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So Many Left Their Nests

As all the student leaving for college left their families behind to strike it out on their own they left their parents sad and some in tears.

Empty nests happen elsewhere
I now have not one but two in the Lilac out front just outside the kitchen window.

I watched the male Cardinal teaching them how to fly.
Offering chirps of encouragement. Cheering them on.

There was one last baby not wanting to go.
I was also sad to see them out of their warm little spot in front of my window.
Washing dishes would not be the same.
You see they had three clutches of eggs this year but this will be it till next year.

I will add the photos but sorry I could not get too close and the glass with this Nikon was not going to let me get all I wanted to show you but know this the Mom was beside me in a tree and having heard and seen me each and every day speaking to her through the window they stopped their noise and sat silently still as I snapped two quick photos to share with you all.

They will not travel far just to the feeders in our back yard so the Bear will have to go elsewhere



Isn’t it too little to go I wanted them to stay just a longer


It was so quiet when I did dishes today.

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Another Visit

I was in the kitchen tonight,  trying to get supper done just in case a tornado actually did form or if we lost our power, when my sweetheart told me to get my camera but to hurry.

I had no idea what was going to be in our backyard this time, we do get many visitors.

I stepped into the next room and there is three female turkeys and each had many little ones with them but this one came to the door like she wanted to show me.  I snapped the photo then

put camera down, just to watch them.  They were all healthy looking but Moms looked kind of thin so I left the doorway and went to get the bag of cracked corn.  I stepped outside to feed

them, they were skittish and moved a little distance away but with storms on the way nature takes over.  I sat with my COOL Cat and watched the Mom turkeys with their young.  They

walked up to the woods all thirty to forty of them.  What a sight.  Hope they come in from the woods in the morning,  maybe I will get them on video this time.

Here is the mother and her babies she brought right up to our back door.


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Border Collies and Horses

Our friends live on top of a Mountain/Hill and they raise reining horses and Border Collies and of course their children as well.

They had a horrible thunder and lightning storm hit their area of VT and lost every animal that was in their  huge barn.  Horses, border collie pups, female horses just getting ready to foal, it was sickening to see the loss and the pain the family went through, being helpless to help the animals when the lightning hit.

We had JT from litter before the one lost and took her up to see her old family and to give them hugs.

Here are the two  horses that were outside and the dogs that were in the house, plus our JT ,  she loves when we go there.



Our little female has no idea how big this horse is and how quick she can move

She was scaring me.


Her brother is even crazier he is always up against these two female horses heels


Sad to think of all the horses that used to run here, now just two females, sisters.


Tex is the father of all the pups that were born here.




She is watching them



JT’s brother Tex’s son




Tex respects these giants, he has been chased before.


These horses mess with the dogs and their toy balls  as they really are all young and playful.




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