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I Finally Set Up An Etsy Store

I will now be offering all my Original Watercolors for sale.
They will come unmatted  and with no frame for you to finish them just the way you like.
I am not asking what others do for their work because I do not need to.
If you like one enough to purchase I will get it out into the mail asap.  I will also offer free shipping within the USA.  After a few pieces get shipped Internationally I will get a better idea on what costs are.  If you have an Etsy store let me know so I can follow you.

I set it up last night and just have to pieces there but I will add all others in time.  They are pieces of me I hate to keep in a dark bag never seeing the light of day.  I love creating so the store will be tough as all my others I have do everything for you.  Prints from Original Artwork will be available at my other shops but this one is for Signed Originals.  I may if time permits sell a few baby items there as well as custom jewelry but that will be once the Watercolors are uploaded onto the site.  Thanks for always cheering me on you are such a great support group.



9 Tips for Taking better Craft Photography

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Instead of thinking of the photography as just one more step in the online listing process, why not consider it as an extra showcase of your artistic talent and ability?  If your products are not selling online, the chances are pretty high that the pictures are to blame.  You spend a lot of time creating beautiful crafts, well, now it is time to create the beautiful pictures that will assist in selling of these quality products.

  • Camera.  You need a picture-taking device.  Now, you don’t need anything super special, iphones can take just as good of pictures as a fancy expensive camera.  But, you do need something that can take a picture.
  • Lighting.  Try to use natural white lighting, but not direct sunlight.  Go outside, use a shadow.  Or inside, use a window.  Limit shadows as much as possible, especially the sharp shadows.
  • Background.  You can use props, a backdrop…

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