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Another Day In The Garden


Another day in the garden with my friends helping me with bug patrol. ¬†Who needs poison when you have gorgeous dragons patrolling for you. ūüôā

Here was yesterday’s ¬†haul just before the glorious rains began to fall and man did it rain and blow, some are still without power and will not have trees cut and cleared or wires back up till maybe Monday afternoon when another batch will come through. ¬†Growing up I do not remember violent weather but in 60 years my has the world changed.


I have been living on Ratatouille


even for breakfast with a poached egg on top. This was a supper for him he needs meat he said lol

We are still in a drought but not like other parts of the US or world. For now I get enough to eat though hardly any Apples, Pears, Peaches and Plums can be found since we had such a cold snap when they needed warmth and bees the most.

Hope you are all doing OK.  I will go through my reader and see if your posts show up.

Have a great week!
Goodnight from us all here in NH



The garden measures about 16′ X 24′ I have flowers mingled inside with all the veggies as well. ¬†Bring the birds, bees, dragonflies and butterflies to eat the bugs and pollinate was my plan.

I forage for greens each morning with my coffee and JT she is never far from me.  I go back out again to get things for my dinner though I better start adding chicken or eggs to my salad or I will loose all my muscles, which I will need come the end of the season, to put this place to bed.


Radishes, Summer Squash, Zucchini and Sugar Snap Peas with Raspberries were my fixings that went in with my Rainbow Swiss Chard and Spinach Salad.  We are in a drought here but that soil I bought is amazing just the perfect amount of compost makes all the difference.  It is light and fluffy still.  I wish I had grown one of everything.  I have beets, carrots, string beans,corn and spaghetti squash yet to show up but they are growing like mad.


Always have extra help when I go inside the gate.

I have been painting a bit too, here is one of the last three I have been working on.


We got heavy rain for a bit tonight it was glorious and the earth soaked it right up.

Hope you are all having a wonderful and safe week, this world we live in is going crazy so glad  I have these things to keep me away from TV and more bad news.  Pray for Peace on our beautiful earth xo

I added 2 framed pieces of Watercolor to the Theme Wall at Seacoast Artist Association. ¬†This month’s theme is Wild With Color. ¬†Now I could have framed some of my amazing Sunrises even Sunsets or Pink Peonies. ¬†Maybe my popular monster Sunflowers even but I chose two of my colorful landscapes filled with tree trunks with pretty bark ūüôā

No longer laid out against my red countertops but are in pretty rich brown frames under glass. ¬†I will miss them if they sell but even looking at them here as I type I can see I have grown much like a tree ūüôā ever changing and it make me so happy.

Still not comfortable with others judging me or my artwork but I can not sell it if I do not put myself out there ūüôā

My town is celebrating it’s 275th birthday and the committee group is trying to raise monies for a parade and fireworks so I donated one of my framed pieces as a raffle gift hope enough like it to raise $40 or $50 for my part of the cause. ¬†All starving artists have is what they create.


I did straighten out the title lol

Mom is doing great I have more good days and the pup my sweet little girl rests more and loves the pumpkin cookies I make for her ūüôā ¬†Going grain free myself and hoping her and I will be back at our fighting weight ūüôā

Do you know I did not climb up once on the roof and only raked it once shhh it is only March and I will finally turn 60 I can not believe it myself lol there were many close calls and still not gray!

Here is what I did the other day thinking of taking my girl for a walk to go find some ūüôā


Still wet as I posted it to Facebook and it sold ūüôā now I can do an oil change ūüôā

Have a great March everyone soon I will share photos from the Boston Flower Show which opens in 2 weeks!


The photo above is where a Tom Turkey Face Planted on my barn roof because he could not judge the depth anymore


JT Listening to something


My driveway is cleared now to clean the roof come morning before the sun makes it too slippery we are delirious hearing the sun will come out


I placed two beautiful out door dining chairs seat to seat for the Junco’s to have shelter from the weather and local Hawks now they dine in an igloo


The moral of the story is to never let your plow truck die here in New England

New Hampshire Garden Solutions

I just finished reading Monadnock, More than a Mountain by Craig Brandon. In it he tells of how, throughout history different artists have painted the mountain from different sides, and how a few had traveled around the mountain painting it from all sides. That sounded like a fine idea to me and, since I have never seen it done before, over the last few weeks I’ve traveled to several towns that surround the mountain to take photos from each one.

The unusual thing about 3,165 ft high Mount Monadnock is that it can be seen from each town in the area, which collectively make up what is known as the Monadnock Region. The purpose of this post is to show how much the mountain changes from town to town-sometimes after driving just a few miles down the road. I’ve lived here nearly my entire life and even I was surprised by how…

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JT’s Adventures ……part one

JT Close-up

Well by now most of you know our JT (Jess-Tex) at least in photos.  She is our Border Collie and no we do not have a farm.

I have shared my life with fourteen dogs five of which were part of a litter that went on to new homes where they were adored family members.

This dog above was born at a friend’s home,¬† the male¬† her father was from Texas and they drove from Vermont to pick him up.¬† JT’s mother was a dog that was dropped off at their place in Vermont.¬† Gorgeous lighter Gray with white.¬† She was scared who knows the kind of life had she lead.

JT was like the runt with a not so perfect face marking and it was just her sister and her no one had chosen to be theirs.

Now I wanted no more dogs but here were the two prettiest faces begging to be loved.¬† I said I wanted both,¬† actually could not believe that came out of my mouth.¬† The daughter said she was taking the tri color one.¬† I was taking JT as long as they were both fixed,¬† I didn’t care.

The day we found her in the horse stall with her sister,  we had been camping with a three-year old great-niece  so we went home to NH but when I got to my house I called them and said I would be back up for the pup I had fallen in love with. Her husband was going to be in NH on a welding job so he brought the pup with him so we did not have to go all the way back to northern Vermont.

We bought a leash and collar as well as  bowl and water,  as it would be a long ride for a puppy and headed north.

We took the pickup truck with a bench seat so she could lay between us.   Funny as I look back six and a half years later  at that ride home.  She would lay her head on my leg then wander over to the passenger side for his leg.  She was trying to settle in on that big seat but wanted to be close to both of us,  her HERD.

We stopped often to walk her, and to let her have some water and then she was scooped up again and placed in the middle between us.    It is where she has always ridden till he bought this new truck with the big back seat.  All hersto be sure.

She had been born on Mother’s Day and¬† in October she took her first really long ride down to Georgia.¬† We went gold prospecting with a club he belonged to and she set about making many new friends that weekend.¬† It was really rainy and nasty,¬† creeks were swollen I was so glad this camping trip was in a cabin with a hot tub.

This pup has led a very interesting life to be sure.  She could have a blog of her own.

We no sooner got back from our trip to Georgia when we set in motion an epic cross-country trip  that would include sleeping out in the wild, in a tent for the month of December.  Not too worry we would be in Arizona and it is still warm right?

We bought an old RV and he made it road worthy and we were looking forward to an amazing journey together.    Then the gas prices soared so we scrapped the idea of taking the old beast back west where it had actually been made.  I looked for a van cheaper on gas and room for all we would need to bring with us.  I found a pretty cool looking Chevy van, a conversion van the kind with a bench seat that lays down and can be used as a bed.  We bought it from a group of men who used it  to go back and forth to New England Patriot football games.  Yes tailgaters.  It has a HUGE Patriots Loge on one whole window.  I never thought about the fact we were going to be in the Super Bowl and the game would be in Arizona!

What a trip that was from the start.¬† JT could feel the excitement.¬† I rented a place for our cat to go where,¬† she was to be treated like a Queen, for the money she better have been the center of attention.¬† He made a rack for the hitch, the fact he was a welder for 30 years came in handy.¬† On this rack we took the tool box off the pick-up and placed our clothes and tenting supplies as well has some dry goods like JT’s Food and dog bones.¬† We would be on BLM land and there would be no stores, no street lights, no phones.¬† JT would be the only one out of the three of us to do nothing but play as any pup will do.¬† They said rattle snakes would have taken cover as well as the other critters who live under ground, ¬† I was hoping so.

So we loaded up and headed south, I had to say good-by and Merry Christmas to Mom on our way.  We opened our gifts and had a beautiful meal then loaded back into the van and headed out of New England.  Leaving what we thought  of winter behind us as well.

As we headed south through Massachusetts we heard a lot of horn blowing and people giving me the THUMBS UP  signs that was different for me having been in a big rig all those years and it was never a THUMB I got!  People were excited,  they saw the sign and our team was in the hunt for a ticket to the BIG GAME!  When we hit NJ the looks changed, funny how that works.

I stopped on the NJ Turnpike to top off of the gas tank when a big dark-colored Suburban pulls on the other side of the pump.  It had those really dark windows,  looking kind of sinister.  This is a place they pump for you, so as I am sitting and waiting I hear a horn beep then I see the black glass start to open  and there were four huge black men smiling at me I was kind of confused then one pointed to the SIGN on our window and said GO PATS!!!  They could have been players looking at the size of them!  It was like that the whole trip out. Just random strangers stopping us to congratulate our team on the playoffs  and wishing us well on our journey.  They all petted JT.  I swear more love was given to her that first year of her life.  No wonder she chooses humans over animals to play with.  She never new life as a dog.


more later on JT’s Adventures with us and her adoring fans



Snow Still Here



Brrrrr it was cold here the last two days in New Hampshire.  Below Zero!  Warming up they say we may hit 30 maybe time to hit the BEACH.


Peace& Love

We Will Be Searching The Shore Again













Well they say there will be another coastal storm brewing just off our shoreline, ¬†so it is time to walk the edge, as the¬†tide turns and¬†heads out and look and see what it has left behind for us. ¬†It will be sunny and in the 40’s what a perfect BEACH DAY ¬† JT likes to walk me into the water so maybe I will even be barefoot.

Portsmouth NH













Snow Is Falling

TRUCKING the last years


My Last Rig

It has been a very long time since I looked at this photo.  I used to miss this truck so much, then it was the girl  I was, who had gone missing.

Let me tell you some background since a few have asked about the days I spent behind the wheel of an 18 Wheeler(this one has 22 ) .

So much happened before I became a trucker, guess you would surmise that, ¬†as young girls really did not drive tractor-trailer trucks ¬†in the mid to late 70’s, ¬†well not in New England¬†especially.

So do I begin here with this time period in the photo or go from the start?

I think I will do this blog from just before  the time I bought her till I said goodbye,  as there really is an awful lot for this  story.

I was divorced in 1995 ¬†and as part of the settlement of OUR THINGS ¬† I had a choice to make. ¬†Let’s see he had already just got rid of the truck he drove, ¬†he actually gave it back to the bank with less than a year to pay on it. ¬†He was drinking so heavy daily and I could not drive ¬†TWO TRUCKS so he did what he did. ¬†I insisted we split the days up with ¬†him driving my rig(not this one) Monday,Wednesday and Friday which would leave me Tuesday and Thursday and most Saturdays. ¬†At the time I was hauling rubbish back and forth from Roxbury, ¬†MA to different landfills and trash to energy plants here in New England.

Things were getting worse living with him.  I never thought they could get any worse and there came a point when I had the police remove him from the home.  I had finally had too much.  Lost so much. I signed a restraining order  and told them he could come for the rig, with police.

It took a year before the final day in front of the judge.  All I wanted was the house, 4 dogs and my 68 Camaro and my Ford Pickup Truck.  He could take EVERYTHING ELSE!

In the time I sent him away,  I found a job driving for a local company.  I was now driving a Dump Truck.  Worked 10 hours a day and finally had a life but  not much money compared to owning my own rig but I was happy, really happy.  I actually looked forward to doing my hair and climbing into that Orange Mack daily.

When the judges final decree was sent he gave me everything I wanted. The house, dogs and vehicles. ¬†Now how could I pay the house payment on a weekly paycheck, as an employee, ¬†I really couldn’t.

My Dad knew I worked for a seasonal company so he gave me an old 1974  Mack to drive.  He paid for the registration and fuel and insurance and I paid him back weekly.   I worked that truck for probably 9  months and even put some cash away.  The Mack had a lot of issues being so old and finally she just could not go on the road anymore so if I was to truck I had to go shopping and quick!

I had a job to haul containers of beer from the pier in Boston or trailers from the rail yards in Alston.  I poured through books and found a place in CT that sold used trucks.  I saw the tractor in the photo above and thought she would be a good enough rig for me to begin again.  The man who owned the place was impressed with my knowledge of trucks see he threw questions at me to check, I was a female.  I had to prove to him I owed nobody anything after the divorce except my mortgage company and that the home was mine and not the ex-husbands.  So he put a paper plate on it and told me to take it up to NH and drive it haul a few loads and show it to my Dad to make sure it would be a good choice for me, and then bring him the decree so he could see what the judge had written.

I went straight to my parents home from CT which was just under 2 hours away and showed them what it looked like and then Dad hopped into the driver’s seat and off we went for a test drive ¬†just as I had when I was 18 in a car he brought home for me. ¬†He liked it and then we switched seats and I drove. ¬†It was the first time I had ever taken my Dad with me in a rig, Mom had been several times but now it was time to show my Dad how over 2 mil. miles had made me into an awesome though¬†fearless¬†driver. ¬†He loved the ride! ¬† He said it looked like a solid truck for what I was hauling and that I drove it like a professional. ¬† I could not be happier. ¬†He asked if I needed any money and I told him no you see it was $1,000.00 down and a payment each month for 2 years and she would be mine. ¬† That was 1996, ¬†late in the year.

I hauled the beer and goods for maybe a year then I got antsy I wanted to haul the heavy loads again.  This truck did not have a double frame or a wet system.   I traded my Camaro for a Wet System which consisted of a pump and a tank which  held Hydraulic  fluid  and hoses and fittings.  This poor truck with her big Cummings Motor was going to set out to do the impossible,  just as it owner.

I hooked up with old friends and started hauling Bark ¬†Mulch from a place in Maine all the way to Cape Cod and places in between. ¬†I loved the work and the places they sent me as so many others would hit everything but the lottery in the customers yards that they started to request the Blonde Girl who was a great driver! ¬†Everywhere I went I got smiles and waves from people. ¬†See I was an oddity still and we were now in the late 90’s.

Bark Mulch was seasonal so I had to find steady work I had not only a home to pay for but a truck. ¬†I hooked up with another friend in the rubbish business and started to haul four loads a day for him 6 days a week. ¬† I now had Sunday’s to play with the dogs in the yard while the truck was washed and oiled changed for the next week of work.

I hauled garbage till it just became too expensive to keep tires on it with going in and out of a landfills  and hooked up with a Spring Water company.  It was now 1998 winter again and this would be my first experience hauling a tanker down off the top of a mountain with snow and ice.  I was scared,  very scared about stopping at that stop sin at the bottom, why do they do that anyway!

I worked that whole winter of 1998 and then in 1999 the real fun began.  I never got sleep I just napped in between loads. I hauled 3 to 4 loads of water, weighing out at 103,000 pounds back and forth to bottling companies, you see the country was getting ready for Y2K, which would happen  in the  year 2000, when the world would change as we knew it.  We hauled thousands of gallons of water,  as there were 10 other drivers doing the same thing for the company I worked for.  Stock piled water filled these places with fear about what would come of  the computers of our world and all the machines run by them.

As we all know we were really fine,  doom and gloom never came to be.  They would have a slow down in production so it was time for a much-needed vacation!

I parked this rig, tanker attached and locked up safe and sound and headed to FL where else would a girl go who loves the sea.  I took 3 dogs as one had passed away and the cat and boyfriend at the time and headed to his Aunts place for a little rest.  It was while I was there we decided it was where I wanted to be.  Get rid of the house go back home and get my rig and start a new life where things were no so hard on me or the equipment.  I could find work anywhere.  So we left the dogs and cat there with his Aunt and I was heartbroken as I headed north but I would be back in 2 weeks with everything I wanted to start all over again with.

We made it back ¬†as planned I left the house for mortgage company to deal with as they refused to take the ex’s name off and set about finding my own place to call home.

So  I spent  most days in the beginning  when we got down to Florida getting caught up on sleep and sun tanning and playing with  my dogs, who were now 10.    I finally got the bug to really drive again so I hooked up with a company to haul empty cans to bottling companies along the east coast of Florida,  you see I loved the Gulf Coast .  My rig was getting a much deserved rest as well,  loads were so light I had to keep checking in the review mirrors  to make sure I still had the trailer hooked to it.   Life was GOOD,  it really was the best. I was so very happy, finally, the year was 2000.

Well around¬†August I received mail from the company holding the loan on my home. ¬†It seems they didn’t want it either and had given it to me free and clear only stipulation was I had to live in it. ¬†I was shocked to say the least. ¬†They asked me to go back to the home I loved so much in the woods of NH and lock the doors as I had left it cleaned out and spotless with doors unlocked for potential buyers. ¬†Now what go back, start again I didn’t want to. ¬†I liked it here in Florida ¬†but some of my dogs were buried there, ¬†it was home. ¬†At this point I was tired of making decisions really on my own as the boyfriend at the time was younger than me and¬†OK¬†with me doing it all. Yes I am now sadly aware that was who I was and nothing to do with him.

I decided I would go home alone with him and the pets but no rig. ¬†It was an old truck now, ¬†pretty and in great shape but not for another season of hard, ¬†nasty weather. ¬†I placed a For Sale sign in the back window and within days a man¬†approached¬†me and asked if he could check it out which he did and bought it with CASH. ¬† I had lots of money to pay his Aunt’s bills up to date, pay my brother cash I owed him ¬†and fuel for the van and enough to live on upon getting back to NH where I would also have to put electric on, fill the propane and hook up TV and internet.

We packed everything back into a U Haul,  kissed everyone good-bye.

We were coming home.

I miss that truck and the freedom she gave me out on the roads but you see I finally get that there is more than one chapter in this woman’s life.

Time to LIVE IT!

the beginning and the middle will come with time STAY Tuned

Naughty Mommy

Riding Through NH and VT

It was a beautiful morning when we woke cold and frosty as you would think NH would be on Thanksgiving morning but roads were clear up through our White Mountains.  As we reached the border area of VT where Moore Dam sits the fog stated to rise as the sun warmed the air over the lake so pretty wish I was not on a mission and could have stayed to watch it to completion as it was the most beautiful of days with friends in their kitchen and yard talking and sharing a meal while giving thanks for what we have.


Thanksgiving Morning

93 North on Thanksgiving Morning


Thanksgiving Morning

State Forest




Thanksgiving Morning

Trees are no longer covered with beautiful leaves

I was thankful for the fact there was NO SNOW there


Cannon Mountain

Just a trace amount




Moore Dam

Fog Rising





Moore Dam

Thanksgiving Morning Along Moore Dam




Almost There








Border Collie Tex

Like his daughter he greets us with a STICK


I will share more photos as the day go on you know me I always take too many and ADD TOO MANY to a post


Home you all had a wonderful time in the States over a nice meal with family and friends

We did









Another View of Rye Harbor

Lobster Boats


Brrr it was so cold this morning but my other half asked me to wake him by 5:00 AM so he could head over this way.  He wanted to metal detect during low tide.  I know I should have gone, if for no other reason than to watch the sunrise and get a few photos to share.  I was warm and toasty and looking forward to some coffee, which I would have to pass on since there are no public bathrooms open in this area at this time of the year.  Silly really when you see the amounts of residents and tourists that walk our shores each and every day. Snow, rain or sleet looks the same as a warm spring day. They flock here by the droves.  Rye is loved by dog owners as well as surfers.  See both are allowed here.


I see where the Northwest will get snow and rains, CA too.¬† Wy and ID will receive¬†snow, just what they are looking forward to in Jackson Hole as their mountains are getting ready to open up their lifts.¬† We have mountains open for snowboarding and skiing over here in the Northeast as it has been so cold they have been putting down a nice base.¬†¬†They say by Thursday, Thanksgiving, it¬†will be BEAUTIFUL!¬† At our home it will be in the 50’s, ¬†though we will share our meals where our pup JT was born, so it may be only in the 40’s there but that is still OK by me, ¬†any day I do not have to shovel my way out the door is a Good Day!¬† Texas will enjoy temps in the 80’s oh how I wish I was in the BIG D!¬† I really must get into this winter mindset or I will never leave the house.¬† When JT and I went out to fill the feeders, ¬†for our feathered friends, ¬†she must have loved the icy frost on the pads of her paws¬† as she ran to her basketball and wanted us to have a game!¬† I was just in slippers and a nice warm robe so you know I said “Latter JT” and headed to the door!¬† We have a huge basket of nice clean as well as warm toys just inside the door for her to play with.



Have a great day or night everyone


Beautiful November Day in Rye NH

Rye NH

November and boats still in the water in Rye NH


I couldn’t wait to share this beautiful day with each of you, as it is mid November and days such as this one will be far and few between.

I took it last week as we went to walk and metal detect the local beach, this time north of us. We have only 18 miles of coastline in NH and for the most part we do have access to our shore.

We have rocky areas but here and there we have sandy beaches to walk, suntan on, even fly kites.

In this stretch we have an Ice Cream stand, boatyard and a state park or two.¬† It is not built up with lots of businesses or homes though some of the homes along 1A are gorgeous there are still some built very modestly.¬† They are down to earth people who enjoy the shore on a bright warm summer day or in the middle of a nor’easter.¬† We really are hardy souls up this way.

This was November, Veterans Day and it was 70 degrees F.¬† Wow what a gift for those who are not looking forward to many months of cold and snow, me being one of them.¬† I will walk the beach this winter but I will bundle up and not stay out there too long, as JT doesn’t wear boats.

I will always have the camera with me but you knew that. I will try to show you another season of NH life.  You have seen all my pretty spring flowers, summer beach scenes and of course the fall color we are known for but winter in NH you will just have to see .

We are here for the FOUR SEASONS after all, me on the other hand wish I headed south with my Hummingbirds.


Peace and Love





Before Sandy Arrives

Flooding before Sandy

2 days before Sandy brings her rains




Beavers Enter Here

Beavers Enter Here



Land is saturated

Still in the yard 2 days before “Sandy”




Beavers trying to take my 30+yr old Willow




Big Willow

Can it be saved?




Pulling Dam Down Below Here

He went by boat





Reflections of Trees










Watching Them Work

Sand Castles on Hampton Beach, Hampton, NH


From the FLAGS you can see they are not all from HERE





Sand Castles
Building His Masterpiece

They work so hard moving the sand, packing it tight and then start to make it into something ,besides a pile of sand.




Sand Castles

Working Too

Many hours will go into each ones piece



Shoveling the Sand

Building a Sand Castle


Hot and  Dirty or Cold and Wet they do not quit!









They Will Be Judged

They have very few hours to complete them

White barrels were full of water used to tighten up the sand




Beside The Sea


Two local companies  represented


Each year special sand is trucked in for our Hampton Beach Sand Castle Competition.


They work with very few breaks.


Rain and Wind are a given for this competition.


Sunburns too!


They pack the sand.

They use cool tools, most of which we can find at home.

Straws even.

Thousands come by during the week to watch them build,  then to cast their vote.

This is just the “crowds favorite” ¬†sandcastle.

There will be judges who will pick the top ones,  who will get the CASH PRIZES.

Do you have sandcastle contests where you live?

I love seeing what they come up with year after year.

They work under bright lights, into the night this is when we go to just enjoy , sunrise is when I go for the photos.


Hope you enjoy playing  in the sand when you hit the beach.


















Wind Blown

Wind Blown






Running with the wind








Wet and Tired

JT done for the day


Well we will be on the beach as soon as the storms rolls out to sea.

They say it could really be bad in these parts or barely not much at all.

We want the treasure to get tossed up onto the beach.

What we do not want to happen is for it to stall.

As the rain falls from Sandy you know our stream will rise .

He is getting a boat repaired that will haul all he will need to clear the way.

I do not know about you but I will be keeping my eyes to the sky.

The last thing I want to worry about should it be bad is where we will stay.


Stay safe!   I know many of  also live along the east coast and I will be thinking of you all as this heads northward.










We attended a PUMPKIN Stroll

The recreation department in our town held their  Third Annual PUMPKIN STROLL

The children came in beautiful costumes

They brought Carved Pumpkins for the contest

Vendors set up tables  with items for sale but they all had candy to pass out to the children  who also were Trick or Treating(dress rehearsal for the 31st)

We had a table with lots of candy as well and our raffle items for the Garden Club fundraising effort.

We donated 3  house plants for the Recreational Departments SILENT AUCTION for the many things they do for the towns Children

Have a look, after the heavy rains all night we were blessed with a beautiful day!







Third Annual Pumpkin Stroll

Pumpkins for the contest!




Epping Pumpkin Stroll

Vendors came to sell their wares




Setting Up

Setting up her booth











Two More for the JUDGES




Batman Rocked!



Hallowen Costumes

Safe Place for Children




Carved Batman




Haunted House

Haunted House



Children Ready




Wonder Woman Carving




Candle Light

Evening Ends


Thanks for coming on the Pumpkin Stoll with me

I really rushed photos and didn’t use a tripod as you can tell

I had to dash quickly as we had our table set up with a TV for a raffle prize

Goodbye till next year!










Country Roads

My Town




25 MPH Roads




Farm Land



Maples Make the Difference










Come see us NEXT FALL!

Mountain Color in NH

Blooms Compete With Folage

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Let’s Take A Long Sunday Drive



Let me take you along my favorite stretch of roadway and you will see NH all decked out  in her finest!

One section is 32 miles with NO GAS.¬† It’s OK, I promise not to run out.


White Mountain National Forest





White Mountain National Forest




Look at those COLORS just up ahead.




I want to show you  something that makes NH special

Covered Bridge #29

We are spoiled by  so many of these bridges,  throughout our state.

Let’s check out the river, I did tell you before that there is GOLD here.

GOLD Laden River





OK Jump back in let’s check out a few more spots of color.










Let’s keep our eyes open, ¬†MOOSE ARE HUGE!




Let’s pull off and check out the lake

Beaver Lake as the fog lifts






Fall Color around the Lake















Isn’t it Beautiful here?

Maples Rock










OK time to grab a coffee and sit by the river.  I hope you liked the ride.  This year has

been spectacular to say the least and we still have 1/2 the state yet to hit PEAK COLOR.





Thanks again for coming along on and should you ever decide to visit NH at this beautiful time of the year always check the State of NH website for update on where and when the fall color should be at her best.  Make sure your camera has fresh batteries.

Another Spot of Color



A  break in the heavy rain but breeze enough not to capture a perfect refelction.











Yes there was a lot of Rain

Some beautiful color as well

Good conversation

Tasty meals

Wonderful adult drinks


and yes with the weather we had



Well you can’t always get sunshine

and warm temps but friends now

that is real warmth



Trippin on the Color

We loaded early for our get-a-way .

We were up against the weather.

The forecast called for heavy rain

all weekend long but the color will

not wait on a sunny day.  We headed

north the quickest route.  We got

there before the pouring rain.  The tent

went up and now it was really wet.

Then we set up the shelter over our table.

The dog was disgusted we had no time to play.

We raced like crazy to try to keep every thing

dry as we could.  It was a horrible weekend to

camp but our friends also were gluten for this

as well so with laughter and Rum we set about

having some fun.  The fire pit was loaded with wood

and when it was roaring and throwing off heat

meals were made, drinks mixed and chatter began.

We talked till we were so tired we had to say goodnight

though it was already morning.  We never saw the

Full Harvest Moon actually we did not see much being

fogged in as we were.

They found gold.

I took the dog out for a ride to find some color of our own.

Here are a few to show you what we saw and I will share more

after I warm up and sleep in my own bed.

Can’t wait to see what you have all done while I was away.



RTE 112


More shots to come after much  needed REST!

Headed North Soon


Headed Up


I hear there will be rain all around

I sure hope the clouds part by Sat. night

There will be a beautiful sight to behold

A Full Harvest Moon

So special drinks will be mixed and we will sit around

with friends and unwind.   I hope you

all have a wonderful night and enjoy  the Moon




Walking it off



Walk Back


I huff and puff all the way to the top

I stay as focused as my pup

When we reach the top I let her play as we catch our breath

It does feel good to push through the pain

Down 65 total so far

Boy what a mess I had gotten myself into

There is still ups and downs with pain

I have the diet down pat

If you can’t do anything it takes longer to see results

So I will push when I can rest when I can’t

It took 10 years to put it on

So if it is all gone in 3

I will be so pleased

Keep on keeping on what ever battle you face down the road

I know the wreck started this

I was not to blame but in the end I only




They Eloped and Invited ME


I saw an Ad online and answered it.  They wanted someone to capture ,in photos, their special day.

It would be my first elopement.  I will try to show you with photos how beautiful the day was,  even

though any minute we thought the skies would open up, above us.

Snowflake Inn Jackson,NH

Snowflake Inn







The Couple

They are Eloping




Gathering a Posey for his Bride to Be

Gathering a bouquet for her




She is LOVED




I Do

With this ring……….





Rings are on just a few more words and they will be married





Married Couple



Jackson NH Covered Bridge

Checking out a Covered Bridge


I wish them a lifetime of Happiness TOGETHER












My Neighbors

My Neighbors

Color Appears Lakeside


The Woods Around The Lake


Pawtuckaway Lake


Just  six  more weekends before they close the State Park,  for camping.

They will again draw down this lake so the State Park and others with property along its shores can

fix their places up before winter rolls in,  like only New England winters can.

I think I spoke of this draw down,  you know where it goes right?

Sadly it will end up on my lower lawn, yes the beautiful spot that saw so much water, for so many years.

I have made calls with  all the rain we got overnight to beg them to use some common sense, I pray they will.

They empty a whole cove, one whole end into my little stream.  This I see as crazy.  One year I had to laugh.

I was taking photos in these woods and came out at the boat launch and there  were men, with boats on trailers,

scratching their heads as to where all the water was.  I told them it was sitting in my yard.  They too thought the

practice of doing this year after year was insane.  That early spring  the only thing you could do was Kyack or Canoe.

Motor boats could not navigate those rocky areas.  They left angry , as angry as I was when I went home and saw my land being eroded

to save the STATE Property!


I no longer  will stay silent.

Should they do it again I will call in the Newspapers and TV Station here.

There is no reason for taxpayers to pay for land that the state keeps taking more and more of.


Pawtuckaway Lake

Water still here as snow arrives







Tropical Storm Remnants Coming

Atlantic Ocean

Rolling in

Not sure how many in the Northeast saw the sun rise today, as the remnants of Issac are about to leave us with

rain measured in inches.  Word is that somewhere between 2 to 5 inches could fall here.  Last year Irene,  another I

named storm.   We will only know when it is over if any roads succumbed to the weather.

My river was low so hopefully she stays with in her banks and I lose no more land to flooding , though they plan

on releasing water from a local lake as well, ¬†to “Watch the Flow”.¬† I hope they use some common sense which seems to

be lacking in these parts of late.

I wish I could give all of you who have been in such horriffic droughts, my share of water.

The photo is mine, taken along the shore of Hampton Beach here in Hampton NH.


One of our local Moose  on the Loose  you have to be very careful when you travel where they live. Hundreds of collisions each year in NH with these HUGE Animals.  Not a lot of people survive a crash with a moose of this size as lots of times they come right through the windshield where you are sitting just inside.  Travel safely ALWAYS leave your phone off and keep your hands on the wheel it may save your life as well as a wild animals life if you are paying attention.








These were taken at dusk with a camera that was really out matched by the lighting available but you can tell how big they are if you are in a place where they are not seen.


A little HISTORY took place here








Each year the Town of Exeter NH  goes back to a time in our history

we should never forget.

July just after the 4 TH  so if you are in the area after the holiday is over CHECK it  out!


Museum  is in downtown area so park and take a stroll and stop in.



Hummingbirds and Me


Hummingbirds  and me go back a long  way.

I love the little jewels who make this long

journey here each spring.


They arrive just about the time my Apple tree blooms.

It is one reason the tree is still here how would I know when to get their sugar-water

ready and hang out the feeders.  I always have the place ready for them to rest, fuel up

and build their nests and raise their young.


The photos here are taken with an  Kodak Easy Share , no tripod and some just in the wrong light

for such an inexpensive camera  but I wanted you to see some of them who call this

place their 2nd home.


Salvia is always here waiting for them too.


She is so tiny and beautiful as she sits and watches me


She will soon have her strength back from her long trip

and ready her nest and raise her little ones.



A young male sits on a Lilac branch.

I always keep feeders close enough to a bush,  for them to take cover in.


I wonder how I will capture them on a tripod

as they dart to and from flower to feeders

must learn to use flash to stop their action!


I use a variety of feeders  for their nectar.

Always near plantings or real flowers they love.

As you can see the sugar trumps the Petunia this time.




Always waits for its turn at one of the open spots in the feeder.

Right now the bees and this female are sharing nicely



Hoped you liked my Hummingbirds

27 years ago when I had to pick a CB Handle this

was it, Hummingbird is what the truckers knew me by

coast to coast.

I have just one tattoo and it is a life-size one, yes

Born to be Wild!


Have a nice day

Don’t forget to plant or place a feeder out for these little ones.



New England Weather


forecasters say we are in for a mini heat wave.

Temps will be in the 90’s for 3 days.

After the rains in the southeast and the fires in the west  I

hardly think we can complain about sunny warm summer days.


We have had our share of floods,hurricanes,ice storms,blizzards

but not this week.  This week coming will be normal for this time of year.


My heart goes out to all of those in New Mexico,Colorado,and Utah

who lost every thing to raging wildfires, some which are still burning.

Other states are in the 110-115 range that is just crazy to imagine, day after day

the desert is one thing but other areas it is just plain nuts!


Stay safe out there as we go into the first week of July.





Storms batter our coastline

The beaches along New England are constantly being battered.

Storm after storm starts to change the landscape.of our shore.

Wave after wave rolls in with a fury.

We have sea walls to keep it from our homes, though we continue to¬†build in harm’s way.

Homes are lost, lives are changed, personal items lost to the sea.

As a home is lost, plans to rebuild get underway.

This story will have updates along the way,  as it is forever changing in these parts ,we call home.








Millions are spent to save the homes of those, who just had to get as close to the sea, as they could.

Permits are given out to build another  in its place.

Taxes are spent on baffles, to try to keep erosion at bay.

It as you can clearly see  it is not working.

Just a waste of money in my point of view, to fight a force so much stronger than man.

The more beach we have left the happier she will be lol



They call our place HOME

Assorted feathered visitors who stay and have their young, in our backyard.


I think this is a  young Coopers Hawk and he swooped in to try to grab a little Juncos or Red Squirrel , what a Naughty Bird,  no I know he was hungry but stayed with me for a long time while I took photo after photo of him, while it was snowing out.

Little Juncos thankful it was not lunch!

They all hung out inside my rose bushes, beside me and my camera.  That naughty hawk scared them bad enough that I made them feel safe!

Male Cardinal munching on Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

I love that all of these birds like our place enough to call it home.  I whistle for these males and in they come for a meal, love being one with nature.

His mate

Who doesn’t like Mallards¬†.¬† ¬†I can hardly wait till they let me see their babies ,

any day now!

They look pretty happy here,  now remember we have a Cool Cat and JT the border Collie.

Baltimore Orioles  have such a pretty song they sing.  I love mixing up sugar and water for them and the Hummingbirds

Love these tiny, full of life, amazing flyers!

Such  cool birds to have all around you in the yard. Saddest part of fall is when they leave for South America.

My CB Handle was Hummingbird, lol   and only tattoo is a life-size one.

This is when I wish I had a $10,000.00 camera set-up


So beautiful just sitting and waiting for the feeder to be less busy.

I have the flowers for their beauty but in the end they all go to the BIRDS!

Blue Jays love our day old bread!

We have every variety of  woodpecker and they all LOVE SUET!    Then again that is what the Black Bear wanted to rip the feeder down for.

Never saw this one before unless it looks different in the winter.

Morning Dove hangs out waiting for their turn too.

I caught this one in mid slip,  from a frosty roof , OOPS is my caption .  lol

I worried about this Blue Jay, as his head feathers looked horrible .

Well I have taken up so much of your time with the birds who visit  our yard, here in NH,USA  I will let you go but thanks again for stopping by and letting me know what you think.


A Hike in Bath NH


The Wild Am

Beautiful day to be on the river  in search of GOLD and all other things BEAUTIFUL I can find in my LENS

His Addiction Part 2

Today has been a very interesting day in our yard.

So many different types of birds have come to our feeders.

There are babies to feed.


I need to learn to walk around our home with a camera swinging from my neck

and not a pretty piece of jewelry I just made.


The dog, JT is going nuts in the living room, relentless barking..

I  walk around the corner to see if the cat is chasing the dogs squirrel.

No  not a small furry grey squirrel but a large Black Bear!

He was slamming himself up against the pole we have an old umbrella attached to.  We  hang Hummingbird nectar up high as well suet and seed.  I guess it was  just to tempting for our local Bruin.  What was a bear to do with all those yummy offerings, just hanging out of his reach.


The dog barking got him to stop and drop and take off!   The cat, our very cool cat was scared to death and ran for cover,  she is just now coming with lots of coaxing from me.  This the same cat who chills with Wild Turkey.  Her yard is changing.  I always had 4 dogs. Now with just one, who always travels with us, it seems to have let them become more of our landscape.

This past Christmas Coyotes came calling. They hung around close by,, their calls at night unnerving.. They stayed around and took down a few deer, mated and for now have moved on.  Then Raccoon, Fox, Beavers etc. they have all been here.  I know I am doing so many things right here for them to stroll through but I also know I should not have feeders out right now, it is just to tempting..

 I had just bought food and made more nectar and just made all the birds and squirrels happy. I felt bad there has been so much rain here. The nests are full of young and more eggs  that will hatch and need to be fed so many times in the course of a day.. 


This time just a piece was broken off and suet fell to the ground as well as one Hummingbird feeder.  Lesson learned they will come down at night and go back up at 10 AM  when I can catch him in the act and shoo him away.  That is my plan anyway..  Wish me LUCK, lol


Shots from the yard


One of the Wild Turkeys who  calls our yard, home.

(let me first apologize for photo quality, I shot it through a glass door)


 NH, 30 years ago, started a program to bring wild turkeys back into the state.

From my vantage point I say it was a HUGE SUCCESS!

Usually 3 flocks of them are raised here, in our yard alone, with many more who visit each year. 

It may be the cracked corn I toss out for them in the dead of winter or just the safety of our yard, which draws in the adults and  makes them want to raise their young  here.  I am so thankful the program was a  success. We have many hours each year where we can sit out in the yard and be entertained by them.  Turkeys can get nasty and territorial but even with our dog beside us or chasing her Frisbee, and the cat cruising the yard,  they scratch the yards soil in search of ticks, bugs and some corn.  We have the river on our property and for the last two years it has finally stayed within her banks, so they have water and food and a quiet safe place to just be.  I stay here for the same reason,. her beauty and quietness allow me to just be. 

Rain Coming?

I was sure of it!

I  still grabbed the leash.

JT sat in front of me, she loves  this new thing


We take off, even though the skies are looking crazy bad here in the mountains.

I put the phone and camera in a bag, I was certain we would be caught in a downpour.

We were not.

We reached the top of an enormous hill and it was still.

I could hear my heart beating from the steep climb

JT was having a blast chasing her stick.

I was having fun capturing some pretty shots of the sky and flowers, that waited for us at the top.

Life is GOOD, the trek back is all DOWNHILL!

March comes in like a LION

March rolled in with 12+ inches of snow, here where we call home.  Crazy really for us to be surprised by this, we do live in NH but this has not been a NORMAL winter.  We have been so spoiled by grass and warm temps and the birds singing their spring songs.

Our little Juncos have know idea what is going on.  So there I am crippled in pain from clearing the yard for us and on go the boots to shovel a spot for them to eat seed, I scatter for them.  As I am watching the wildlife scratch the ground, crack the shells for the fruit inside, out of nowhere comes a Hawk,  no this time I did not run out to confront him with my camera, lol I just got angry at myself for making these  little birds, sitting ducks . From now on seed will be scattered up against the house or in the rose bushes, the bigger bird will think twice before going after one of our brood.  I know he has to eat but that is what rodents are for!

JT LOVES the snow!¬† She loves playing with her¬† ball in it and wonders why I don’t want to play with her like I do in summer.¬† Silly girl she is and such a wonderful dog for our family.

See what I mean!¬† She looks at me as if to say Let’s¬† Play.¬†¬† I remind her to play with her ball and to have fun and¬† as she pushes it into the snow, I can’t even see it, ¬†as I snap another photo.¬† I am glad she is happy and full of fun. ¬†I just wish I had her stamina.

I call her in to warm up, as I wipe her down¬† we close the door till tomorrow, when I hope to wake up and see it was all just a bad dream and it’s really is a beautiful spring day.

Why do we love watching Squirrels?

For the last two nights, while laying in bed, I hear noises in the wall.
Really?  After all the work done on this house, after so many of the outside world living within, I thought they were ALL gone!

Let me tell you a quick little story about living next to a river and close to the forest.

I had a couple over back in 2000(remember it well)we were having munchies and a night of card playing.
I hear a ruckus up in the bedroom/loft area but not wanting to interrupt the fun time, I dismiss it.¬† Then the CAT enters the picture, on the tail of a Flying Squirrel..¬† Never saw one before, never face to face for sure, but there¬†it¬†is, this brown critter with big eyes, clinging to the beam beside our table, where we are all sitting.¬† I was so embarrassed, ¬†the cat was angry and the company is first floored, guess they never saw one before either.¬† My boyfriend Dave(at the time)¬†gets up to get the broom to “get it” yes to kill it!¬†¬†After all it is a RODENT,¬†¬† The male who was playing cards with us that night¬†yells “No don’t kill it!”¬† So he takes over with the squirrel, ¬†Dave knocks it down, he catches it in a box and runs outside with it to SET IT FREE.¬† He was successful it was free to once again enter the home and have young.

I was too injured to climb up onto the roof and see how it was that they were coming in but when new roof was put on I knew all too well the path that had been used for years.

Now to this week I hear the noises all too familiar and ask Ron to look for a hole on the river side of the house.  Sure enough he locates it, waits a day and a half then climbs a ladder to put METAL over the area with a hole in it.  He waited till late afternoon thinking what ever was in the walls would be out hunting well I am here to tell you NO they were not!.

I went upstairs early to watch the rest of my show and I hear  animals going nuts in the wall behind the headboard.  I bang on the walls hoping to scare them out forgetting there is  NO WAY OUT!  So I thought.

The cat is pacing, the dog is telling me to get up but I slept through the fact there were 3 wild flying squirrels over my head and running back and forth pooping EVERYWHERE.

It was 3:40 AM when I decided to listen to the dog thinking she had to go out,  this was her normal time for waking me but something was different this morning, stuff all over the floor cats howling, so I reach for switch on wall and turn on the light to see these creatures beside my hand looking at ME.  Well I ducked and head downstairs I put both animals out and then yelled for the Great White Hunter to wake up and Look UP!

Half asleep he is now on a mission, CO2, pellets, rifle and handgun Oh Lord here we go, With headlamp on and broom to scare them from hiding spots, he gets them moving and pooping I am sure all over the room.  He takes aim, 1 down now to get what we thought was the LAST ONE!  It was hiding under bed and now it is gone too!  I get a bag and dust pan to pick them up and dispense with, filthy rodents!

Now it is 4:45 Ron is sleeping again, HOW CAN HE, ¬†lol and I see one come from kitchen fireplace heading toward the stove and spare bedroom.¬† I wake him again and he locates this one fast, ¬†up in window, can’t shoot window Eunice will get mad, ¬†so he knocks it down and shoots the 3rd one.¬† Cat goes upstairs to sleep Ron curls up on the couch and JT joins him and I sit watch, ¬†this time I have the pistol beside my early morning coffee.

Some day I will tell you some of the other wildlife stories from my time here.  Years ago in Roxbury where I drove tractor trailers for a living they jokingly called me Ellie May damn them! lol

More to come!

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Breaking New Ground in Zone 5

The adventures of southern gardeners starting over in New England


updating and renovating a small Bungalow DIY style.



Travel Much?

Never cease to explore and tell!

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