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We Will Be Searching The Shore Again













Well they say there will be another coastal storm brewing just off our shoreline,  so it is time to walk the edge, as the tide turns and heads out and look and see what it has left behind for us.  It will be sunny and in the 40’s what a perfect BEACH DAY   JT likes to walk me into the water so maybe I will even be barefoot.

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Sea Inspired Bath



Glass in every form draws me to it.  A long time ago I would walk the shore in tears and along the way I would stoop to pick up “treasure” from the sea.

Shells, Sea Glass and even empty crab shells. I also picked up old items from lobster trap lines.  Sand Dollars fill a jar and may locations throughout the

rest of this house.  It has been suggested I have TOO MANY items when it comes to COLLECTIONS.    I live here though and I see more room to add a jar of glass or a bowl of



I was in a bad wreck in 2000 where I was rear ended by a tour bus(casino) and got so depressed I decided one day to sit on the toilet seat cover with glue in one had and a jar

of sea glass.  I proceeded to glue the glass all over a window, beside the toilet,  for that stained glass look minus the lead solder. Here are a few photos of it as I was asked if I

had any for them to see and some other items that call my bathroom HOME.  I painted the walls a pale Pink and have barn board  accents in there as well.  RUSTIC you could




Privacy is taken care of.


Every ocean needs a Mermaid


My Sea Captain,  a friends mother made that he thought would love living with me.



Sea Gull and Shells

Earrings, Neckclasses  and Bracelets made to order by ME



Fish too,  as I am a March child as well



Tooth Brush holder from a  Natural  Sea Treasure


While yard saling in Portsmouth one day I saw this sitting on a table and it was for sale.

I turned it over and saw that their child had made it with their own  hands and there was no longer

a place in the family home, so it sits front and center in MINE, it fits perfectly with me.


Another found and saved piece of Ocean ART  maybe I am a HOARDER    NOT!!

I am a protector of the precious thrown to the wayside pieces.



Of course I have a Lighthouse and Plant as well


Now I did allow him to add a piece he picked, and where from and it was AZ Art


I love men and Cowboy Art so I did not fight this piece at all


Well I did not show all the art or shells but you get the idea that I love the sea.

I may add shelves , then some protected pieces of my photography,  maybe some waves

and a sunrise  on a different color wall, all I know is I love GLASS

and the sea, as you can also clearly see .




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It’s a wrap!


I think after weigh-in today I shall sit outside and enjoy the rain over my head while I play with wire and Sea glass.

I am thinking  of some pretty earrings,  if I can find pieces from my collection that will work as a pair.

I will also work on caged beads for earrings too.

With rains last night and some still to fall today, I  must wait to add more paint, to this old home of mine.

Miss my beading.   I have been so busy with life.  Must get back into the groove  so I will have items to

offer for holiday shoppers.

I am going to do more of the beading I love, which is Kumihimo.  I will shoot for Neutrals for bracelets and

necklaces. I hardly ever do necklaces  and I am finding only some people actually like things on their

wrists..  Who knew, lol I love them on mine!

I will try to do a blog showing the steps of making something pretty from beginning to end.



Have agreat day!