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Thanks So Much

I started a new BLOG for just my photography and some of you have found it and followed as well as “Liked” my photos I just wanted to say Thank You again.

I do not know how you saw I set one up don’t know if WP is hounding you lol but how ever you get to see the photos I am adding,  for further use down the road, I do appreciate it.  When I saw WordPress offer it I knew I wanted to keep my photography in a place others could see my work without them seeing Living and Loviin and then go through posts to see some photos this new format for them is good if I can pick the correct ones.  Some of the photos I will need to load the original media back into the  computer so it will be the correct size.  I add my photos to US Postage stamps in my online store and seem to have to mess with the actual print if they say it is too large.

So if you have decided to follow me on this adventure THANK YOU but bear with me and if I put on a horrible photo TELL ME so I can remove it.  It has always been hard for me to Kill My Babies( a friend once told me this about letting go of photos that are NOT GOOD and since I do not own Photoshop I can’t make a bad one good )

Thanks again!