gently remove it from their pot and trim off any soft, unhealthy looking roots, and give them a little bath to remove all old bark mix and prepare it to go back into the pot with fresh mix added.  A great way to give them enough humidity she said was to set out a tray of stones,  deep enough to hold a little water and sit the plant on top of the stones,  just not in the water.  These are plants that love tropical surroundings, so the more you can do to your home to get it as close to the real thing,  the happier your orchids will be.  They will show you with beautiful blooms and bright green leaves.



This plant was so beautiful, ¬†forgive me for¬†the light, after all¬† we were in a beautiful greenhouse that was so warm and toasty. A perfect place to spend a few hours shopping for plant for your home.¬† They are having a sale right now and with the photos I will add to the two blogs I am doing on Churchill’s , you will see that¬†they¬†have¬†so many beautiful choices. More on part 2




This orchid is growing in a clear pot and you can clearly see by the roots that once the blooms have faded and rested a new pot with fresh bark mix will be on order as well as a pot just a little bigger.



A beautiful plant looking for a new home to grace,  as well as the supplies you can buy here to keep it beautiful,  for many years to come.  Who said New Hampshire is too cold for pretty plants.



After the talk we went shopping.  This greenhouse is filled with all different kinds of plants for your home.  African Violets are on my left,  some Boston Ferns on my right.  A pretty plant stand holds a fern.  It is not just about plants,  it is about your home.  Statuary and fountains as well as gorgeous pots are  here too.




For me and the others who attended the talk today it was all about the ORCHID



So pretty aren’t they and 25% off



I swear these are my prettiest house plants, don’t let my enormous Spider plant hear me.



This one found a new home with me!  I think it will look lovely in my Turquoise living room with all the windows.




Tiny ones and Tall ones



OH I want to make one of these, see them sitting on the table here.



This is a Pitcher Plant have you ever seen one before?  Do you have one?

Ok time to post this part one and start on part 2 of my afternoon at CHURCHILL’S in Exeter NH

Stop by and see the wonderful people who work here.






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Dad Bought Me Flowers

Dad Bought Me Flowers


Remember I told you about my best friend well here she ¬†is with me on a very happy occasion, ¬†Graduation Day. ¬†I had been out of School since January and the last thing I wanted was to be apart¬†of this¬†ceremony. ¬†It was June, ¬†it was nice out and I had to go because Dad bought me this beautiful corsage. ¬†Not sure if it was Dad or Mom taking this photo but I am sure they told me to SMILE! ¬†I¬†was always the kid in school looking out the window wishing I was outside. ¬†I really did not like too many teachers in the 12 years I attended. Back in school in the 60’s and 70’s too much was happening OUT THERE to be STUCK IN THERE.
I did have a female teacher MS HILL in fourth grade now she was cool! ¬†She was our science teacher and a Hippie I bet looking back on the times. ¬†She had pretty long dark hair and I swear long grey streaks from the part down both sides of her head ¬†maybe we made her prematurely grey. ¬†I remember her outfits as do all the boys from my fourth grade class I am sure. Mini skirts were all the rage. ¬†Our school had to add partitions to the fronts of the desks, ¬†as they were not mini skirts they were micro mini’s! ¬†It was the only class I saw the boys sit in the front two rows, ¬†normally they raced to hide in back. ¬†So now really why I loved my fourth grade Science class was because she loved science and it showed. ¬†She taught us about the night-time sky and even had a field trip to a place in town where it was really dark. ¬†We came with our families and all¬†stretched¬†out on our ¬†blankets while MS Hill¬†explained¬†the stars and ¬†what ¬†each¬†constellation¬†was. ¬† How many teachers have that much joy that they give up a night to spend laying on the grass with students. ¬†I think of her often when I camp and spend so much time with my eyes looking up into the night sky. ¬†Where I live there is no light¬†pollution and I swear some nights there are billions of stars just over my head. ¬†I wish I could find her to thank her for fourth grade as it was not till I went into ninth grade did I get that same feeling. ¬†It was a new school and lots of new people I had never met. ¬†There were so many classes to choose from and so many trades to try out. ¬†We spent 6 or 8 weeks in each one to see if it was ¬†match for us. ¬†I wanted Auto Body bud sadly it was 1970 and girls were not allowed in trades full of men. ¬†I wanted to sculpt cool outer shells for FAST CARS. ¬†I had friends older that were always messing with their rides. ¬†It is¬†because¬†of them and my Dad and all the time spent at the race track that I want to make them special.¬† ¬†I also loved Culinary Arts ¬†we learned to chop, and dice as well as bake the most wonderful¬†pastries¬† ¬†We learned how to waitress and even had our own¬†restaurant¬†with in the school to practice at for the real world. ¬†I also took Drafting and Technical Illustrating oh and Electronics too! ¬†It was Secretarial Sciences I ended up with as I loved Shorthand! ¬†I was fast too. Then came tenth through¬†twelfth¬†grades and I could care less about going. ¬†I had no choice Mom would remind me I would graduate if it was the last¬†thing¬†she would do!

So was it the lack of¬†enthusiastic teachers I had or was there a problem with me? ¬†Most teachers we had did not like children. ¬†We had ones that would yell and scream and send you off to the office or ones who would go in the back room and drink we even had one flip out in class like he was on acid. ¬†There was one cool teacher who taught us about the Mafia, ¬†WHY? ¬†Cool dude though he would go off with the young girls and they would all come back HIGH. ¬†Yes these were different times in the 60’s and 70’s and I ¬†for one was so happy to walk out in January of 1974 . ¬†I just was not ¬†happy having to attend graduation. ¬†I know Mom and Dad were so proud of me but I always felt as if there was a whole world OUT THERE and I was MISSING IT!

I am so glad my best friend was there.   I kissed my parents good-bye and we set out to attend some Graduation Parties.

I have been out of school now for 38 years and would love to go to a   Art  School  or maybe just teach young girls to appreciate life, not to settle and to never stand for abuse, of any kind.

There is one thing I am sure of, if I taught they would listen.

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by nutsfortreasure

Why oh why are there so many weeds?

I swear I bought only the top of the line seeds!

I went into the garden at 10:30

came out at 3:30 hurting.

I buy the best.

I leave the rest.

I pay extra for organic

now I need a body mechanic.

So how will my garden grow?

At this rate very SLOW!

Why spend the extra cash?

I planted beans and only got GRASS!

Now I too am out of GAS!

I used to love weeding.

Now all I find myself doing is pleading.

Pleading for the weeds to go.

So my seeds I bought can grow!




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Children of the world

Where I stand is for the children of the world.

I think we should always keep them safe.
I think we should teach them what we know.
I think they have their own voice and it should be heard.
I think they matter.
This little girl matters to me.
I love her so much, it is plain to see.
My Mom was passing down what she knows, to her Great Granddaughter, even though her grandson has no contact
with his Grandmother. Life is hard, families apart more often than
as one.
Family life for so many is not the same as when I was a child.
I will never regret the time I spent with my great niece and what I have taught her.
Children have ALWAYS been the FUTURE, put in LOVE and
receive LOVE back.