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Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror/There She Is

Mirror Mirror

When I look into to the mirror I see me Smile

It  has so very long since I really smiled.

Yes I have wrinkles but I still see my Blue Eyes.

My hair now looks as it did when I was 16,  yes a MESS!

Long and unruly and  no longer highlighted.

As I lose the weight I packed on with sadness and injuries,

I begin to look more and more like the girl I used to be






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Weekly Photo Chalenge: Companionable/ My Family Members

I thought about what you wrote as you put this challenge out to the rest of us.

I have the best Companion in my man but the 30+ years we were apart I gave so much love to all the animals I shared my life with.

So today I am so very happy he is too and these two reap the benefits!

Dog is always with us and the cat follows us around the yard like a dog!


Rhythm is 12 years old and has learned to stop and smell the Flowers!  After all it is Catnip!

JT Close-up


Now 7 but wise beyond her years.

I could not ask for any better companions

I love them so very much as I am certain they love me too.


Real Love FINALLY!!!!