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Stifle The Noise

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Our team boarded their plane after saying goodbye to their rabid fans. With so much of the country having an opinion on our team and its players as well as coaches it is no wonder why we show up, fill the seats and parking lots for each and every home game.

We are aware there are idiots among us as you may have heard.  A talking head for WEEI Radio Station in Boston is now on vacation after voicing his opinion on our quarterbacks 5 year old little girl.  You know if he said it outloud and was recorded there  is even more of this mentality within him.  The GOAT will have all he can do to STIFLE THE NOISE.


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Daily Prompt: Fandom/I am New England born and raised

So do I like sports?

Not many in my area who are not SPORTS NUTS you see we have out Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics and much loved New England Patriots.  Well loved by all of us up here maybe hated by you elsewhere



Yes we have some BAD APPLES and bad attitudes but we are never lacking in TALENT just wish they could keep it on the playing field so to say.

Have an awesome sports day!