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The Jetty

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Saving Salisbury Beach?

I do not think this area can be saved either.

Here are some photos to show the tax money spent trying to do just that though.

I say buy all the homes,  knock them down and give us back a wild and  serene

beach  and stop fighting Mother Nature!

A costly machine sent in to pump sand from the  Merrimack River

back up onto Salisbury Beach to help with erosion.

Sand travels up hundreds of feet of these pipes

All the while the sea comes and takes it back out  at low tide

Hard to see what is going on but that mess is sand and water being thrown back up onto the beach

Where large heavy equipment pushes it around and try  to reclaim a beach

not really to sunbathe on but to protect the homes here as well from the tides

that come ever 12 hours  and either throw things up on the shoreline  or haul off the

sand at low tide.


This went on for weeks, hour after hour.

I will take a photo this week,   to show you what it looks like today, just 2 years later.



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Plum Island

My take on Mother Nature and her fury, in one of my favorite places  to walk and fish.

Just the other side of Newburyport MA is a place called Plum Island.


This is a place  you will see just before you go over the marsh and hit the island.



We have a nuclear plant in Seabrook ,NH and when all the protests

were  going on,   residents  knew that there would be  No Way Out!

Sign stands after all these years as a reminder.


Well it seems like the Nuclear Plant is safer for these residents,

than the sea they love  to live next too.


The ocean is taking more and more of the beach that used to be their buffer.

Homes have been undermined by the surf and ultimately pushed by machines onto the beach at low tide and then

picked up and placed in rigs and taken to the local landfill.


The politicians keep throwing money at this situation.

Permits to re-build these homes maybe issued.

This problem that will only become worse as the worlds oceans rise, as predicted they will.

They installed these a few years ago,  to save these homes but surly  you can see no mater how much sand and barriers are brought in

the Atlantic Ocean will take what it needs for space.


They warn people who love this place to Stay Away!


These were once completely covered with sand and the beach built back up,  by sand hauled to this area,  all at the taxpayers expense.



This is just for this one stretch of  ocean front property.

Who came up with the plan years ago to allow homes here?

So many places we can not go near now because of the dangers these

homes present and we can’t forget the  Nesting Plovers!


I will continue to come here month after month to document the loss of a beautiful stretch of beach.

I have so many fond memories I can not help but watch  and see what time has in store for this wild place.


I will miss  this place when she is gone.






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In Port


Pretty boats  all in a row



Tucked here and there on their moorings .



Such a beautiful day to be worried about rain or do they want  privacy?



Laying wait for their owners to take then out,  on the open water.



Pirates? I want to be on this one!



Can’t wait to take her for a boat ride!



I love finding punches of  COLOR!



Sailors have always lived a Colorful life

which I have always seen as ROMANTIC.


I know it is hard work keeping their boats

clean,fueled up and running good.  The men who fish here

for a living in (MA,USA) are a strong bunch.

Looking for fish, getting what they are worth, fighting storms, loosing traps.

I love fish and appreciate all the hard work , as well as the sacrifices, for us to have a wonderful fish dinner.



Keep up the good work!

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We had taken a trip to the shore to detect the beach, the waves were rough and the winds brisk.

We found a ring and change but once again, I captured on my Easy Share, a few interesting

photos on the way home.



These were  Sail Boats that had been knocked over by the winds.



As we came along this curvy section of shore road I see this young man suiting up to catch the AIR.  I pulled over and caught some action shots like I said I am ALWAYS READY!

I really wanted to just watch as I had never seen this done, close up in a marsh no less.



His Kite goes up in the wind with no problem.



Looks like he is also enjoying the day much differently from how we had but isn’t that what life is about, doing things you enjoy.


See what I mean about a brisk wind, man and I thought racing cars years ago was a RUSH

He and his buddy just jumped out of their cars, suited up, dragged their gear to the edge of the marsh and took off !  They must do this in a lot of places maybe safer than here .lol

We are along a very busy coastal route in NH.




Then the ride ends and thankfully on a cold and raw windy day.


In the middle of the ROADWAY!


I had my photos of this day safely on my SD Card and they were safe and would now pack up to maybe go for a beer and talk about the AIR they had Grabbed!


You just never know what you will find, during the course of a regular, plain old day .


Hope you enjoyed our day too

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Nubble Light

One of my favorite places to stop at in Maine is Nubble.

A very famous Lighthouse, they say many photos are

taken here and these above are mine from just one day there.

I spend anywhere from a few minuets to an hour here.

Summer, winter or fall it doesn’t matter.  I have always been drawn to this special place.

There are a few granite benches here, with names of loved ones who have left

loving families behind.  I always wanted this place to be my final resting spot and

to have my name and the names of each of my dogs, that spent time with me  here,

left on a bench for friends and family  to sit upon and view what I saw beautiful,

maybe pull out their camera and snap a photo of this glorious spot, along  the rocky shoreline.

There have been many storms that battered this beautiful spot but she has withstood

the fury  they brought as have I.  We are a testament of strength and  good construction, lol

So if you find yourself taking a trip to this beautiful State of Maine, please stop and

see it in person.  OK take a photo too and check out the benches .

There is a place for ice cream or Lobster if you go during summer but if you are like me and love going for a ride on a beautiful

fall day or a stormy winter morning this place will still be there, above the sea, helping keep

the ships below safe.


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New England Weather


forecasters say we are in for a mini heat wave.

Temps will be in the 90’s for 3 days.

After the rains in the southeast and the fires in the west  I

hardly think we can complain about sunny warm summer days.


We have had our share of floods,hurricanes,ice storms,blizzards

but not this week.  This week coming will be normal for this time of year.


My heart goes out to all of those in New Mexico,Colorado,and Utah

who lost every thing to raging wildfires, some which are still burning.

Other states are in the 110-115 range that is just crazy to imagine, day after day

the desert is one thing but other areas it is just plain nuts!


Stay safe out there as we go into the first week of July.





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Surf’s Up

A random man along our shore, during winter Catching a Wave!


I was walking with dog and also looking for sea glass but I decided to follow him

with my camera.  I have no idea who he is just a winter surfer.












see the snow in the foreground?


So I came home with his Surfing  photos and some exercise for all of us and to top it off this is what I did with another treasure





















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Storms batter our coastline

The beaches along New England are constantly being battered.

Storm after storm starts to change the landscape.of our shore.

Wave after wave rolls in with a fury.

We have sea walls to keep it from our homes, though we continue to build in harm’s way.

Homes are lost, lives are changed, personal items lost to the sea.

As a home is lost, plans to rebuild get underway.

This story will have updates along the way,  as it is forever changing in these parts ,we call home.








Millions are spent to save the homes of those, who just had to get as close to the sea, as they could.

Permits are given out to build another  in its place.

Taxes are spent on baffles, to try to keep erosion at bay.

It as you can clearly see  it is not working.

Just a waste of money in my point of view, to fight a force so much stronger than man.

The more beach we have left the happier she will be lol



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Cape Cod

Now this is from my point of view.

Others will see  it differently but this is what a day in Provincetown, MA.  is for us.

This was during the winter, albeit a mild one.

This is the light house at the end of the “HOOK”

A Pier in P-Town

We hunt for treasure of ANY KIND. This was  a beautifully warm  January Day.

We meet people we once knew long ago or a stranger whom we will never forget.

We bring our girl JT for a nice ride and a few hours of chasing her frisbee, she hates

when I stop the action to snap a photo of her.

I love these places that have water beneath them when the tides are high.

When the  tides pull back out , it once again becomes a beach.

This one they let dogs play on .

For me all beaches should be free to come and go, as nature meant it to be.

No rules would be nice but so many leave such a mess behind then.

I guess no more so than oil companies and septic treatment plants do.

I take what I bring back out with me, I pick up after JT and he picks up all metal, not just lost change and cell phone  but he finds  copper pieces, lead sinkers and plenty of aluminum none of which should be in such a beautiful place.

We find bottles people have broken the top off and buried just under the surface.  Sad for someone to care so little about another’s life.  We even  find  empty syringes too.

I metal detected for a total of one hr .   and I filled a trash bag with just empty beer cans .

I took  it to  a machine  that took empty cans, for 5 cents each!

It was a good  day!

This was the final photo I took, after a beautiful day spent at the very tip of Cape Cod.

For those who have never been put it on your Bucket List.  So much history here.


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A young man looses his high school ring at the beach.

My treasure hunter finds it.

I do some investigating to locate the owner.

We are able to see him put it back on his hand where it belongs!

Perfect ending.

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2011 is behind us

2011 Winds Down

This past year had  some very special moments but some really trying ones as well.  This really is what life is all about isn’t it?

It reminds me to be thankful, as well as grateful we made it through 2011.

After the winter we had last year we decided to camp along a river for the better part of three months.  Though we got our site(s) late  and had to move to 3 different sites, in doing so we met some wonderful people. One such couple from so far away, will always be missed though we will stay in touch,  it is still not the same as in person.

I got really sick as did our pup.  I am so much better now and down 50 +/- lbs from the end of last year, Thank you WW.  JT was covered with fleas and became so allergic she lost a lot of her fur, and chewed herself so very raw, this with Frontline Plus on monthly, needless to say that is not what she now uses.  All animals should be as loved as our little ones are.

I did not put a garden in this year at home, unless you can count my flowers, but I always had something growing just outside of our RVs door.  I did miss all my goodies and my little hummingbirds but on my 2 days home each week they got fresh sugar-water.  I missed watching my broods of wild turkeys, that call this place home, hatch and did not see them daily till Sept so they did not really get to know us like the years before.

We had some horrible weather come through our area this year as our summer was coming to an end, Irene blew through and took roads, bridges and businesses and homes away.  Today VT is opening one of their roads that they lost back in August, crazy weather in US as well as other parts of this earth.

I lost one of my dearest buddies this October on what would have been my Dad’s birthday.  Now two of the most important men in my life, are gone.   I try to remember the great times I had with both to ease my pain but it just never seems to stop the tears for too long.  I will miss you Dad and Cris forever.  You both taught me many, wonderful things.

I took so many beautiful photos, now to figure out what to do with them. I also had a little story published in a local weatherman’s latest book on New England weather.  I have written three other stories that have gone into a local Treasure Hunting newsletter too.  Did I say I LOVE SPELL CHECK lol.  Sometimes the brain works faster than these old hands of mine.

A very special little boy made an appearance on Thanksgiving day, really much too soon, just 925 oz,  little William Avi, latest update: he was  3 lbs for Christmas.  Can hardly wait till he can go home with his Mom and Dad.

I added some of my pieces of jewelry into a local place here Diddles and Doodads and it is run by a very wonderful lady, please stop in to meet her and see all the beautiful items she has on display, in her beautiful home.

I know we can not really  know what tomorrow will bring, never mind next year, but all I want is PEACE.  Seems simple enough to me, lol

Please drive safely this weekend, you are IMPORTANT.

See you all next year