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Doing What Mom Asked

I have been painting and I helped the gallery decorate a tree for them that they gave to a local charity.

I want to call my mom many times during the day and remember there is no longer a reason to pick up my phone, I just look up instead.

Here it is the 12th of December and our first real snow is falling yes it looks pretty but it will be a mess to move to make it safe underfoot.  JT will love being out with me as I clear pathways and wait for me to throw her a snowball.


The tree above was adorned with the members of the Seacoast Artist Association in Exeter NH and sold for over $200.00 which went to the charity for children locally.


I had a wonderful time at the 2 craft fairs I set upadobephotoshopexpress_15e2575b8e184cc480e64374f0804edb for and made so many sales I was shocked.
Really thought I was on Candid Camera lol
I offered cards like the scene above far from a traditional Christmas card but they loved them.


My girl is hurting and getting old but I was determined to let her see her favorite spot before we were in the depths of winter, buried by snow.  She was so happy which filled our hearts as well.

Merry Christmas to you all and Happy Holidays to those who celebrate a different one.
Stay safe

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Pow Wow

Here is New England yesterday the weather was going to be beautiful warm and sunny.  I wanted to do something different this weekend after last weekends nightmare.

I got out one of the free papers and went to see what was happening in our area.  Let’s see there was a County Fair,  Craft Fairs, Yard Sales and an American Indian Pow Wow.  We

decided to take a ride to Maine to  attend the Pow Wow.  Highway traffic was backed up for miles so we went off the beaten track and made our way north.  It took place in Wells Maine,

along the  Atlantic Ocean.


The photos are of some of the dancers from the different tribes who drummed and danced there yesterday.  They  will be there till 5 PM tonight if you are in the area.













I have to comment on this woman’s Native America Attire it not only moved but had a wonderful sound that moved with her body as she followed the music of the DRUMS






We had a wonderful time at the Pow Wow and met so many who performed in their ceremony of dance.