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Spring Days in NH

Well March did come in as a Lion but from then on it has been one beautiful Lamb!

So much went on after Irene blew through these parts last year, that I fell behind on many things in our yard.  So I took advantage of these warm temps. to some pruning.

The March 1st storm left my Rugosa Roses weighed down and looking uncared for, so this is where I began yesterday.

I filled this barrel 3 times from just the rose-bush closest to my living room.  I know I will lose so many blooms this year,  as the branches were loaded with buds but next year it will be fuller and healthier with roses all over it, once again.  Mental note,  trim Lilacs, Forsythia and Roses as  they finish up their blooming season.

This is how they look now.  Still plenty of height for the birds to be safe from the cat. We have a Red Tail Hawk who doesn’t seem to mind throwing himself into these bushes for a quick meal of a red squirrel or a Juno.  Ouch the thorns are nasty, they were going through the thick gloves I had on.

I had noticed from the table as I was beading that a little squirrel had really found the dried fruits on this rose tasty, so I took a few shots through the window and screen to capture him in the act

This little one would crawl through all those thorns and then run back to this spot and sit and peel it, then devour it.

oops trying to shoot this through window without it seeing me is tough, let me show a photo with his whole head lol

He is on thorns on one branch and stretching as far as he can to grab another dried fruit, they must be delish!


This one was so tasty he just sat on all those thorns and ate it there!

I know I should have been beading but it was so nice out it did not take much to distract me ..  No sign of the hawk this afternoon.

I raked and raked the thatch from the lawn and then it was time for a little Frisbee with JT she is not used to these temps. so she rests a lot!

I will till the garden this first week of spring and add all my seeds for cool weather crops.

The BBQ is set up as well as the table and chairs so maybe tonight I will do Chicken or Steak on the grill and celebrate SPRING  and the warm temps she has blessed us with.

Enjoy your day as well

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Why do we love watching Squirrels?

For the last two nights, while laying in bed, I hear noises in the wall.
Really?  After all the work done on this house, after so many of the outside world living within, I thought they were ALL gone!

Let me tell you a quick little story about living next to a river and close to the forest.

I had a couple over back in 2000(remember it well)we were having munchies and a night of card playing.
I hear a ruckus up in the bedroom/loft area but not wanting to interrupt the fun time, I dismiss it.  Then the CAT enters the picture, on the tail of a Flying Squirrel..  Never saw one before, never face to face for sure, but there it is, this brown critter with big eyes, clinging to the beam beside our table, where we are all sitting.  I was so embarrassed,  the cat was angry and the company is first floored, guess they never saw one before either.  My boyfriend Dave(at the time) gets up to get the broom to “get it” yes to kill it!  After all it is a RODENT,   The male who was playing cards with us that night yells “No don’t kill it!”  So he takes over with the squirrel,  Dave knocks it down, he catches it in a box and runs outside with it to SET IT FREE.  He was successful it was free to once again enter the home and have young.

I was too injured to climb up onto the roof and see how it was that they were coming in but when new roof was put on I knew all too well the path that had been used for years.

Now to this week I hear the noises all too familiar and ask Ron to look for a hole on the river side of the house.  Sure enough he locates it, waits a day and a half then climbs a ladder to put METAL over the area with a hole in it.  He waited till late afternoon thinking what ever was in the walls would be out hunting well I am here to tell you NO they were not!.

I went upstairs early to watch the rest of my show and I hear  animals going nuts in the wall behind the headboard.  I bang on the walls hoping to scare them out forgetting there is  NO WAY OUT!  So I thought.

The cat is pacing, the dog is telling me to get up but I slept through the fact there were 3 wild flying squirrels over my head and running back and forth pooping EVERYWHERE.

It was 3:40 AM when I decided to listen to the dog thinking she had to go out,  this was her normal time for waking me but something was different this morning, stuff all over the floor cats howling, so I reach for switch on wall and turn on the light to see these creatures beside my hand looking at ME.  Well I ducked and head downstairs I put both animals out and then yelled for the Great White Hunter to wake up and Look UP!

Half asleep he is now on a mission, CO2, pellets, rifle and handgun Oh Lord here we go, With headlamp on and broom to scare them from hiding spots, he gets them moving and pooping I am sure all over the room.  He takes aim, 1 down now to get what we thought was the LAST ONE!  It was hiding under bed and now it is gone too!  I get a bag and dust pan to pick them up and dispense with, filthy rodents!

Now it is 4:45 Ron is sleeping again, HOW CAN HE,  lol and I see one come from kitchen fireplace heading toward the stove and spare bedroom.  I wake him again and he locates this one fast,  up in window, can’t shoot window Eunice will get mad,  so he knocks it down and shoots the 3rd one.  Cat goes upstairs to sleep Ron curls up on the couch and JT joins him and I sit watch,  this time I have the pistol beside my early morning coffee.

Some day I will tell you some of the other wildlife stories from my time here.  Years ago in Roxbury where I drove tractor trailers for a living they jokingly called me Ellie May damn them! lol

More to come!