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What A Week

Now I am laughing as I write this post,  no tears,  not anymore well till I write story on Tuesday but even then I will lean towards POSITIVE as you all have been wonderful with me and for me honestly the ones who ran out,  maybe they didn’t,  that reader on Google drove me back to WP  Reader for now and I  will try to follow you through emails so I miss no posts we are not getting any younger,  my birthday is less than three weeks away and THIS WEEK  had me feeling even older than the 56,  I am.

So here are a few photos not good enough for primetime as some were taken through a window where the stove was cranking out warmth .


See what winds and powdery type snow can do for  a  New England landscape.  This came down like crazy and then the sun came out and temps. rose into the 40’s F and me stuck reading the scrawling GOOGLE READER,  heard water dripping on the built-in plant window,  beside the desk.  I  hardly left the desk all day yesterday and it was BEAUTIFUL by February in New England measures now today we had snow till noon and winds are moving at highway speeds yes 55 to 65 MPH.  Many have lost trees and POWER fingers crossed I get post out to you all before we do.

I will show you a more from yesterday then some from today.  Today I did go out to shovel while boyfriend and JT went to get part for coal stove can’t have that breaking on us.   There was no more than 3 inches of light fluffy stuff easy to move but it was brutal with those winds.  12 miles further east they had 6 inches fall so far.


Just so picturesque hey see one of our Chickadee’s?  This was the weekend to count birds I gave up TOO MANY,  so very hungry and me the sucker for the wee ones .


Now this was my attempt to shovel a path and spread cracked corn and sunflower seeds all along the shoveled areas for them to SHARE,  well I have a flock of Juncos who call my place home each winter and with all the food on ground really for them look where I found them


Hanging out in the Apple Tree scared of all the big bad bullies as soon as I stepped out the bullies departed and down came the Juncos.  More food thrown out for them

Spring has to be on the way my Cardinals are so beautiful and they were scared in the winds today so pardon more lousy photos through the window

as I tried to capture their mating colors  BRING ON SPRING early like Phil promised


One of 8 Males who call this place home


WOW They are so beautiful when they are looking for the ladies!

now it is the girls turn and I am sorry small camera and window shots not really what they are like here but you will get the idea I think check out their beaks I used to raise parakeets and I can tell.  So much you still do not know about me



sorry it was snowing like crazy but isn’t this bird pretty

I scared one of the squirrels and he grabbed a seed and covered his face with snow poor baby too cold to be looking for food but a branch broke off the Willow that had been chewed by the Beaver and I had left it up so they could have their winter home sadly it is now an open air model they must be starving with no way to dig through 2+ feet of snow.



Well I took my little monster out with me and after she takes her time doing her thing next thing I know is she was feeling so frisky in this frigid air she decides she will HERD ME I tried to catch her mean look but sadly I came up short her too it just has not been a good two days for perfect picture-taking.



She really is fresh when she is acting like a Border Collie.  This afternoon I was the Mommy and gave her a bath which she hates but boy does she love the blow dry and comb out  now she is warm and napping and so very pretty and silky to the touch>

Well I hope you enjoyed my post it was nice to come here and chat with you and do a show and tell

For all of you west of me Keep The Snow I have birds who want spring as much as me


again Love you all  and hope you get the weather you need as well




I can’t wait to see these beautiful Roses covered in blooms and bees yes LIFE IS GOOD

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Beetles Everywhere


They are

As each flower blooms

They show up

Do I learn to hang traps

or lay poison down to kill them as grubs

I grow everything here with no chemicals

Isn’t there anything  in my yard that keeps them in check.

Years ago I protected the willow they loved but now each Rose that opens there is one or two on each



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Spring Days in NH

Well March did come in as a Lion but from then on it has been one beautiful Lamb!

So much went on after Irene blew through these parts last year, that I fell behind on many things in our yard.  So I took advantage of these warm temps. to some pruning.

The March 1st storm left my Rugosa Roses weighed down and looking uncared for, so this is where I began yesterday.

I filled this barrel 3 times from just the rose-bush closest to my living room.  I know I will lose so many blooms this year,  as the branches were loaded with buds but next year it will be fuller and healthier with roses all over it, once again.  Mental note,  trim Lilacs, Forsythia and Roses as  they finish up their blooming season.

This is how they look now.  Still plenty of height for the birds to be safe from the cat. We have a Red Tail Hawk who doesn’t seem to mind throwing himself into these bushes for a quick meal of a red squirrel or a Juno.  Ouch the thorns are nasty, they were going through the thick gloves I had on.

I had noticed from the table as I was beading that a little squirrel had really found the dried fruits on this rose tasty, so I took a few shots through the window and screen to capture him in the act

This little one would crawl through all those thorns and then run back to this spot and sit and peel it, then devour it.

oops trying to shoot this through window without it seeing me is tough, let me show a photo with his whole head lol

He is on thorns on one branch and stretching as far as he can to grab another dried fruit, they must be delish!


This one was so tasty he just sat on all those thorns and ate it there!

I know I should have been beading but it was so nice out it did not take much to distract me ..  No sign of the hawk this afternoon.

I raked and raked the thatch from the lawn and then it was time for a little Frisbee with JT she is not used to these temps. so she rests a lot!

I will till the garden this first week of spring and add all my seeds for cool weather crops.

The BBQ is set up as well as the table and chairs so maybe tonight I will do Chicken or Steak on the grill and celebrate SPRING  and the warm temps she has blessed us with.

Enjoy your day as well