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She really is a Cool Cat!

This cat came into my life with a sister who went missing six years ago.

They were so very tiny not really ready to be on their own but the woman was going to

drown them, so they were brought to me as a gift.

I named them Rythem &  Blues.

Blues had the same markings only Gray.  I always thought Blues was the laid back, chilling cat

but by the photos below you can see she was not alone in this gift.


We have many flocks of Turkey here through the year first the adults and then they bring their young.

Turkeys can be nasty

They hold people in cars and homes at bay.

I am grateful my cat is behaving as well as these wild turkey in our yard.

Photos once again shot through a door so sorry for quality but I am sure you can see enough in them to fully

appreciate what kind of cat we have.


I am sure she had been hunting in the bushes for chipmunks and came out when she heard the all the noise.


That should have been the first photo sorry still new to BLOGGING  lol


She is hoping to BLEND IN


She Has!

Even these Mother Turkeys tolerate her which is so unheard of.


A wide view so you can see how she was surely out numbered by them.


Her friends have left

and she comes to the door to my relief.

This was her first of many encounters with different broods in the yard.

What do you think?  Normal?

Cool Cat?

I am just glad it all turned out good as I was taking photos the whole time.

My Posts


One of the Wild Turkeys who  calls our yard, home.

(let me first apologize for photo quality, I shot it through a glass door)


 NH, 30 years ago, started a program to bring wild turkeys back into the state.

From my vantage point I say it was a HUGE SUCCESS!

Usually 3 flocks of them are raised here, in our yard alone, with many more who visit each year. 

It may be the cracked corn I toss out for them in the dead of winter or just the safety of our yard, which draws in the adults and  makes them want to raise their young  here.  I am so thankful the program was a  success. We have many hours each year where we can sit out in the yard and be entertained by them.  Turkeys can get nasty and territorial but even with our dog beside us or chasing her Frisbee, and the cat cruising the yard,  they scratch the yards soil in search of ticks, bugs and some corn.  We have the river on our property and for the last two years it has finally stayed within her banks, so they have water and food and a quiet safe place to just be.  I stay here for the same reason,. her beauty and quietness allow me to just be.